Bild Journalist Unpunished Infiltrates ISIS as a Faked Terrorist

Björn Stritzel is a BILD-Journalist and has published articles in the “Bild Zeitung” on his experience as a double agent who in collaboration with the German security services infiltrated ISIS in Germany, pretending he would make a terror attack in the name of ISIS.

In the following he describes ISIS´chains of command, his training and contacts.

Perhaps most interesting is the the command center  Amaq, commanding Stritzel´s trainer. This centre receives its command from “above”. One cannot help speculating who “above” is, since ISIS is a CIA  and Israeli Mossad project, ISIS al-Baghdadi leader apparently being a Mossad agent – ISIS being Israel´s most loyal support in the Middle East.

In fact, a former CIA intelligence officer states that ALL terror incidents in the US have been false flags instigated and planned by the secret services by means of useful Muslim idiots.
I have analysed and found every larger terror action taking place  since and including  9/11 and here to be irrefutable false flags: 7/7 London bombs and again in March 2017 and  Paris  and here the Boston Marathon bombings in April of 2013, and the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington DC., Nice, and Orlando and Berlin and the  Brussels false flag attack and here and particularly here and  Manchester and London 2  and the London Bridge as well as another 42 governmentally admitted false flags.

So Amaq or its command centre seems to be Western secret services.

Do you remember Emwazi – aka Jihadist John who was touted to have cruelly beheaded Foley and Sotloff? All one big monkey theatre played at Rita Katz´studio in Tell Aviv – to mobilize a mood for US intervention in Syria – all the while US General John Allen was training ISIS warriors in Turkey!!

Business Insider 27 July 2017 and Bild 26.July 2017: Stritzel was ordered “Go to a hospital, look for the seriously ill, and slaughter them.”

ISIS instructors kept sending messages like this to a certain German mobile phone number — mine.

“Do not plan too much. Hit fast. The more time you take, the more mistakes can happen. As soon as the basic plan is ready, just trust in Allah.”

I do not trust in Allah. But the ISIS terrorists trust in me. We kept communicating via a messenger service.

It began with a single question: “Where can I send a video to Amaq?”

Amaq is ISIS’ own “news agency” that publishes letters claiming responsibility and videos by the “martyrs” after an attack. Under a false identity, I pose the question in a closed Telegram group.
Here they receive the latest announcements, directly from ISIS, and then globally distribute them as extensively as possible.

My two English-speaking ISIS instructors apparently contact me from Syria — the country that has been a war zone since 2011 and that, along with Iraq, offers an ideal operating field for ISIS.
The terrorists who committed the ISIS attacks last year in Würzburg on July 18th (Riaz Ahmadzai) and Ansbach on July 24th (Mohammed Daleel) were also in direct contact with ISIS members via messenger services. They were in contact with them until the last moment before the attacks, as later analyses of their mobile phones showed.

Only a few hours after the attacks, ISIS “news agency” Amaq published standard confessions in which the terrorists are called “soldiers of the Islamic State”.
The quick release of these materials after the attacks suggests that Amaq is closely connected to the instructors behind the attacks.

Business Insider 28 July 2017: For months, BILD reporter Björn Stritzel pretended to be an Islamist willing to carry out an attack (always in consultation with the security authorities).

Abu K. is my guide at ISIS. He wants to assist me in the lead-up to my attack – my death. But we are not there yet.

First, we deal with my video that is intended to be published online shortly after the attack. My business card of death. It is also the cynical, inhuman point of the attack, as I now realize.
Abu K. is  keeps explaining to me what kind of text I am supposed to read out in the martyr’s video.

“Don’t say: ‘I’m doing this because you attack us’ or ‘If you stop, we will also stop’. More vigour is better,” Abu K. writes to me and formulates: “I am doing this, because the caliph has instructed me to attack the crusaders and their citizens.”

Abu K. unambiguously states what ISIS is about: “The whole idea that this is merely a political war, is wrong. We kill them, because Allah told us to, and not because they attack us. The only way out for them is to convert or to pay a head tax (yizya).”

The guidelines provided by Abu K. correspond with the martyr’s videos by the Würzburg and Ansbach attackers (both in July, 2016). For ISIS, it is primarily the recognition value of the messages that counts. Everybody is supposed to immediately understand who has attacked here, independently of the individual attacker.”

The perfidious point is: it does not matter to Abu K. how and where I will strike. It also does not matter so much to him who and how many people will be hit. What matters is the message: ISIS has struck in the West again. ISIS is still there, despite all safety precautions. ISIS can continue to kill.

Producing a video would be too risky for me, even if I were masked. In order to buy time, I ask Abu K. if I can first send him a draft of the text for the martyr’s video. He agrees: “Of course, Akhi. I have two brothers who are German native speakers and can help.”

Every time a potential terrorist is arrested in Germany, my mobile phone flashes. Abu K. asks whether I am fine. The ISIS instructor is concerned about me, his next potential suicide attacker.

1.Stritzer´s article  is important  for stating that Muslim militants´sole goal is to kill host nations´inhabitants because Allah demands it (e.g. the “Sword verse” sura 9:5, which abrogates all more peaceful sure.

2.It also raises the vital question: who is Amaq and its masters – since ISIS is a product of US and Israeli secret services.

 I wrote on 3 Aug. 2016:   ISIS mouthpiece Dabiq 15. Issue “Break the Cross” pp.30-34.
This ISIS mouthpiece is edited by a Jew  Aaron Y. Zelin and in cooperation with the High-Mason Washington Research Institute for Middle East Studies (see below) with so many US elitists, e.g. Henry Kissinger  and former secretaries of state – which again more than indicates the affiliation of ISIS to the US and Israel.

JAaron-Zelinewish Aaron Zelin “About me“: Currently, he is the Richard Borrow Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Sami David Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence.  Zelin is also the founder of the widely acclaimed and cited website, which is a clearinghouse for Sunni jihadi primary source material and Phillip Smyth’s influential Shia militancy column Hizballah Cavalcade as well as a translation service.
Jihadology is a personal project of Aaron Y. Zelin and is not associated with The Washington Institute for Near East Policy?!

He is a pupil of the Jewish Brandeis University.
The University is submitted to Muslim dominance and is affiliated and here to the US Council on Foreign Relations.

Zelin is a regular commentator with The Israeli newspapers The Haaretz and The Times of Israel

His Washington Institute’s Board of Advisers with luminaries as advisers: Gen. John R. Allen, USMC
Commander of ISAF, 2011-2013 – Henry A. Kissinger
Secretary of State, 1973-1977 – Condoleezza Rice
Secretary of State, 2005-2009 -George P. Shultz
Secretary of State, 1982-1989 + a long list of Jewish names

3 .And it finally raises the question: Why is Björn Stritzel still alive? Had he really betrayed ISIS he would probably already have been killed – like Udo Ulfkotte, who did betray the grip of the secret services on all editorial productions – and suddenly died.

So what do the intelligence services mean to tell us by this BILD article?


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