New EU Parlament President “Fears”/ plans 30 Mio. Africans into the EU – in Fact even recruiting 56 Mio. + Their Numerous Families by 2050

The new EU president, Antonio Tajani, “fears” 30 million Africans (plus, of course, a large proportion of the Asian Muslims) will arrive in Europe in a large-scale campaign with the help of Italian, Maltese, German, etc. ships. In fact,  the Italian coastal fleet is even operating as ferries sailing into Libyan waters ordered by migrantsand these taxi ships “save” migrants in miserable, overcrowded rubber boats freely and safely into to Europe to  be paid by Europeans for conquering this continent for Allah. In addition, an armada of well-paid NGO ships operates a secure bridge across the Mediterranean for illegal migrants.

The following statement by the new EU Parliament boss, Tajani – is to be seen in this light: The Sunday Express 11 October 2008: The EU has set up a first recruiting office in Mali.Will get 56 million African workers + families to the EU from Africa by 2050 to make up for our demographic imbalance.
Morocco is the first ”partner” to have attained this advanced status.

So forget all about Tajani´s fear: THIS INUNDATION OF EUROPE IS ACC. TO EU PLAN.

Die Welt 29. März 2017: EU parliamentarian boss Tajani fears that up to 30 million people from Africa could come to Europe. He calls for billions of investments. And the construction of so-called refugee cities (where?).

Tajani: Africa is in a dramatic position: The desert eats agricultural land, the terrorist organization Boko Haram persecutes Christians and moderate Muslims, Nigeria and Niger are in poverty, in Somalia drought and civil war. If we do not manage to solve the central problems in African countries, ten, 20 or even 30 million immigrants will be sent to the European Union in ten years.
Tajani: As soon as we have won the war against the so-called Islamic State, the terrorists will do anything to hit Europe as their enemy number one. We need a jump in quality in the fight against terrorism.

Die Welt: What do you suggest?

Tajani: We have to go to the cinema and to the restaurant. If we lock ourselves up at home, we have already lost. So we have to get used to increased police controls. I would be delighted to be more controlled by the police. That means, it does its work.

Die Welt: Today, mosques are also found in most cities. Are you afraid of overcrowding our culture when, as you said, several million refugees are coming to the future?

Tajani: Whoever has a strong identity does not need to be afraid of others. We have to  defend our identity. Why did everybody  want to become citizens of the ancient Roman Empire? Because the dependence on things and order prevailed. If we do not defend our values, the newcomers will make their rules. The US shows how it goes. There is a flag in front of many houses.

Die Welt: the British have opted for national identity. This week, the Brexit is official. Is it our fault that we have lost Great Britain?

Tajani: In my opinion, it was a mistake of former British Prime Minister David Cameron. Referenda are insidious.

This hypocrisy seeks its like!
1) “We must defend our identity!” The EU is doing all it can to destroy our identities!
2) “What flag do you prefer in the front garden of the Italians?”Answer “Both”! What a propaganda-nonsense! The EU flag represents blind globalism – the Italian flag nationalism, which is becoming stronger and stronger in order to shrug off the EU.
3) “If we do not defend our values, the newcomers will enforce their rules!” But why does the EU import more and more of the declared enemies of our values ​​- at the same time depriving us of our only weapon to defend our Christian values: The freedom of speech and here and here and here?
4) “… otherwise the newcomers will set up their rules”. As we are being prevented from defending our values ​​by the EU – and the EU is steadily increasing its mass import of enemies of our Christian values ​​(despite vocal promises in election times), Mr Tajani indirectly says that the EU is doing all it can to eradicate our Christian values!
5) “Referenda are insidious” (because the people do not want what theMasonic elite wants).
6) “We need to get used to more police checks, and I would be happy to be more controlled by the police.” The big bad wolf shows Orwellian police state teeth.

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