Rothschild´s/CFR´s Echo. Hillary Clinton/Wikileaks: We must Destroy Syria and Pres. Al-Assad for Israel

There has never been any doubt about where Secr. of State Hillary Clinton received her orders from: Rothschild´s Council on Foreign Relations:

There has been no doubt about Rothschild´s plan for rogue state Syria – which will not have a Rothschild central bank!! – since Rothschild´s Brookings launched its plan for the division of the country along denominational lines and here. NATHANIEL ROTHSCHILD IS A MEMBER OF BROOKINGS´INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD.   BROOKINGS HAS IMMENSE INFLUENCE ON US LEGISLATION.

And there is no doubt about the US illegally starting the Syrian war in 2011.


The Question was, however: Why? Now Hillary Clinton´s unclassified e-mails give a clear answer: For Israel´s sake – this confirming the the opinion that Israel Minor in fact is ruling Israel Major (the USA)!

Your News Wire 7 April 2017: The following document was one of many unclassified by the US Department of State, following the uproar over Clinton’s private email server kept at her house while she served as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.
Although the Wikileaks transcript dates the email as December 31, 2000, this is an error on their part, as the contents of the email (in particular the reference to May 2012 talks between Iran and the west over its nuclear program in Istanbul) show that the email was in fact sent on December 31, 2012.
The email makes it clear that it has been US policy from the very beginning to violently overthrow the Syrian government—and specifically to do this because it is in Israel’s interests.

Wikileaks:UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05794498 Date: 11/30/2015 RELEASE IN FULL
The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad.
Negotiations to limit Iran’s nuclear program will not solve Israel’s security dilemma. Nor will they stop Iran from improving the crucial part of any nuclear weapons program — the capability to enrich uranium. At best, the talks between the world’s major powers and Iran that began in Istanbul this April and will continue in Baghdad in May will enable Israel to postpone by a few months a decision whether to launch an attack on Iran that could provoke a major Mideast war.

Iran’s nuclear program and Syria’s civil war may seem unconnected, but they are…..What Israeli military leaders really worry about — but cannot talk about — is losing their nuclear monopoly. ……

Back to Syria. It is the strategic relationship between Iran and the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria that makes it possible for Iran to undermine Israel’s security — not through a direct attack, which in the thirty years of hostility between Iran and Israel has never occurred, but through its proxies in Lebanon, like Hezbollah, that are sustained, armed and trained by Iran via Syria. The end of the Assad regime would end this dangerous alliance. Israel’s leadership understands well why defeating Assad is now in its interests.

Speaking on CNN’s Amanpour show last week, Defense Minister Ehud Barak argued that “the toppling down of Assad will be a major blow to the radical axis, major blow to Iran…. .”

Bringing down Assad would not only be a massive boon to Israel’s security, it would also ease Israel’s understandable fear of losing its nuclear monopoly. Then, Israel and the United States might be able to develop a common view of when the Iranian program is so dangerous that military action could be warranted.

Right now, it is the combination of Iran’s strategic alliance with Syria and the steady progress in Iran’s nuclear enrichment program that has led Israeli leaders to contemplate a surprise attack — if necessary over the objections of Washington. With Assad gone, and Iran no longer able to threaten Israel through its, proxies, ….. the White House can ease the tension that has developed with Israel over Iran by doing the right thing in Syria. The rebellion in Syria has now lasted more than a year…..  With his life and his family at risk, only the threat or use of force will change the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s mind.

Wikileaks  A successful intervention in Syria would require substantial diplomatic and military leadership from the United States. Washington should start by expressing its willingness to work with regional allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to organize, train and arm Syrian rebel forces and here. The announcement of such a decision would, by itself, likely cause substantial defections from the Syrian military.

Then, using territory in Turkey and possibly Jordan, U.S. diplomats and Pentagon officials can start strengthening the opposition. It will take time. But the rebellion is going to go on for a long time, with or without U.S. involvement. The second step is to develop international support for a coalition air operation. Russia will never support such a mission, so there is no point operating through the UN Security Council.

Some argue that U.S. involvement risks a wider war with Russia. But the Kosovo example shows otherwise. In that case, Russia had genuine ethnic and political ties to the Serbs, which don’t exist between Russia and Syria, and even then Russia did little more than complain. Russian officials have already acknowledged they won’t stand in the way if intervention comes.

Arming the Syrian rebels and using western air power to ground Syrian helicopters and airplanes is a low-cost high payoff approach. As long as Washington’s political leaders stay firm that no U.S. ground troops will be deployed, as they did in both Kosovo and Libya, the costs to the United States will be limited. Victory may not come quickly or easily, but it will come.

And the payoff will be substantial. 1 )
1) Iran would be strategically isolated, unable to exert its influence in the Middle East.
2) The resulting regime in Syria will see the United States as a friend, not an enemy.
3) Washington would gain substantial recognition as fighting for the people in the Arab world, not the corrupt regimes.
4) For Israel, the rationale for a bolt from the blue attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be eased.
5) And a new Syrian regime might well be open to early action on the frozen peace talks with Israel.
6) Hezbollah in Lebanon would be cut off from its Iranian sponsor since Syria would no longer be a transit point for Iranian training, assistance and missiles.

All these strategic benefits and the prospect of saving thousands of civilians!!! from murder at the hands of the Assad regime (10,000 have already been killed in this first year of civil war).

AGreater_israelll this nonsense shows how miserable a politician Hillary Clinton is – and exactly these views of hers led to the illegal Syrian war. The US proxy war by arming, financing, equipping and training  the worst scums on Earth after the Illuminati and their fellow travellers, viz. the Muslim Jihadis, has been a disaster for millions of Syrians  – and for Europe through mass immigration.

But it finally gives the clear answer to the question why Obama started the illegal Syrian War and why Trump breaks international law by bombing Syria: All for the benefit of  Greater Israel – while their master, Rothschild´s Zionist Netanyahu practically does not have to move a finger!

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