“Barking Mad” Mendacious NWO-Scaremongers: “Polar-Warming” and “Polar Ice Melting” now Threatening the World

In the IPCC´s AR5 Report on SPM 21, the following is stated: “Limited evidence precludes a comprehensive quantitative assessment of both Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) and their impact on the climate system.If SRM were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the greenhouse gas forcing. CDR and SRM methods carry side effects and long-term consequences on a global scale”.

Former CIA boss, John Brennan, openly explains chemtrails/geoengineering against global warming while meaning its use for military purposes

The global warmist gang  is really busy telling us we are ending on a frying pan, while we curse the cold in May. And in fact,  in fact, man may be warming the atmosphere: with Chemtrails. This has been going on since the US Air Force´s “Owning the Weather 2025 program was launched in 1996 and reinforced by HAARP.
The CNN 14 Dec. 2016:  On Tuesday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its 11th annual Arctic Report Card, which compiles data from 61 scientists in 11 countries.
“Rarely have we seen the Arctic show a clearer, stronger or more pronounced signal of persistent warming and its cascading effects on the environment than this year,” Jeremy Mathis, director of NOAA’s Arctic Research Program, said in a statement.
A few days ago Denmark´s state TV also brought this alarmist “news”.
The Scientific American joined in on 5 Jan. 2017 and  One Green Planet on 17 Jan. 2017 – as did many others. A few days ago I saw the same alarmism on Danish State TV.

Now, I will bring you a video lecture by Ivar Giaever, Nobel Prize winner and Professor of Biophysics with a few screen shots from that video: There is no global warming! It´s a new religion!  In an interview with the Times of India, former IPCC boss Rajendra Pachauri said  he was happy that the truth had come out  – and that “climate science” is politically commissioned fabrication for political purposes!

True or fake news?
The global warming combating plan was passed in Paris Dec. 2015  – not to fight a non-existing CO2-warming on our way  out of a Little Ice Age, which ended about 1860: About 0.8 Centigrades increase over the past 150 years – when we look away from the natural El Nino last year.

Giaever: Temperature amazingly stable. Only 1975-1998 dis CO2 and temperature both increase.

 The following graph is from Prof. Ole Humlum´s Climate4you – showing the temperature rise of 0.8 degrees C since the end of the Little ice Age

 The warmists´ real goal is the one world government with a climate Court of Justice to rule the world.

Especially, the alarmists are worrying about the Arctic temperatures. In order to build their NWO scaremongering they never look further back than the past few decades.

Now the warmist propaganda alarmists run amok: The Guardian 1 May 2016 wrote:  “Arctic ice melt could trigger uncontrollable climate change at global level”. (Note the eternal “could”: It is always this scaremongering guesswork because they have no facts – and the theory they build on (man-made CO2-warming) is false).

Professor of applied physics David Keith of Harvard describes Chemtrails and here and here.
MIT Technology Review 8 Febr. 2013:  Here is the plan (to fight “global warming”). Customize several Gulfstream business jets with military engines and with equipment to produce and disperse fine droplets of sulfuric acid. Fly the jets up around 20 kilometers—significantly higher than the cruising altitude for a commercial jetliner but still well within their range. At that altitude in the tropics, the aircraft are in the lower stratosphere. The planes spray the sulfuric acid, carefully controlling the rate of its release. The sulfur combines with water vapor to form sulfate aerosols, fine particles less than a micrometer in diameter. These get swept upward by natural wind patterns and are dispersed over the globe, including the poles. Once spread across the stratosphere, the aerosols will reflect about 1 percent of the sunlight hitting Earth back into space. Increasing what scientists call the planet’s albedo, or reflective power, will partially offset the warming effects caused by rising levels of greenhouse gases.

Comment:  1) Dishonestly, the professor makes this a theoretical option – well knowing that this atmosphere pollution has been practiced since the 1990es.  2) He knows that the Michael Mann hockey stick and so the man made CO2-warming is the biggest lie in history – as revealed by the Climategate scandal.

There is no correlation between atmospheric CO2 and temperature.

The CO2-theory is false from the beginning – launched by Edmund de Rothschild at the 4. Wilderness Congress in 1987. Hear him from the 30:50 min. mark 

The chemtrails form cirrhus clouds – and as Dane Wigington writes on 21 Febr. 2017: Of all the threats we face, the ongoing climate engineering/weather warfare assault is the single greatest short of nuclear cataclysm.

Effect of cirrhus clouds: 1. High altitude ice crystal clouds (chemtrails) reflect less energy, but trap more heat emitted from the surface of the earth. High, thin hazy clouds that are created by aircraft chemtrails are warming the planet!


So these “scientists” think that by blocking the irradiation of sunlight, they can cool our normal globe (for the benefit of the chemtrail industry and to the detriment of mankind)!
The sun irradiation obstruction does not outweigh the obstruction of global heat to space.

  Critics of Solar Radiation Management (chemtrails) —and even its advocates—note that the technology has numerous limitations, and that no one is entirely sure what the consequences would be. Sulfate aerosols reflect sunlight in the upper atmosphere, thus directly cooling the planet. But greenhouse gases operate very differently, trapping long-wave infrared radiation escaping from Earth’s surface and thus warming it.

The term ‘solar radiation management’ is positively Orwellian,” says ­Raymond Pierre­humbert, a geophysicist at the University of Chicago. “It’s a way to increase comfort levels with this crazy idea. We don’t really know what it is going to do.” In delivering the prestigious Tyndall Lecture at the annual American Geophysical Union meeting last December, he said the idea of putting sulfate aerosols in the stratosphere was “barking mad.”

US` EPA:  Short-term exposures to SO2 can harm the human respiratory system and make breathing difficult. Children, the elderly, and those who suffer from asthma are particularly sensitive to effects of SO2.
At high concentrations, gaseous SOx can harm trees and plants by damaging foliage and decreasing growth (acid rain).

Damages by ongoing Chemtrailing/Geoengineering
Geoengineering Watch 13 may 2014: According to agencies like WHO, (World Heath Organizatin) and a long list of other recognized government sources of UV information like NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), no more than 5% of the total UV reaching the surface of Earth should be UVB. The other 95% should be UVA.

These agencies go on to state that UVC should be ZERO.

What has our testing shown?

UVB – the most lethal form of UV radiation – has now escalated to almost 70% of the total UV reaching the surface of our planet – due to chemtrailing. 

What are just some of the results of excessive UV exposure?

Can stop sprouting of seeds,
Stunts growth,
Limb die off,
Reduced foliage,
DNA damage,
Changes nutrient distribution,
Effects photosynthesis
Greatly increased mortality

Damaged immune system,
DNA damage
Damages sight
Causes various forms of cancer.

Professor David Karoly, of the University of Melbourne’s School of Earth Sciences, says to shoot sulfur particles in the atmosphere to shield the earth from the sun would destroy the ozone layer.

“Ozone depletion would cause more UV radiation which would cause skin cancers – killing people,” he said. Source: ABC Rural | 27/Sep/2011

The poles
There has been an outcry  over melting Greenland ice at the Jakobshavn glacier. Danish Masonic Illuminati stooge politicians regularly take world leaders there in regular climate tourism to show the terrible consequences of global “warming”: Green land´s ice masses are the 2. largest mass of ice-bound water after the Antarctis. If it melts, sea level would rise by 6 meters. 

Below is the truth, however (Climate4You).  An overview to get things into perspective: There have been much warmer periods due to natural causes in the Arctic (Greenland) over the past 11.000 years


But acc. to The Daily Mail 4 Febr. 2016 and many other sources, the reason is that the Irminger current, a side branch of the Gulf Stream, in 1997 suddenly filled with warm water hitting Greenland´s east coast, heating the ice glacier from below  and cooling from 10 to 1.5 degrees C. This has nothing to do with global warming.

 The Daily Mail finds that the inner inland ice of Greenland is growing thicker and moves even more slowly than 9.000 years ago!!

The warmists keep telling us that the Arctic ice is melting disastrously. I cannot see any change over the 9 year-period from 2007 to 2016. Unfortunately, Cryosphere Today has stopped its daily  reports on satellite photos of that ice. WHY?? Because the facts are inconvenient to the NWO-ideologists?

The following graph from Prof. Humlum´s Climate4You tells there is no global warming og the Arctic.

Watt´s Up With That 27 Sept. 2016

Inside Climate News 31 May 2016 Since the late 1970s, the Arctic has lost an average of 20,800 square miles of sea ice per year, while the Antarctic has gained an annual average of 7,300 square miles.

The NWO order lies never end – nor does the gullibility of the world´s populations.

Here is what other experts have to say about chemtrails. Putin calls the chemtrails a “monumental threat”– is practicing them himself (see from the 4:23 mark), however.

The chemtrails contain more than SO2: poisonous aluminum, barium, strontium, bacteria, plasma, fibres

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