USA- Elite und Population now Seeing Opponents of War with Russia as “Hitler-Apologists”.

This is a very serious situation.

US hard core Neocons are now being joined by  Democrats in their languishing for WW3 against Russia. I have often written on their mad endeavors in that direction. But they need a pretext to have Americans on their side once again – as before the invasions of Afghanistan (to protect the opium poppy fields), Iraq (oil, skipping the petrodollar, no Rothschild central bank), Libya (oil, Skipping the petrodollar), Syria (No Rothschild central bank, unwillingness to host oil pipeline to hit Russian energy export). In all cases the excuse in the public was terrorism – generated by the US and Israel(Al-Qaeda and ISIS) and to protect the populations against their bad – even elected – leaders in the name oft he Responsibility to Protect (R2P) which was changed into “Right to Protect):

The Neocons – being paid by the military industrial complex -are governing Pres. Trump and want their  war with Russia rather today than tomorrow!

That´s why a big upcoming false flag can be expected.

The Daily Caller 12 July 2017: Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters being interviewed by Fox TV host Tucker Carlsson – also founder of the Daily Caller: The two continued fighting over how America should operate in the world, with Carlson demanding answers as to how Russia, Iran and the Assad regime in Syria are serious threats to America. Peters argued that they were, and indicated America should use military options to seek regime change in all three countries.

Peters compares Tucker with the aviation hero Charles Lindbergh who in 1939 said that “Hitler has not attacked us” – Tucker seeing Peters calling Tucker a “Hitler apologist”.
Unsurprisingly, the Hitler reference infuriated the Fox News host who made the sober assertion, “I don’t think Putin is comparable to Hitler.” Peters disagreed, saying Putin “is as bad as Hitler.”

Peters in 1997: There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating forms around the globe. The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing.”

You would think a cable news analyst (Peters) openly voicing his support for what amounts to another world war would make people a bit nervous, but you would be grossly mistaken. Peters was hailed by pundits and journalists on Twitter for “shutting down” Tucker’s “subversion.” And it wasn’t just liberals who were celebrating Peters’s war mongering either.

Here is what  Americans think think about Peters´ accusation:




The remarkably unfunny conservative Twitter aggregator Twitchy even said that Peters body-slammed Carlson… because he said the Fox host was the same as a Nazi sympathizer. Hope the conservative tweeters Twitchy used to bolster its bodyslam claim are ready to deploy to Ukraine!

The overwhelming negative reaction to Tucker saying he didn’t think Russia posed a serious threat to the United States from verified Twitter accounts reveals the elite consensus at the moment.

Neoconservatives and their  ideas still greatly influence the blob of foreign policy think tanks. They haven’t learned anything from the Iraq and Libya debacles, and

So Peters rambling on about Putin being Hitler and how America must seek an expanded conflict against multiple state actors in Syria sounds like powerful truth to the folks who make their living promoting war.

Liberals are also now supportive of this rhetoric because of the lingering anguish of losing the 2016 election. They want to believe Russia stole the election and is secretly controlling the Trump administration. They’re willing to send others to war over the honor of Hillary Rodham Clinton, but not go themselves. And that consensus now   has the aide of a “new Hitler” in Vladimir Putin.

“Liberal” George Soros sees Trump and Putin this way: “ Trump will have greater affinity with dictators.”  
The following is the view of Rob Glaser – a Soros ally and high-ranking member of Soros´ Democratic Alliance. 



Obviously, Putin — for all his bad deeds and here and here and aggressions — is not the new Hitler.
He rules over a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic state that seethes with tension. At the elite level, he has to play a balancing act between liberals who want Russia to fully embrace globalism and ethno-nationalists who want a Eurasian empire in conflict with the West. The Russian economy is precarious and the state already has plenty of trouble funding pensions for its own citizens. Also, its military is using equipment that is quite outdated when compared with America’s arsenal. Putin is under domestic pressure

It’s hard to see the Russian Federation as the new Third Reich with all of its problems and deficiencies.

So why is Putin made out to be the new Hitler?

Because the foreign policy blob needs a central villain for its policy proposals. It’s harder to convince a public that still remembers Iraq to go along with another military intervention against some tinpot dictator.

A more convincing case is to say this tinpot dictator is part of some grand global conspiracy — an Axis of Evil you could say — which is led by a mastermind of evil. Someone who is hell-bent on world domination, opposes the values of western elites, resembles a sinister movie villain, and is plotting to take over America with the help of dangerous extremists.

This is the picture painted of Putin by the establishment media, and it’s  remarkably helpful for neocons to satisfy Godwin’s law by smearing anyone who doesn’t further hostilities with Russia as akin to a Nazi apologist.

 And this is the picture Putin paints of the US deep state´s intentions – which Trump cannot stop: “An irreversible development into East-West War”. 

As for Godwin´s law:”If an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or his deeds”.

Now, who is the more imperialistic Hitler subduing any country that disagrees with empire. Wo shouts peace while waging more and more and bigger and bigger wars? The US – or Putin , who is bullying Chechnya, annexing the Russian Crimea and trying the imperialistic trick in Syria to avoid being totally encircled acc. to Brzezinski´s Grand Chessboard strategy? Who is today´s real Hitler – Peters and his military industrial complex – or Putin?

Fascist George Soros´mouthpiece describes Putin and Trump as equally bad dictators – although to my knowledge, Trump has “only” killed a few Syrian army soldiers – while Putin has executed  his opponents (Nemtsov)  and critical journalists (Anna Politkovskaya etc) + what he did in as a KGB agent and later as the boss of the KGB´s successor, the even worse FSB.
So, Peters may be right about Putin – and  Peters´way of seeing  a crusade against Russia is just as justified as as the crusades to “liberate” Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Serbia, Syria – and to come: Iran – even at the price of WW3!

The question who is the good and who is the bad guy is the reason for today´s division among people (Divide and rule, the aim of the Illuminati). For the answer is that there are no good – just bad guys, due to the fact that leaders in East and West are all top Mason actors in the dialectic Illuminati show long ago planned to lead to WW3 and the planned Illuminati reduction of mankind to maximally 500 mio. Illuminati slaves on this planet. The US neocons have been planning to conquer Russia through a nuclear war since the 1990es  and here.
Putin has been preparing for this WW3 for more than a decade – but Putin´s mentor and brain  Alexandr Dugin and here who is filling Putin´s ears with talk about a Eurasian empire from Lisbon to Vladivostock, says Russia needs more time.


The actors are playing the thesis role (USA and its stooges) and the antithesis role (Putin´s Russia) – exactly as in  WW2. And these puppets make no moves until commanded to  from their master in the London City.
Apostates are killed like Pres. Lincoln, John Kennedy, his brother Robert Kennedy aspiring for presidency, and agitator Martin Luther King. Trump is in the hair-cross –  whereas Putin is probably safe from te Illuminati, because he loyally plays his given role.

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