Another People Let Down by Its Elite. Norwegian Utøya 5 Years Later: Irrefutable Indications of a False Flag with Mossad Finger Prints on 77 Murders

If you are a crime thriller fan, here is something for you: Who carried out the Utøya massacre in Norway? Hardly Anders Breivik. The following sharp analysis describes a false flag pattern, which is now very well known.

Recently, the alleged Norwegian Utøya mass murderer and psychopath, Anders Breivik, has made himself heard of again: He is dissatisfied with his isolation cell, claiming he is a victim of violation of human rights – and the Oslo Tingrett (Court) agrees.

Breivik, who was sentenced to 21 years’ imprisonment for the murder of 77 youths and the bombing  the Norwegian government headquarters, is,oddly, still in isolation and is cut off from the Internet, even though all investigations have been completed. The police immediately appealed against Tingsretten’s verdict.

What does the police fear that Breivik could reveal? Among Norwegian court and police officers in 2013,  at least 550 were Freemasons! And Breivik was a Freemason – enthusiastic about the Gnostic (Masonic) Templers.

But what role did Anders Breivik play on July 22, 2011 at all?
Below is an excerpt from the Norwegian “Nyhetsspeilet” 15.11.2012.

Wisis-israelhat emerges from this  analysis reminds uncannily of NATO’s Gladio operations in Europe during the Cold War –  now carried on as Gladio B.
Nyhetsspeilet suspects that some power wanted to give Norway a lesson – and finds tracks of the Mossad in cooperation with Norwegian government and police – as previously  in a terrorist attack at Lillehammer.
Utøya probably  was a false flag – as governments have so often done – with structural similarity to 9/11 2001, the London bombs on 07.07. 2005, the Paris attack in Nov. 2015, and here, the Brussels attack in March 2016 and here, etc.

Nyhetsspeilet 15.11.2012 

There are 2 theories as for the Utøya massacre:

Official Presentation
Anders Behring Breivik has admitted that he was behind everything.
Police investigations have not revealed that others were involved in the operation.
Witnesses on Utøya are confident that it was Anders Behring Breivik who shot.
Especially the last two points are strong indications.

But there is another theory:
The terror was caused by an elite or a country that wanted to put Norway in its place; intelligence services made it

1.Unknown soldiers picked up cable / detonator minutes after the explosion.
2. Witnesses reported several shooters, rescue squad were informed about it, recording shows
3. The news agency Associated Press put out huge aerial photos from Utøya on 21.7. 2011.
4. The launch of white al-Qaeda by security US Department 21.7. 2011.
5. Police made numerous  errors, defense and government were passive.
6. Police lies and contradictions.
7. NRK image of the perpetrator on Utøya (Not Breivik).
8. An unknown van drove ashore on Utøya at 16.05 o´clock.
9. Witnesses said the perpetrator scouted out over the bay and was picked up by boat.
10. Anti-terror exercise from June 18 to July 22 was identical to what actually happened.
11. Witness Description of bomb man: 170 centimeters tall, from the Middle East.
12. Breivik was observed in several places at the same time.
13. Breivik’s Facebook profile was changed in the night of 22.7. 2011.
14. Brevik´s and government´s links to Mossad.


1.Two white vans parked in the Apotekergata with illegible signs. One of them has its door open. Three men dressed in uniforms and red berets come trotting, almost dancing down towards Grubbegata. They are wearing the uniforms of the Norwegian military police. One of them takes his hand up as if to remove something, he wears gloves.

The man left is carrying a heavy parcel

 The soldier below picks a (detonator) cable up

2. Several shooters
In online newspapers on July 22 and the print editions of July 23 several youths on Utøya reported that there were several gunmen engaged from at 17.21 to 18.34 o´clock. One of the shooters is described as a man in civilian clothing,  180 centimeters with dark hair and a Nordic look.  TV8 Buskerud interviewed one of the young people from Utøya in the evening of  July 22:
Young man says: – There were three of them.
Reporter: – Three of them that shot?
Young man answers: – Three of them, yes.

The Deputy Chief of Police in Oslo expressed the same to the 22 July Commission, and action leader of the  rescue squad confirmed this in court this spring: he was told on his way to Utøya that there were three to five shooters in activity. Kripos rejected the possibility of multiple shooters already on 25 July. The reason given was that it had to be only one shooter since  only two types of ammunition were found. But it’s odd, two or more shooters can fine be using the same type of ammunition.
Listening  to existing film footages, sounds from different kinds of shots are heard in a matter of seconds.

3. Aerial view of Utøya by Associated Press uploaded on July 21
The terrorist attacks in Norway on July 22 was a world event. Media all over the world wrote about the incident, including Associated Press that feeds hundreds of media with copy and purchases photos from all countries.
But the agency has no aerial photos from Norway with this exception: Four high-resolution photographs of Utøya in shining suns, taken and uploaded to the agency’s archives on 21 July 2011. Did people in the agency know that somethingwas going to happen on the island that would attract the world’s attention? Who tipped them off? Associated Press supplied the German news channel N24 and others with live images on July 22 and a fake bomb explosion appears among others.

4. Launch of “white al-Qaeda-like threat” by Homeland Security in the United States
On 1 July, the  Homeland Security, launched a video where white terrorists operate. We note that it occurs at the same time as the Associated Press uploads Utøya images. There is a clear shift from the image that has been in recent years that it is above all Muslim men being dangerous. Controversial radio host Alex Jones said on July 21 that a terrorist attack was imminent. 24 hours afterwards it banged in Norway.

5. The police made a variety of inexplicable failures, the military and the government were passive
In all actions, one must ask whether there has been an abnormality in the response of the police and military? If  not, for example, if the response time is within normal limits, it is a good indication that there is nothing behind it. But 22/7 was not normal. The police spent a long time and made many mistakes that newspapers and particularly the 22 July Commission have revealed.

Defence has escaped criticism and critical attention. Brief mention here: The massacre begins in the period  17.15 to 17.21 o´clock, the closing of the period was 18.32 to 19.01 o´clock. Official figures are 17.21 to 18.32 to 34 o´clock, but here it must be noted that in several media on July 22 and July 23,  police  sources said that Breivik was arrested around 19.00 o´clock. Whatever, it took a long time before the police took action on Utøya, although the first police officers arrived by land  at 17.50 o´clock and there was a variety of boats.
The policemen stood  scouting and directing traffic while the young people were being slaughtered. A shameful moment in Norwegian history. They were probably under orders to do so since the rescue squad was en route.

10 minutes after the bombing, a tip on the appearance of the bomber and the registration number of the car he drove came in. The tip was written on a sticky note by an operator at the Oslo police. The operation manager did nothing with the tip until  20 minutes had elapsed and the perpetrator was halfway to Utøya. Not only that, he had a police escort to Sandvika!
Immediately after the bomb explosion,  the pilots in charge of the police helicopter reported that they could go to work and get the helicopter up in the air. It was not necessary, said the Oslo police. And that despite the fact that Norway was under attack for the first time in 70 years, government building had been bombed, another terrorist attack was clearly underway – something the leader of the rescue corps confirms that he knew (see Der Spiegel, August 2011).
Armed Forces did, with one exception, nothing but to wait for the police initiative. How did Defence know at 15.30 o´clock that the attacks were not military ones or that another nation is behind? Some informs them, someone they trust 100%. It must be NATO intelligence services. Nevertheless  Defence in one place instantly mobilizes, the Central resort, coincidentally a few kilometers from Utøya.

6. Police lies and contradictions
Leader of the rescue corps,  Anders Snortheimsmoen, said in Der Spiegel  he went into the office of Johan Fredriksen, chief of staff in the Oslo police, right after the bomb attack. Snortheimsmoen says he warned Fredriksen that another attack was underway, a la former terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008 that they had practiced all week. He stated, moreover, that  petrol cans were hanging on the trees on Utøya. It’s just that the police subsequently denies that these pitchers existed. Fredriksen says he was not at his office in the afternoon of 22 July. He were in Sweden on vacation with his wife.
Johan Fredriksen denied in the days after July 22 that police helicopters could be staffed with a sniper to shoot down the perpetrator of Utøya. It emerged later that indeed this was done during exercises earlier, a marksman being aboard the helicopter.

7.  The photo of the perpetrator on the southernmost tip
An NRK photographer who was in a helicopter took pictures of the perpetrator when he shot the victims at the southern tip of Utøya. As Nyhetsspeilet pointed out earlier, there is something strange with the image. If one compares the man who shoots at the southern tip on police photos in court and Breivik, there is a difference. The man on the southernmost tip seems to have a bald spot, Breivik is thin haired – but had no bald spot (then).

************************************************************************************8. Unknown van ashore on Utøya
There has been much focus on the offender, described as Breivik, going ashore on Utøya, naturally. This happened at 17.10  o´clock. No cars were on the passage to the island. But Labour politician Are Tomasgard states in an interview that there was  a van on board over to Utøya at 16.05 o´clock. If this is a correct observation, it is striking that no one seems to know where it drove and parked. Who ran it? What was inside the car?
Police closed the island after the massacre was over and Breivik was arrested. Pictures of the massacre or of the hour just before the massacre  at Utøya are not available, although there were more than 500 young people with mobiles on the island. No wonder, since the police confiscated all mobile phones. NRK was, however, in place with his helicopter over the island during the massacre, as opposed to the police and military. Helicopter photos appear to show a parked car, dark, between the tents of Norwegian People’s Aid. They also show a white car behind the dark one and a car in the woods right by. One or two of these cars are not accounted for.

9. Witnesses say the perpetrator shifted to civilian clothes and went aboard a boat
Several youths said in the days following the massacre that the perpetrator on Utøya had shifted from police uniform to other clothes and boarded a boat. It emerged partly in an interview with Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and Norwegian Aftenposten. Neither the police nor the 22 July Commission have mentioned this in one word. Because it was not important or because it would overturn the police-explanation?

10. Antiterrorism exercise of 18.7. to 22.7, Mumbai scenario (more attacks)
Aftenposten revealed on 26 August 2011 that it was a counter-terrorism exercise which took place in Oslo from 18 July to 22 July at 15.00 o´clock, the bomb went off at 15.25 o´clock.
The rescue squad   was central to the exercise which was in full swing when the bomb cars and getaway car were driven from Rena to Oslo. On the evening of July 21, TV2 reported  that men in dark uniforms were observed walking through the government quarters, part of the exercise? Exercises are connected  with the big terrorist attacks.

11 The bomber was reported to be 170 cm and from the Middle East
When the media shows a picture of the bomber on his way from the governmental quarters, they write “here goes Breivik”. But what we see is a man in police uniform with helmet and visor down, a man we see – not Breivik. The guard of the governmental quarters describes the bomber to be approximately 170 centimeters and from the Middle East. Interesting, for Breivik is 183 centimeters and from Skøyen.

12. Breivik was in several places at the same time.
Can Breivik have a doppelganger? If that is the case it is nothing new. Lee Harvey Oswald was originally stated to be in two or three places at the same time and consequently to have one or two doubles. Is that the case with Breivik, too? Witnesses stated that Breivik was in his mother’s hometown, Kragerø, in the period of July 18 to July 21; he is said to have visited a businessman in the town  who knew him well from earlier and joked with him. Outside were two grim men who were with Breivik and observed traffic. But at this point, acc. to police, Breivik was on Rena and it’s also testified that he was there. Where was he, Kragerø or Rena?

In the evening of  21.7.  a barkeeper tells that Breivik drank a sweet drink in a bar in Oslo West. But this evening, at 22.30 o´clock,  witnesses saw him on the Tyrifjord in a boat with another man. In addition, Breivik´s mother said he was at home at 22.30 o´clock  on July 21 and looked on a crime movie until 23:30 o´clock. As if this were not enough, the escape vehicle is run into Oslo and recorded at a tollbooth about at 23:00 o´clock. So where was Breivik on the evening of July 21? On Utøya? With his mother? At a bar? Or he drove the getaway car? Who is the man he was with? Who are the men who were with Breivik at Kragerø?

13. Breivik´s Facebook site replaced on the evening of 22 July
Breivik was officially arrested on Utøya clock 18.32 to 18.34 o´clock on 22 July. The timing was initially  stated by the rescue squad to be 18.27 o´clock. On July 23,  Aftenposten and NRK state that he was arrested around 19:00 o´clock. But late in the evening of 22 July, his Facebook site was changed. The first profile he showed as a private person was in Norwegian, the other profile was in English and came at midnight, and here he stood as conservative Christian and leader of Geofarm. The new site fits in with the profile of the perpetrator on the manifest. Since the site was taken down in the night by Facebook. Who changed  his site,  so that it matched with the crime? He could not do it himself because he was being  interrogated in the main house on Utøya.

14. Breivik´s and Norway’s links to the Mossad
Aftenposten stated in an interview that a man linked to Mossad was said to be in Oslo a few months before 22 July. The same man is linked to  project SAFE-COMMS (emanating from the Israeli university Bar Ilan) which  has been  giving the Norwegian authorities PR advice after 22/7.

Former intelligence analyst in the US Army Trowbridge Ford stated that Breivik was part of Mossad operations in Sweden. Website Hawk of Pandora stated that there were a number of Mossad agents in Oslo in the summer and fall of 2011. Several of these had been involved in a team that killed a Hamas leader in Dubai in 2010. A small digression is that the police in Oslo right after the bomb went off informed about a foreign parked car with luggage on which were applied stickers from the airport in Dubai. It was here that Mossad agents landed before the operation in 2010.

The said website stated that the legendary Mossad boss Michael Harari was in a bar in Oslo under a German alias on July 22. If this is correct then he would be there to ensure action, or cancel it, if anything unforeseen should happen. Mossad introduced such security after the scandalous Lillehammer murder in 1973, as former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky has told in an interview. One of the last to leave the action area is the leader of the operation. The bar was a few hundred meters from where the bomb went off.

Michael Harari led the operation  at Lillehammer  and probably got the help of the Norwegian government and police at the time.

Anders Behring Breivik was not the only terrorist in the  22/7 attacks. He had professional help. There is a good chance that he has not fired a single shot or was responsible for the bomb.

22/7 occurred because some disliked  Norway´s politics, be it in relation to Palestine, Russia, Libya, the EU, the oil fund, global warming or the war on terror. Norway needed a terror lesson.

During the counterterrorism exercise,  a number of men in black uniforms raided government quarters in the evening and night of 22 July. If bombs were to be planted in the ground at the government district, or MPE, this was a golden opportunity.

Anders Behring Breivik was without a splat of blood from the victims, neither on uniform nor shoes.

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