Purpose and Price of Economy-, Culture-, Security-Impoverishing, Ridiculing Muslim Mass Immigration Covered up in Thick NWO Lies

German Finance Minister (and grand master of the Masonic super lodges Joseph de Maistre und “Der Ring” (Johannes RothkranzAnton A. Schmid Verlag 2015). The country’s rapidly growing Muslim demographic presents an “opportunity” for “Christians, and all who live in Germany”, Schäuble stated, adding: “We can learn from them.
“Many human values are very strongly realised in Islam. Think of hospitality, and other things like, what is there… And also tolerance, I believe, for example.” (Breitbart 26 May 2017)


ANSAmed 30 May 2017: “With almost 10,000 arrivals over the past three days, landings in 2017 in Italy have so far exceeded 60,000, up 29% from the same period last year, where they were 46,000, according to data released Tuesday by the interior ministry.
Nigerians were the most represented nationality with 8,120 arrivals, followed by migrants from Bangladesh (7,567) and Guinea (6,144). Unaccompanied minors were 6,242″.
This clearly shows what is going on: Mass migration/ethnic exchange from non-war zones. You can multiply the fogures with 3 or 4 due to family reunification!

Infowars 30 May 2017:

Sweden: Three Out of Four ‘Child Refugees’ Are Actually Adults

In the week 20-27 of May 2017, 10.000 African migrants were picked up from the Mediterranian and ferried to Italy.

 The ferrying of migrants across the Mediterranean is a lucrative industry for NGOs and the Italian coastal Guard- in many cases paid by ISIS receiving the money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Palermo now a Muslim culture town. 85% of migrants coming to Italy are young men (Allah´s warriors).

Muslim Gratitude: The Telegraph 27 May 2017: The Manchester suicide bomber used taxpayer-funded student loans and benefits to bankroll the terror plot, police believe. Salman Abedi is understood to have received thousands of pounds in state funding in the run up to Monday’s atrocity. (Probably, this attack was a false flag).

 Henry Makow 28 May 2017 :Henry Kissinger said, “Military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used.” Ultimately, the New World Order is about replacing the rule of God with the rule of Lucifer. That’s why “God” has become a dirty word. War is the principal means by which Lucifer’s disciples, the Cabalist (satanist) central bankers, “change the world.” 


The  National Economics Editorial 23 May 2017: Non-Western immigrants and their descendants, although only a small percentage of the population, have drained almost $5-billion from Danish taxpayers, which is 59% of all tax revenue. This is roughly equivalent to the US spending $2.1 trillion per year on immigrants—a number so large it defies all logic and reason.

A recent study conducted by Denmark’s Ministry of Finance concluded that in 2014, immigrants and their descendants cost Danish taxpayers at net loss of 28 billion Crowns per year.

Furthermore, when Western immigrants were removed from the equation, the net cost rose to 33kr billion. (This was before the Muslim mass immigration in 2015 and thereafter)
Compare this to tax receipts from ethnic Danes, who contributed a surplus of 56kr billion in 2014.

The report shows conclusively that immigration has been an economic disaster for Denmark.

In short: 59% of the tax surplus collected from native Danes is spent on ethnic minorities, who are a massive drain on the system.

the study was conducted internally by Denmark’s own finance department, in order to see exactly where Danish taxes were being spent. Furthermore, the methodology is explicit, and the data transparent.

The study is good.

Second, although the data is shocking, it is believable.

Consider that ethnic minorities, who are by definition immigrants to Denmark, represent 84% of all welfare recipients, as of 2016 .

Non-ethnic Danes are 2-3 times more likely to commit crimes than Danes, and if their crime profile is anything like that of immigrants in Sweden, then it is likely that the crimes they commit are also generally more serious in nature.

Likewise, healthcare costs for immigrants groups are proving significant. For example, 40% of patients in Denmark’s largest mental health hospital have immigrant backgrounds

Regardless of these ancillary statistics, the takeaway point is that non-Western immigration has not benefited Denmark economically, nor has immigration benefited Germany—despite what open-borders advocates claim

Inofficial investigations have shown that in Denmark and Sweden immigration cost 30% of the state budgets in 2001.
In Norway, every non-western immigrant costs 4.1 mio. NKr during his lifetime. In Denmark the costs of immigration is above 100 bn DKr annually.

A pack of lies have been launched from politicians to account for their mass import of Muslims into the West:
1) Economic reasons: As  Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who betrayed the Danes to the Lisbon Treaty, cheating us of a referendum he had promised, put it: “The industry is screaming for labour force!!!”
And what is the truth?
The (UK) Migration Observatory 1 Dec. 2016: The number of foreign-born people of working age in the UK increased from nearly 3.0 million in 1993 to 7.0 million in 2015
The share of foreign-born persons in total employment increased from 7.2% in 1993 to 16.7% in 2015.
And they are mostly occupied in non-skilled occupations.

2) Charity –
as Merkel put it: “If we had not shown a friendly face, that’s not my country.”
But charity to whom? The uselesss and criminal Muslim migrants – or tho her own fellow country men?

3) Demographics: By free abortion“Our” Masonic  Illuminati puppet politicians have managed to reduce our populations to a degree that they are no longer sustainable, bearing much less then 2.1 children per woman needed keep a population stable.

Therefore, we must have fertile Muslims to populate Europe – as dictated in the Koran (e.g. sura 33:27). No wonder – for the EU knows and has accepted the Muslim Brotherhood´s plan for colonizing Europe.
The EU has given”advanced status” with immigration facilitation to Tunisia, and Jordan, and Christian- persecuting Morocco (Action plan here). Egypt to follow.

But what is the real reason, why Illuminatus and Rothschild agent George Soros dictates the EU to take at least 1 mio. Muslims annually – even saying he wants to punish the Germans and paying their fares?

The EU is the model of the UN´s 10 regions to form the NWO one-world state

Europe started this process through the  Council of Europe in the 1970es – fawning on the Arabs and offering them to take their birth surplus as migrant labour force – securing them family reunification in Europe with all social benefits indigenous Europeans enjoy – and at their cost.
Bat Ye´Or has described the sickening meetings of the European Council with the Arabs: The Europeans were disparaging our culture and religion, praising Islam to the sky (Bat Ye´Or: Eurabia 2005, pp. 168-172, e.g.).

In 1995, the new EU persuaded 9 Arab countries + Israel the make at treaty (The Barcelona Declaration/The Euromediterranean Process – the whole agreement here ) on shared prosperity, culture and a political part. In 2008, this was extended into “The Union for the Mediterranean” – now comprising the enlarged EU and all Mediterranean countries except Libya.
This Union still exists. The Arabs yield nothing but “migrant Labour” en masse – but take a lot of our taxpayer money in return – but de facto not the “migrant labour force” and their numerous family members back!!

The Euromediterranean Process is the resurrection of an extended Roman Empire around “mare nostrum”.

In stead NWO NGOs and Italian coastal guard ships working around the clock as ferries sailing this “labour force” from Libyan waters to Italy and here – never setting them ashore in Libya!!!

As if this were not enough the EU has established recruiting  bureus in Mali  – to recruit 56 mio. African “workers” and their numerous families to come to Europe!! (The Sunday Express 11. okt. 2008)

As then Jewish  Mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen,  said: We will see migration as a yardstick for the success of our cities and societies.


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