Today´s Scurge: The Tools of Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion – Communism, Hollywood, Sex/Drugs.

The following video illustrates the “Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion” – a program for cunning, sneaking, brutal world hegemony over contemptible Goyim (cattle)/Non-Jews “When we shall come into our Kingdom” – as I have written.

The video  shows some of the tools by which the Talmudists/Pharisees/Illuminati  and their stooge  Masonry (Judaism for Goyim= Cattle = Non-Jews) brainwash the Goyim to blindly be driven into the direction of what the Talmudists/Pharisees always saw them to be: Worthless animals with only one justification: To serve the Jewish 2master race”.
1) Communism
2) Hollywood – the NWO´s most efficient warriors against the teachings of Christ and the media
3) Perversion of youth through sex, drugs, anti-culture into soullessness.

In 1914, the chairman of the Jewish Congress stated: Jews must rule the world!”











Lerner Spectre, wife of Stockholm´s Supreme Rabbi: “Jews must lead the world”!

 When Jesuit, Jew and Rothschild agent Edward Mandel House on behalf of Pres. Woodrow Wilson  wrote the Peace Treaty of Versailles without any German participation – and so that WW2 was inevitable –  he used special literature: Some time ago, Stan Monteith, a pioneer NWO researcher and broadcaster, found a typewritten copy of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” in the papers of Col. Edward Mandel House at Yale University. Colonel House, at the peak of his powers, was the central figure at the Peace Conference.

The Protocols have been and are still being postulated by Jews to be a fraud – but this has never been proved in court. And the systematic fulfilment of them can only be explained by them being a fact.
Researcher and Rabbi Marvin Antelman writes in his Book “To Eliminate the Opiate” vol 1, p. xviii that the authors were the Jewish Schiffs Warburgs, Morgan, Rothschild, Rockefeller. 

Two remarkable statements are made:
a. East European Zionist Jews immigrated to America, established Hollywood (which they still own) and launched concept of “the American Dream” (about insatiable greed, greatness and immorality), i.e. they shaped the minds of the Americans (and thus of much of the world) the way the Zionists wanted them to be.
b. The question is not what the Germans did to the Jews, but what the Jews did to the Germans – see my post on the Unknown Adolf Hitler and  hereHitler was a Jew  – possibly a Rothschild – although Rabbi Antelman claims  Hitler was the deliberate ritual creation of a  ritual participated in by his   Jewish  and here mother, Klara Pölzl, and a  Sabbatean Frankist. So, there was any reason for this antisemite to conceal his family.  He is even said in 1912-13 to have had a Tavistock-brainwashing and being deconstructed to become  a British agentThe Rothschild programmers work out of  Tavistock.

Haaretz 24 Aug. 2010:






The Protocols are the 2. Communist Rothschild Manifesto – Jewish world Hegemony, the NWO, Agenda 21, Techhnocracy.  Karl Marx wrote the first of the kind by order and payment of his cousin, Nathan Rothschild of the London City.
It is Jewish Luciferianism with the one purpose to let the Pharisees have their final victory over Jesus Christ whom they know they could not defeat at Golgatha. They hate him, because he is their master´s absolute opponent in a world they see as belonging to Lucifer – not to his brother (see Book of Job) Jesus Christ, who tries to steal some of the souls which inescapably belonged to Lucifer and his stooges  – until Christ sowed his offer of salvation from the NWO-Limbo  which is as old and evil as Mankind.



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