Udo Ulfkotte on Totalitarian CIA´s German Media Control: Authoritative Study on Media´s Immigration Coverage Agrees

On 17 Jan. 2017, German Journalist Udo Ulfkotte suddenly died aged 56 – officially from a heart attack.

Die Zeit 19 July 2017:  A Study by the Hamburg Media School and the University of Leipzig shows:
During the refugee crisis  important German media have failed. Instead of allowing an open discourse, they stifled it.

The researchers, headed by media scientist Michael Haller (head of Die Zeit dossier from 1987 to 1990), have analyzed thousands of articles from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Welt, The Bild  and numerous regional newspapers, mainly from February 2015 to March 2016.

The country has suffered from a journalistic power failure – and society has subsequently become dangerously divided.

Not only did the so-called Mainstream media (the study shows quite a little understanding of the term) come together in unison behind Angela Merkel’s refugee policy, uncritically accepted “slogans of the political elite” and spread a “euphemistic-persuasive diction” of the concept of welcome culture. Those who had skeptically opposed this line of government had become suspicious  of xenophobia in the eyes of many journalists.

Udo Ulfkotte was political editor at the FAZ  1986-2003. By secret service agents, he was handed over  articles  which he was to launch in his name. He did so for a long time and in the video below he apologizes for having misled the Germans. He says all journalists were bribed and paid for by the CIA. He called Germany a colony and a banana republic. He was a renegade Muslim. He died shortly after this confession.

The discourse founded by the FAZ, the SZ and Die Welt was “not integrating but segmenting”.

Critics, the study implies, had to be taught to be better humans, with arguments such as: Germany needs hundreds of thousands of young refugees, as workers and to counter the aging society. In this way “welcome culture has been transfigured into a kind of magic word” with which  voluntary good Samaritan services can be morally demanded from the citizens.”

This lady with a Muslim name laughed and wanted a Schnaps after learning about Ulfkotte´s death. Ulfkotte was a apostate Muslim.

This lady, Ince, is  a Bento employee  =  the  Spiegel Magazine!

But that is punishable by law! No – you are wrong. This rule does not go for “enemies of the people”!

The fear of appearing as morally bad in this opinion climate had created  “spiralling silence”. Critics of the refugee policy had sought valves elsewhere “to make their frustration even more intense,” while the confidence in the classical media was eroded.

A Large parts of  journalists have misunderstood their professional role and neglected the enlightenment function of their media.” Might have to compensate for facts. Message texts had often been coloured with commentary passages, experts, citizens and migrants were hardly allowed to speak.

On request, however, Haller also criticizes Die Zeit that refugees are being treated with “too much do-gooder sentimentality and too few critical inquiries with the authorities”.

Even without the evaluation of ARD and ZDF, the authors are certain that journalism has a considerable complicity in the “deep division” that has been spreading through the country since 2015.

Certain points of view were not merely ignored but also defamed. The reporting on the AfD, for example, says Haller, tends to exclude and stigmatize. “This is also very clear for the language of the pictures, which we also examined but did not include in the report.”

Officially Ulfkotte died of a heart attack – but …

What the investigation acc. to the study itself did not consider at all was guest contributions from authors who found the refugee policy of the Merkel government problematic. In particular, however, the FAZ printed several such texts, especially those which warned of the economic costs of mass migration.

Have we not   seen this before – only 180 degrees twisted?

“Where they burn books they also burn people in the end”!

The question is: Did Ulfkotte die of a sudden heart infarct – or was he murdered?


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