Europol Announces more Muslim Terror Attacks in Europe instead of Preventing Them and Stopping Muslim Immigration

Russia Today 16 June 2017: Europol has warned that Islamic State has no lack of volunteers, who are often literate and increasingly include women and children ready to carry out attacks in the West.

“IS is training operatives in Syria/Iraq to carry out terrorist acts in the West” .
The Europol report said 135 people were killed in 13 jihadist terrorist attacks in France, Belgium, and Germany in 2016. Additionally, a total of 718 people were arrested on suspicion of offences related to jihadist terrorism, with the number of arrests especially high in France.

Modern-day terrorists planning high-profile attacks have nothing in common with the widespread image of an uneducated, fanatical Islamist, Europol cautioned. The majority of jihadists are computer literate and have no trouble using modern financial services to receive funding from abroad.
“These financial services and applications, including financial low transfer apps, are fluid, encrypted and partially anonymized, allowing a desirable financial conduit for terrorists who seek a borderless, reliable and shielded financial mechanism, optimized and readily accessible for real-time small value transfers,” the paper said.

Terrorist attacks carried out by jihadists in Europe have gone hand in hand with the emergence of right-wing extremists, who are prepared to act either alone or in loosely-coordinated groups. In Germany alone, Europol said nearly half of all known right-wing extremists are prone violence, and there was “an increasing amount of first-time offenders who were previously unknown to authorities as extremists.

Apart from burning asylum facilities in despair, what have these terrible rightists who are feared much more than the Muslim associate leftists  done? That leftists are street fighters paid for by e.g. “respectable” German Social Democrat Party is never mentioned in the MSM.

A Danish study conducted in November 2013 showed that at EU level leftists were  responsible for 244  attacks in the period of 2006-2012. Right-wing extremists were guilty of 9 and “religious” extremists of 13 attacks – according to the Europol,.
There were 12 terrorist attacks of Danmark, of which 5 were committed by Muslims, 4 by leftists, 1 by right-wing extremists and 2 by unidentified offenders

Since most Muslim terror acts are orchestrated by Western secret services for dirty political NWO purposes the Europol is hiding a hideous truth from us: That these terror attacks/psy-ops serve the purposes of of obtaining popular accept of 1) more police state and 2) more warfare in the Middle East.

That the Europol warns us of more of this kind of terror to come instead of preventing it/stopping Muslim mass immigration  is a  warning possibly based on criminal insider knowledge. For the Europol knows just as well as “our” politicians studies showing the frequency of terror is proportional with the number of Muslims in a society – a fact apparently used to promote the NWO one-world state (Order out of mason-created chaos) by so far this year a Muslim false flag terror action every 9 days  

In my Latin school-book there was a fable of a peasant who found a viper dying with cold  in the wood. He felt compassion for the poor creature, took it up, and warmed it in his armpit. When the ungrateful beast awoke, by its nature it bit the peasant . Dying, he said these words: “I am rightfully dying, for I have given life to an evil beast that was to die.”
The morale must be drawn by you.

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