Fox News Female Correspondent : Sweden is a Utopia. Swedish Women Fear the “World´s 1. Feminist Government”/Mafia, Bullying Women Scared by Massive Gang-raping to Shut up!

This is a supplement to my latest post on Sweden´s /the world´s first feminist government which has made Sweden a Hellhole – in particular for women.

A Swedish woman told a Fox reporter: Go and tell the world about our terrible situation: We dare not go out for fear of being raped. And we dare not tell about it or complain about it – for then the feminists clamp down on us. The Swedish Marxist feminist government is a Mafia – the main part of the problem – and these mad people aim to import another 400.000 Muslims within the next 2 years!

The Express 23 Febr. 2017 has more


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