Sweden Dissolving acc. to Sweden´s Police Commissioner

I have often described Sweden´s incredible irresponsibility, not only to her own population, but also to her neighbours, through her incomprehensible mass reception of Muslim invaders (young male Allah warriors) with the often expressed Koran goal of conquering Europe for Allah (sura33:27). Furthermore, I have described the hate and persecution of clear-sighted critics, driven by the government and its politically correct media,  an incredible suicidal drive. The influential Swedish feminists want  not their dear Muslims, but the Swedes to be reintegrated into the “New Country” Sweden.

Sweden is collapsing under the burden of Muslim migrants. Sweden´s Police boss Eliasson in the following video says “We cannot continue in this direction – a wrong development for now 30 years with bad school performances, criminality etc. This direction must be changed: There are more than 60 vulnerable areas in Sweden.  We see criminality there and need to turn the development around. We need to focus on these areas. The government provides us with more resources, stronger penalties” – i.e more police state, one of the purposes of the Muslim mass immigration.

 Svenska Dagbladet 21 Juni 2017:  Rikspolischefen: ”Hjälp oss, hjälp oss”! (Swedish National Commissioner of Police: “Help us, help us!”).

Sweden promised already in  January 2016 to return 80.000 migrants (The Guardian 28. Jan. 2016)

But of course, such talk is propaganda to calm the gullible Swedish population: Neither Sweden Denmark or other EU countries are willing to return these precious culture enriching  immigrants. In fact, the EU is implementing its plan to import a “work force” of 56 mio. Africans + their families  to substitute for indigenous Europeans´declining  birth rates  – due to our free abortion legislation enforced by Masonic Luciferian politicians and happily accepted by decadent populations who will be submitted to Islamic Sharia at some time in the future.

Today Sweden willingly takes more migrants from Greece and Italy in spite of her promise to return 80.000!!
Sveriges TV 5 Juni 2017: At least  2.000 refugees and possibly more from Greece  and Italy are being flown to Northern Sweden.


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