Chemtrails: Vladimir Putin Deeply Concerned about “Monumental Threat” to Earth´s Health and Life

Limited evidence precludes a comprehensive quantitative assessment of Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and its impact on the climate system.

If SRM were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence
that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the
greenhouse gas forcing. CDR and SRM methods carry side effects and long-term
consequences on a global scale. (IPCC´s  AR5 SPM 21). 


In the weather forecast of the Danish state television tonight I saw the superclimate warming prophet from my home village once again. He is even present on the A5 editorial staff of the IPCC.
A few years ago I corresponded with him and referred i.a. to the chemtrails.
Then he replied that I had lost all credibility. There would be no such thing. “This is conspiracy theory”. I referred to the above in the IPCC work A5, for which he is jointly responsible – and wrote that he did not have to answer because he could not give a true answer.
Previously, I had called the Danish Meteorological Institute in Copenhagen and asked what chemtrails contained. The meteorologist said, “Just a moment.” After five minutes, he came back and said, “I’ve been consulting with my boss. Yes, we know, but we have no official attitude.”

A painful thing to them – but now is official:

Your Newswire 2 March 2017; Vladimir Putin has set himself on a collision course with Western governments by criticising their atmospheric spraying operations. According to Putin these operations pose a “monumental threat” to the earth’s biota and are “not only offensive, but against nature.

Putin, who is fundamentally opposed to climate engineering programs, is said to be “deeply concerned” about the “uneducated risks” being taken by Western corporations, and sanctioned by Western governments, all in pursuit of control of the population and profit.

Putin said “it is a serious assault.”

How can people demand regulations and controls on operations if the government won’t admit these operations exist? It is insulting to people’s intelligence.

As evidence emerges that geoengineering and climate manipulation is damaging the ozone layer, the fear is that the earth will reach a crisis point and will not be able to recover. The poisoned earth, like an incurably diseased body, will be left to die”.

I have often written on Chemtrails as a postulated remedy  against postulated man made global warming  numerous times.And in fact man is warming the atmosphere: with Chemtrails.

On June 25 2015, I wrote a survey of chemtrailing – Who is spraying and Why they are spraying.    That chemtrailing is causing heating of the atmosphere.

I – and many with me – think chemtrails are connected with i.a. the US Air Force´s “Owning the Weather 2025. It is apparently part of a  military project  called   VTRPE /HAARP – necessary for military surveillance.
Chemtrailing is therefore worldwide. In Europe, the EU and national governments stand behind, and it is coordinated by The Royal Society of London.

At the time of my survey on 25 June 2015   chemtrailing has been admitted by the following official instances:
So far, Chemtrail activity (SRM) has been admitted by
1. The Royal Society of London,
The Federal Government of Germany
3. The IPCC AR5 as of September (SPM21).
4. The UN Convention on Biological Diversity demanded a moratorium on SRMafter ocean fertilization experiments failed.
Bill Gates is Experimenting with clouding, by spraying water into the Atmosphere (BBC 22 May 2010)
6. in Russia, they are also injecting SO2-injection into the atmosphere. Purpose: To stand as a climate saint, while increasing oil extraction in the Arctis! (The Guardian 24 Sept. 2013):
7. John Holdren, Obama´s science adviser, sees geo-engineering as a perfectly viable way to cool the planet’s temperature. In a Council on Foreign Relations article, he fully supports the process of releasing particles of barium, magnesium, aluminum, nano-fibers, bacillus blood spores and other chemicals to reflect sunlight away from the Earth. (In the 1970es, this population reductionist claimed that a new ice age was imminent.


TMorgellons-scalphey are spraying microparticles causing e.g . Morgellons.
They are also spraying  bacteria, as well as molds, desiccated blood, radioactive thorium, and strontium, SO2 etc,

It´s all one big experiment performed on us.
Putin is right.

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