Trump´s Son-in-law and Adviser, Jared Kushner a Chabad Lubavitch – Aiming at Triggering Doomsday

The leaders of the world are affiliated to the Chabad Lubavitch.

Henry Makow 9 April 2017:  Is Trump’s Jared Kushner connection to
the Chabad Lubavitch sect the cause for his dramatic U-turn?

Jared & Ivanka visit the tomb of  Chabad Rebbe Schneerson for a pre-election blessing Nov. 5, 2016)

The sect is deliberately fomenting a prophesied Third World War.
It believes Jews are God’s chosen people and everyone
else is trash. In the book “Gatherings of Conversations”
Rebbe Schneerson tells his followers that Jewish people are an extension
of God and Gentiles are destined to serve the Jews.

Historian Wolfgang Eggert says this is the real face of the Illuminati; the Rothschilds belong to this cult. He says this cult intends to initiate a nuclear holocaust in order to fulfill biblical prophecy and hasten the return of the Messiah:

“History and politics are a big movie, and they are the directors, bringing old-testament-prophecy into reality. They captured freemasonry by building up the (Jesuit)  Illuminati (through Rothschild and Jacob Frank (the “holy sin”!) and Adam Weishaupt); they made a pact with the British monarchy when they financed William III to become king; they placed the British royals at the head of the Freemasons (King Edward VII was the son of Lionel Rothschild); they made the modern banking system and the Fed (through Rothschild); they made Zionism (see 1895-1957), the world wars, the European union and so on. They reign through their puppets Rothschild (whose ancestors had been part of the chassidic cult) and Rockefeller, who were the guiding force behind Bilderberg, the trilaterals etc. We are now in the “End Times”; they are trying to foment a “prophesied” Third World War.”

Chris Bjerkness agrees: Redemption requires the “King of the Jews” (the Rothschilds) to rule the world after a nuclear holocaust.

Jared Kushner attended Chabad House at Harvard. “Israel wasn’t a political discussion for him; it was his family, his life, his people,” said Hirschy Zarchi, rabbi at the Chabad House at Harvard.

Between 2003 and 2013, his family foundation donated a total of $342,500 to various institutions and projects associated with the movement. Especially endowed was the Chabad center at Harvard University, which received $150,000 in 2007 (the foundation’s single biggest donation to a Lubavitch-affiliated enterprise) and then another $3,600 in 2013. In addition, the Donald J. Trump Foundation has donated $11,550 to three Chabad institutions.

In 2006, Kushner’s father Charles was sentenced to 24 months in prison for making illegal campaign donations.

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