German Dictatorship 2017 Shadows of the Past: Police Razzias and 5 Years of Imprisonment for Expressing Displeasure with NWO

In this press release by the German Federal Police  all occurs so well-known, somehow!

Together against Hate and smear on the net: 2. federation wide day of action to combat  hatepostings

  • Date:20. Juni 2017
  • Year of edition: 2017

Such hate criminality in the network poisons the social climate and can lead to the radicalization of individuals or even groups. Smear paroles on the Internet abuse and undermine the understanding of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression ends when the rights of others are violated. It makes no difference whether the offenses are committed in the real world or on the Internet.

Anyone who publishes hateposting on the Internet can be severely punished. For example, racial incitement in social networks or online forensics can be punished with a prison sentence of up to five years.

This is why the police today, together with the judicial authorities, once again carries out a nationwide campaign against hatepostings.

Since 06.00o´clock, 23 police officers have been deployed in Brandenburg, Berlin, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Bremen, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Saarland. They conduct house searches, interrogations and other measures against 36 accused.

The actions pursued today are mostly politically motivated popular incitements. The police are also against a hate poster from the Reichsbürgerszene as well as two politically left motivated perpetrators. In another case, the sexual orientation of the victim was the  target of hate posting.

The Federal Criminal Police Office coordinates the action day like last year.

BKA President Holger Münch: “The still high incidence of criminal hate  posts continues to show the need for police action. Our free society must not allow a climate of fear, threats, punishable incitement and violence either on the road or on the Internet.

The police and the judiciary are therefore today resolutely  and jointly against Internet smears, whether the underlying acts be left, right or otherwise motivated. I welcome the repetition of last year’s anti-hate campaign.The center, the Federal Criminal Police Office, supports the measures of the states.
Combating hate and hatred on the Internet is a great, societal task. Almost everyone can contribute. Support the fight against criminal hate postings by providing criminal complaints or informing Internet companies, signatories, associations and clubs about offensive Internet content. “

The Federal Criminal Police Office therefore advises:
Anyone who encounters hate, agitation and verbal violence on the Internet or in social networks or even becomes a victim should report it to the police. Some of the federal states have Internet portals available, which can also be anonymous. The portals can be found, for example, on the homepage of the BKA or on the Internet portal of the German police (

The regional police and judicial authorities provide information on the investigations.

 Press release as  PDF

Merkel began  dictating Facebook censorship.

Then she threatened social media with 53 million euro fines should they bring comments against Merkel’s super-lodge NWO program. As they used to say in Denmark about Germans´ nature: “Shut up, step, direction!” And the German police even dare call this “our free society”!
But of course: In the NWO all concepts have 180 degrees inverse meanings: Lie has become truth and vice versa,   good is bad et vice versa,  dictatorship has become freedom and vice versa etc.

Merkel’s colleagues fear the truth on the Internet very much: Theresa May wants to hit the free Internet – even on a global scale. For this, she has the support of the new French president, Macron.

History is repeating itself.
 Politicians give the fact that 2/3 of Germans were against immigration from countries outside the EU as early as 2015 – and  Europeans as a whole as well – a damn  and demand that the population condone mass rapes  and terror without protest. For “our” politicians do not work for their peoples – but for the  NWO-one world of the London City  with the Sharia and Coudenhove-Kalergi´s / Sarkozy’s and hereracial miscegenation.

A new Pew investigation shows great dissatisfaction of citizens  with the EU´s  migration policy

Heatstreet 20 June 2017: It should be absolutely obvious that free speech in Europe is dead if it ever existed at all. While a man in Scotland spent a year in jail for an offensive YouTube video and British police social media scour the media on xenophobic responses to terrorist attacks, things are not much better on the mainland.

Today, the German police carried out nationwide raids on  citizens who published offensive comments or participated in online hate groups. This is the second annual action day against “hate-posting”.

Twenty-three police stations were deployed in 14 federal states to penetrate the homes of 36 suspected hate sites and seize their internet-connected equipment, according to a press release from the German Federal Police (BKA).

And we go on electing “our” politicians to continue this kind of NWO work.






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