NWO on CCTV-Video! Politically Licensed/Taxpayer Cultural Coudenhove Kalergi Racial Miscegenation Enrichment : Asian Immigrant Chasing Horrified Teen-Age Girl

The Daily Mail 22 June 22 June:  Shocking moment girl, 13, fights off Asian sex attacker in his 20s who grabs her from behind in the street

CCTV released of man following teenager before attack in Blackburn, Lancashire
Girl punches her attacker and escapes before he sprints away from the scene
Burnley CID are searching for suspect with dark hair and black-rimmed glasses

But of course, this is in concordance with EU Father Coudenhove Kalergi´s racial miscegenation plan and Pres. Sarkozy´s “métissage” (swearing to have it politically enforced) to procreate European bastards looking like the Ancient Egyptians – endorsed by the Pharisaic Rabbis.

And do not protest – for then you will have to go to jail and here not the offender – for racism, a designation which by definition does not apply to coloured people -only to the hated and self-hating white race – is punishable:  EU`s Framework Decision on Xenophobia and Racism  foresees 3 years in prison for whites guilty of such abhorrent crime – while coloured migrants can behave and say as they like – and they do it – without being accused of racism.
For the purpose of the real racists in the EU  is ethnic cleansing of the white race

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