US Ground Troops Illegally at Manbij to Stop Russian and Turkish Advance into Syria

Debkafile 6 March 2017The Pentagon announced on Tuesday the 6 March that a US tank convoy was sent to the controversial North Syrian city of Manbij, and has  in an unusual  move published a video (see below) that shows the convoy and its men.

This is a new and dangerous development in Syria: US ground troops as long demanded by  the speaakers of the military industrial complex John McCain und Lindsey Graham verlangen  as wll as by  Saudi Arabia:

Debkafile 6 March 2017:  The Pentagon announced Tuesday, March 6, that a US armored convoy was deployed around the disputed northern Syrian town of Manbij, and in an unusual move, released a video (see below) depicting the convoy and its men.
A US military spokesman tweeted that the US deployment was a deliberate action taken to assure that forces within the US-led coalition deterred aggression and kept the focus on defeating ISIS.
Affirming that the US-led coalition was aware of the location of Russian-backed Syrian forces, Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told reporters Monday.
“They are certainly aware of where we are, and we are aware of where they are. There is no intention between the two of there being any conflict against any party other than ISIS.
But now, as Russian units geared up to enter Manjib, the Trump administration warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that if they did move in, they would face American forces.
The Trump administration has thus taken its first direct military action in Syria to cut off the expansion of Russian forces in the North.

Tuesday afternoon, President Donald Trump phoned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu while he was being questioned by the police at his residence. That call almost certainly dealt with the possibility of a US-Russian military clash in Manjib, two days before Netanyahu sets out of Moscow for talks with the Russian president.

Russia Today 7 March 2017: On Monday, the Pentagon confirmed that a small number of US troops had been sent to the northern Syrian town of Manbij to deter conflict between the US-backed Kurdish forces and Turkey-backed rebels.
US troops were first spotted in Manbij on Saturday, following reports of a deal between the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian government to hand over some 20 villages in a zone between Manbij and Al-Bab, recently taken by Turkish-backed forces.
The US-backed SDF is mostly comprised of Kurdish militia, considered terrorists by Turkey. Washington has supported the SDF as a proxy force on the ground against Islamic State.

Turkey’s military chief of staff, General Hulusi Akar, is hosting a meeting with the heads of the US and Russian armed forces in the southern Turkish province of Antalya, according to Ankara and Moscow.

Last month, the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis told a NATO meeting in Brussels that the US is not ready to collaborate militarily with Russia against IS or other threats.While Washington is mulling over whether to work with its former Cold War rival, “Russia is going to have to prove itself first,” Mattis said. “The point about Russia is they have to live by international law just like we expect all nations on this planet to do!!!” (Except the USA!).

The Daily Mail 6 March 2017:  Kurdish forces claim they have blocked all of the roads entering and leaving Raqqa

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, led by the Syrian Kurdish PKK party, are the current front runners in the race to Raqqa, the ISIS capital.

They are now stationed five miles north of the Euphrates River city and supported by coalition airstrikes and a deployment of some 500 US special forces operators
But Turkey, a US ally, says the PKK is an extension of the Kurdish insurgency inside its own borders and has classified the party as a terror organization. It has objected strongly to the SDF offensive and vowed to throw the Kurdish-led forces in Manbij – the SDF’s westernmost flank – back over the banks of the Euphrates. This would disrupt the Raqqa campaign.

The Syrian military, meanwhile, has driven east of Aleppo to draw a front with the Turkish-backed Syrian opposition forces south of al-Bab, blocking their route to Raqqa.

While Russia has been invited tin to Syria – the US has no legal right to be in Syria. Nevertheless, the US started the Syrian war and is illegally bombing there.
Danish elite soldiers have just been deployed to fight US/Israel´s IS in Syria, too. Before Mosul was taken, the US transported 9.000 ISIS-fighters to Raqqa – now to be destroyed. As Al Qaeda leader tells, the US is paying ISIS. The goal is acc. to Rothschild´s “Brookings” to compartmentalize Syria into minor states.
The US Army is Rothschild´s tool.

This is why ISIS does not attack Israel


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