2. Phase of War on Whites Has Begun: Kill All Whites

Have you already got the happy NWO message? If a white person agitates the following against migrants, he would soon land behind bars. Muslims say this again and again, because in the Koran the blue-eyed are guilty (Sura 20: 102) – and practice it too often. But ethnic minorities cannot be racist!!

For many years a war on the white race acc. to Jew-admiring Coudenhove Kalergi´s/ Jewish Nicolas´ Sarkozy´s plan on racial miscegenation through mass immigration has been going on. Now we are moving into the next phase: Physical killing of whites in the name of war on “whiteness” is beginning – organized by Zionist and Pharisaic Jews using i.a. Jewess Angela Merkel as their willing tool

Black Leader – We Must Exterminate All Whites
…Watch Hannity Guest Defend Him!

‘Whites Are The Source Of All Evil In The World’

Kill All White People – On Tumblr

Black Teens March in Peoria Screaming…
‘We Need To Kill All White People!’ Hate Crime

Jamie Foxx Jokes About Killing ‘All
The White People’ In His New Movie

Farrakhan Explains Why The White
Man Is The Devil And Should Be Killed

MA College Prof – White Males Are A Cancer And
Must Die, Urges Students To Kill Themselves

NC St Prof Advocates Exterminating All White People

Univ CO Paper – Why Not Hate Whites, They’re Devils

Rapper Jay-Z Wears Bling From ‘Whites Are Devils’ Group

Debater At Harvard Says All White People
Should Kill Themselves Over ‘White Privilege’

More Hate Videos By Blacks Who Want To Kill Whites

Muhammad Ali – ‘The White Man Is The Devil’

Goth Metal Band Type O Negative Song
Titled ‘Kill All The White People’

“Kill All The White People”

Kill all the white people.
Kill all the white people.
Then we’ll be free.
we’ll be free.

Kill all the white people
Kill all the white people,
Kill all the white people
Kill all the white people.

Then we be free
Then we be free
We be free.

Kill them all men
Kill them all.

Then we be free
Then we be free,
Then we be free
Then we be free.

Then we be free
Then we be free,
Then we be free
We be free.

Ooh power
Black power
Destroy white boy.

Yo violence ain’t necessary Word.

Happy New World Order!  in the Name of Masonic Lucifer – by debunking any NWO truth.

This spread of hate comes from the London City´s/Rothschild´s agitator, George Soros
as seen in his Purple Revolution riots.  In 2012 Soros predicted class war and riots in the US (read: he planned it!) – thus activating Lenin´s 2 phases of Marxist Revolution. See the Ferguson and Baltimore riots – and probably in Charlotte, too.

Soros is the mastermind behind the White Revolutions in Russia,and the “colour” revolutions, the “Arab Spring”, the Ukraine Revolution and the mass immigration of Muslim warriors.

And we invite all this hate into our countries – the more the better!!

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