Hellmuth Kohl: Europe Cannot Be Home for Millions Differing from Judeo-Christian Beliefs. Lone Wolf National Policy Belongs to Past.

Acc. to The Daily Mail 18 April 2017,  German Ex-Chancellor Kohl said  this on the immigration policy of his successor and mentee, Angela Merkel, who had stabbed him in the back with help of strong NWO forces and ousted him in what was called an act of patricide in the media, 2 months before he died:

‘Europe cannot become a new home for the millions of people in need throughout the world.

‘National policies of the lone-knight variety must be left in the past.

‘For the most part they (Muslims) have a belief which is different from the Judeo-Christian beliefs which form part of the foundations of our social order and our values.’

He never mentioned Mrs Merkel, who he championed for greatness over more conventional rivals, but no-one is left in any doubt that his criticisms were aimed at her
Kohl, 86, said the continent’s peace and freedom could be at stake through mass immigration.

The social fabric in his own country has worn increasingly thin due to the open-door policy of Merkel who has allowed in more than 1.2million refugees in 16 months.

With Kohl, the old order died, with Merkel’s “father-murder”, the new multi-culti-order began, which the Germans love so much, that they  elect Merkel   chancellor time and again.

So the future of Germany is clear: This country belongs to the past in favor of the Shariah, the prerequisite of the NWO vision of the racial mixture of EU father Coudenhove and the Jewish President Sarkozy as well as of Judaism:

The following picture is from the big Israeli website Y-Net under  the title of “The
Extinction of the White Race”. Rabbi Baruch Efrati heads the “Derech Emunah” (Way of Torah) movement of Israeli Orthodox rabbis.


 Here is another  supremacist Talmudist/Pharisee, Barbara Lerner Spectre, declaring that Europe must become multicultural an led by the Jews because of the leading role of Jews. Otherwise, Europe will not survive. She is married to the Supreme rabbi of Stockholm.

 “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.”  (Influential Jew Harold Rosenthal, murdered for his views).

Now, Merkel is apparently a Jewess and  price winner of the Jewish Masonic king lodge B´nai B´rith,  so you don´t have to wonder. What may wonder  is that the  purported Jew and B´nai B´rith price winner  Kohl was of the above mentioned opinion.
 Hellmuth Schmidt´s father was a half Jew.  So, Jews are steering Germany´s and therefore Europe´s destiny now as before.


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