Cause of Muslim Terror: Martyr´s sex orgies in Allah´s Paradise also Secure “Salvation” of 70 Family Members

I guess we have all wondered why Muslims time and again perpetrate attacks on non-Muslims, killing themselves in the process. Is hatred relly enough? – or is there another reason. Let´s see what a born Muslim writes about it.

Berlingske 12 Juni 2017: Naser Khader, MP and speaker of values ​​(Conservatives).
Naser Khader is a naturalized Danish Syrian immigrant and no longer a Muslim: He calls himself a “culture Christian” and has greater sympathy for Danish Christianity than for Islam.

As long as you deify and glorify the concept of martyrdom and the reward given to you in Paradise, that long there will be people who commit terror with the desire to die in the act itself.

Where  in Lutheran Christianity faith is the way to salvation,  for a Muslim  action that is crucial. That is why there are so many rules of conduct in Islam. Children learn from birth that a Muslim must live in accordance with Islamic rule of law, so that he goes into (Allah´s) Paradise (Christian Hell) after the Judgment Day and the hour of reckoning. If not, he will go to hell. You can live in the most correct way, and yet you can not be sure that Allah opens the door of Paradise – unless you get the status of a martyr – for then the door is wide open.

It is no wonder that there are so many suicide jihadists with a criminal background and others who have lived a life on the verge. They are likely to know that they have lived so wickedly that they can never outweigh their many sins with good deeds. For such a person who at the same time believes in the Muslim narrative of afterlife, the promise of a direct ticket to Paradise is actually their only hope.

For the faith in hell is as present as the belief in paradise. In Hell there is eternal torment. There is a view to being burned alive and when your body is gone you will get a another one that also burns up. No matter how you have lived your life, Allah´s judgment  determines your eternal destiny, and therefore the fear of Allah´s judgment is very real to most Muslims.

It is interesting to note that suicide is strictly forbidden in Islam. But martyrdom is the best way to die. Muslims, however, do not agree on how to define the concept of martyrdom.

When I was a child, we were told that martyrs were those who died during the pilgrimage to Mecca. Or if a Muslim died during the fast. Or if a Muslim  was murdered by non-Muslims. Today, for example, there are people who call the former PLO leader Yasser Arafat a martyr despite the fact that he died of illness.

The Islamists or associations known as political Islam and jihadist organizations make the martyr’s concept more attractive than one sees among mainstream Muslims. On Hamas’ TV channel, I saw an imam who  romanticized the martyrs. He said, among other things, that as a martyr, you do not die, but live on, and he pointed to the privileges that a martyr could benefit from.

Then I found that there had been a development in relation to the martyr’s concept. He did not just say that you would be forgiven and cleansed of all his sins, but that the blood you were wearing would be proof to God that you are a martyr. Normally the dead are washed, and it seems strange to me that it would be necessary to prove their deeds in that way. That the blood has gained importance shows that a martyr is a warrior and nothing else.

As we all see in the news every day, Islam is not the religion of peace – but of death: Become a martyr by killing unbelievers. Believers who do not follow the rules of the Koran or Hadith must be killed, too – as the imam in the following video taken with a hidden camera elaborated on in a Danish mosque

The preacher also promised that, as a martyr, you will get the best food and drink, including wine that is forbidden to drink on Earth. You will have 72 virgins who remain virgins no matter how many times you’ve been with them and a libido that can overcome them all. In a hadith (sacred narrative), there is talk of “eternal erection and that all the virgins and wives in life all have”tempting vaginas”.

The British Pakistani writer Ibn Warraq has pointed out that the reason why Nietzsche took a distance from Christianity was, among other things, Christianity making sex  something unclean. On the other hand, Islam is more sex-positive – but where there are strict restrictions on this experience in this life, Paradis is one big six-orgy. I think it is the expression of outrageous hypocrisy when all that is condemned in this life is what you dream of getting in Paradise.

However, an interesting theory has emerged from an expert in Aramaic: He goes under the pseudonym of Christoph Luxenberg and has questioned the interpretation of the word “hur”, which is typically understood as “virgin”. He has shown that it may very well mean ‘white raisins’. The disappointment must  be felt tangible if there is a 72-raisin dish instead of willing virgins – even if it appears to be jumbo raisins.

Allah is the best of deceivers

Then Hamas’ TV preacher promised something I had not heard before, namely that you will have 70 family members with you in Paradise. As a martyr, it is no longer about your own salvation,  but it goes for the entire family. That is why you have seen examples of family fathers or couples who have committed terror in the name of Allah. Their surviving children are then apparently secured a place in Paradise.

As long as  martyrdom is part of Islam, and as long as the Islamists glorify the martyrdom, that  long we shall see Muslims giving their lives – and take those of others’.

Therefore, it is insane that there are people who still claim that religion does not play a distinct role in terrorism. Those who say that are also terrorists, but they do not understand how strong a driving force religion can be. They have not studied Islam properly.
There must be an reform  of the martyr’s concept, so that Islamists lose the argument in their sick recruitment. Ideally, I totally disapprove.

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