Zionist Times of Israel Shows Scathing Russian Cartoon of Israel Founder: The Rothschild Dynasty as a Sow nourishing Terrorists

The Times of Israel 10 May 2017:  Moscow’s Channel 1 employs anti-Semitic and Nazi propaganda tropes in promoting a conspiracy about the Rothschild family.
The piece’s narration, captioned in English this week by the media watchdog MEMRI, paints the Rothschild family as an international cabal. Enlisting various “dog-whistles” and strategic omissions, the report asserts that the dynasty is part of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world.

The piece, which aired on April 2, describes a Nazi movie from 1940 about Nathan Rothschild from Nazi UFA studios  as “One of the first of these films.” It is described as one of many documentaries about this family. And though it does go on to say that UFA was the primary production company of the Third Reich, headed by Joseph Goebbels, MEMRI-TV described the lack of explicit reference to the Nazi party as “unusual in public broadcasts on Russian media.”

In addition, the segment describes an anti-Semitic cartoon depicting a sow marked with a Star of David and the word “Rothschild” nursing six piglets (labeled as MI6, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, CIA, Israel, and Boko Haram) as a “typical modern caricature.”

The piece aired following the March 20 death of billionaire David Rockefeller.

This week, at a far-right demonstration in Dresden, Germany, Emmanuel Macron’s May 7 victory in the French presidential race was described as “the long arm of the Rothschilds.” (Which he is!).

The rally was held Monday by two extreme nationalist groups, the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) and the anti-Islam Pegida movement, both of which have grown quickly since their founding less than five years ago.

Macron got his start as an investment banker at France’s Banque Rotschild. Friday night, just prior to France’s Sunday election, a Normandy campaign office for Macron was vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti including “Sioniste,” (Zionist) and “Israel=Mossad de Rothschild.

Good to see that The Times of Israel is now realizing the true nature of the Rothschild dynasty – the founder of the State of Israel (see years 1895-1957).

But there may be more to it: A war is being waged by Rothschild´s London City on Putin after the latter nationalized Khodorkovsky´s Yukos shares – which he had given to Jacob Rothschild. But even worse: Putin declared  he would liberate Russia from Jacob Rothschild´s Federal Reserve´s rule of the Bank of Russia,  In Syria, Israel and Russia seem to be on confrontation course, and Putin´s mouthpiece even calling Rothschild´s Israel a rogue state. And then now this Rothschild cartoon on Russian TV: Although in a satirical note, The Times clearly knows the  cartoon shows the sad fact as for ISIS and here, ISIS meaning Israeli Special Intelligence Service, it is the Mossad.


 But why does the Times of Israel bring this cartoon?
This web-newspaper´s founder, Seth Klarman is describes as a Zionist and here, e.g. – which makes the Rothschild intentions even more mysterious. Somehow, he must be doing Zionist Rothschild´s work.

I can only explain it as part of a Hegelian stage play with Jacob Rothschild´s London City making the king of orthodox/Chabad Lubavitch Jews, Vladimir Putin, the ugly antisemitic antithesis to Rothschild thesis Usrael/Major and Minor Israel, ripe for an upcoming confrontation.   On his part, Putin is heavily warning against Rothschild´s globalisation.
The paradoxical point is that the Chabads also rule Trump and the neocon John McCain



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