EU Immigration Portal: Not Migrants – but Citizens Are Problem. More Propaganda Will Make Europeans Love Muslim Rapists and Thugs

Summary: At last, two-thirds of the Germans have woken up and can see how the evil spirit of Europe, named Merkel, not only destroys their country but is Islamizing it.

This spirit emerged as an unknown entity from the ruins of the GDR, where she was a committed leader in the FDJ – to 70% out of opportunism, as she herself says. This lady had only one program point – just like Hillary Clinton: Her own greater glory. Strong forces were evidently behind her: this self-declared Jewess became  Federal Chancellor, coming out of nowhere, by just one open letter in the FAZ. Karl Feldmayer of the FAZ said that she had no program and was alienated from the CDU program because of her lack of empathy after her GDR education.

A satirical video on the ZDF presented Merkel as “the revenge” of  GDR-boss Erich Honecker, who would have imposed on her in Chile to make the GFR a Communist state. With the NWO goal of the World Communist Agenda 21 in mind, this is not impossible.
So far, at least, she has made  “glorious” progress in that direction in collaboration with the London City.

Much of this could indicate a collapse of the communist NWO after Trump’s election.
But one should not be deceived: “The lap is still fertile, from which it crept” and Hegelian dialectics drive the game.
Trump and Putin represent antithetical Fascism – and Communism is preparing for the struggle.

A representative of the EU Immigration Portal recently had a post in  the EUObserver. In this, he writes – just like former Federal President Gauck – that the populations who have been insufficiently brainwashed are the problem, not the Muslims and not at all the elite.

In it, he is mourning the fact that the think tank, the Chatham House – even the source of the rapidly developing world government – publishes the truth: According to the survey, the Europeans want to have  the Muslim mass immigration stopped.
He thinks that “our” politicians are cowardly populists, who – and whoever can imagine anything worse – are giving in to the will of the peoples (right-wing extremism) instead of submitting these stupid population masses to massive propaganda for mass immigration. Because, according to his research method called Mipex, there are “positive” results in certain countries – and after this robotization,  “people” will love their rapists and thugs.

Just look at the Nordic countries as a radiant example!

In this case, the author reveals himself as a liar. In the Nordic countries the popular will  is so strong that it intimidates the politicians to activate the emergency brake  – which  I can certify as a Dane.

However, Sweden is already lost: Politically correct and subjugated Masonic Sweden has become a terrorist hell hole with 55 no-go zones for whites – and the police have not only lost control: the police officers are fleeing the  Corps in droves and are really angry. Danish colleagues support them, because it is also turning into into chaos here – as everywhere where Islam makes up 10% or more of the population. The rate of rapes has risen by 1472% to world record.  In Malmö, the natives are now in the minority and chaos so widespread that a politician now asks for the military intervention!


From Germany, there is good tidings: Infowars 15 Febr. 20172/3 of Germans are dissatisfied with Merkel: 42 % strongly want her out, while 22 % said it was “probably” a good idea to elect a new leader. 9 % said it was “probably best” to stick with her to avoid a change in leadership in the foreseeable future, while only 8%percent strongly wanted to see her reelected as Chancellor (YouGov Poll).
The survey cast doubt on whether the CDU can win with Merkel at the helm – 35 percent of Germans don’t think so, and only 19 percent do. Reason: Immigration. However, Martin Schulz is no better.

 Pious  FDJ leader (Communist GDR youth organisation) Merkel was already a traitor against the Germans since her youth  in favour of her career . For as she said: She participated to 70% because of opportunism.
Merkel is not from this world“. The New Yorker on 1 Dec. 2014 had  a deep description of Merkel, her career and psyche: For some unaccounted reason this woman of Jewish origin rose to the post of Chancellor, ousting Chancellor Kohl by just writing an open letter ind “Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung”‘. When later asked what exactly does Merkel want Merkel, Kohl tersely said:  “Power” . He told another friend that championing young Merkel had been the biggest mistake of his life. “I brought my killer,” Kohl said. “I put the snake on my arm.”

Merkel did not have any affiliation to the CDU program, not even a programme, she is without empathy. What powerful forces have these insignificant Communist girls promoted to the chancellor?

See from 12 min to 19 min. of this video. It is based on a satire in the German ZDF TV. Politaia thinks satire is honest speech: Secret service agent Merkel visited Erich Honecker in Chile – and had the task to infiltrate Germany´s government and make it a Communist dictatorship!!! At least – she has been promoted by mighty forces and is successful with a similar enterprise.  

I have seen many stupid statements from Eurocrates and other Masons – but apart from Merkel´s brainless and endless “We  Can Make It”, “We Can Make IT”, We Can Make IT” etc  I have seen no so unfounded blabbering, brainwashed nonsense as the following: 

The EU Observer 14 Febr. 2017: A poll published last week by the London-based think tank, Chatham House, found that a majority of Europeans in 10 EU countries would support a Trump-style ban on migration from mainly Muslim countriesThe Chatham House 7 Febr. 2017:  Overall, across all 10 of the European countries an average of 55% agreed that all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped, 25% neither agreed nor disagreed and 20% disagreed.
Majorities in all but two of the ten states agreed, ranging from 71% in Poland, 65% in Austria, 53% in Germany and 51% in Italy to 47% in the United Kingdom and 41% in Spain. In no country did the percentage that disagreed surpass 32%.
An IPSOS study from 6 Febr. 2017  shows the same thing in more detail.
Comment: I do not understand that Rothschild´s* secretive Chatham House – the mother of the Jesuit Council on Foreign Relations – for once brings the bitter truth out to the public. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE IN A TIME WHERE THE ANGER AND THE HATRED AGAINST ISLAM ARE RAPIDLY INCREASING? Does this arch-globalist think tank want civil war and Chaos out of Order?
*) Started by Lionel de Rothschild-Cecil Rhodes-Milner´s ´s Round Table building on Jesuit  lluminati) principles and here – then divided into the Royal Institute of International Aaffaires (RIIA)/ The Chatham House and the CFR. Lynn and Evelyn de Rothschild are members.

This is, as Chatham House said,“sobering news” and should serve as a massive wake-up call to policymakers in Brussels and across Europe who, in the wake of the rise of so-called far-right populist parties, have failed to speak out in support of refugees and migrants and instead pandered to the fear-mongering of far-right politicians.

It is indeed this increasing refusal by centrist politicians to stand up and explain the facts to their citizens that is leading, at least in part, to such polling results.
A survey carried out last year by the European Social Survey in 21 European countries found that negative attitudes towards migrants do not appear to be linked with net migration rates, but rather “the most preferred [migrants] were people from the same race or ethnic group as the majority”.

“However, such attitudes do not have to be accepted as status quo because policies and politicians can substantially affect them”.

Inclusive integration
Numerous studies using our Migrant Integration Policy Index (Mipex) show that more inclusive integration policies help the public to trust migrants and see the benefits of immigration to society.

People living in countries with ambitious and inclusive integration policies are much more likely to believe that their country is right to give immigrants the same rights as national citizens.

Canada, the Nordic countries and Portugal, for instance, are good examples of this!!! – (BLATANT LIE)

In contrast, where integration policies are underdeveloped, even in countries with small numbers of migrants, high levels of anti-migrant sentiment are often found and restrictive policies likely to only reinforce public distrust and xenophobia.

Worryingly, Mipex research also shows that once the far-right starts to achieve success in elections, centrist politicians reshape their rhetoric and integration policies to please that part of the electorate.

This, in turn, has the effect of essentially legitimising the far-right’s fear-mongering and helps to spread anti-immigrant attitudes.

Politicians have a duty to their citizens to inform them about the facts on migration (They would not dare!) and not let them ride their own wave of hearsay and fear.

To stop this increase of hate and unfounded fear, policymakers from both the left and right of the political spectrum need to find the will to stand up and tell the truth (Read fake news!).

This statement is by member of the Polish Parliament

Similar to the US
Several studies show that citizens across Europe grossly over-estimate the number of immigrants and Muslims in their country, leading to negative attitudes that appear to have no link with net migration rates.

Importantly, research also shows that correcting these numbers and misperceptions improves public attitudes towards migrants.
(The more lies the better? Well people can see and feel  for themselves when they are being raped and mauled!).

Unfortunately though, as a forthcoming report by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) will highlight, politicians have generally taken the opposite approach since 9/11.

We are all responsible for stopping this negative discourse, but as the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights has insisted, politicians in particular have a responsibility to win the integration debate, helping the public “to understand the migrants and changes around them and to build trust and relationships with newcomers and different cultural communities”.

Politicians should therefore be focusing on showing that more inclusive and effective integration policies can benefit everyone in society rather than finding ways to essentially close Europe’s borders!!

Public, media, and judicial oversight are now critical if we here in Europe are to avoid similar failures as in the USA”.

Politicians, you have been warned.

Thomas Huddleston is programme director at Migration Policy Group, an NGO in Brussels – and EU´s immigration portal  to facilitate mass immigration and to secure migrant´s rights.

This spate of words shows several things
1. A person who is living in an ideological, virtual world without connection with reality (Ignores heavy Muslim criminality – rights of indigenous peoples.

2. The ongoing and indefatigable  paranoia of  brainwashed NWO collaborators: Their idea is correct and indisputable: Their one-world government ruled from the London City and the Vatican (which these ignorants may not even know): This government is the goal – the war on white peoples are just insignificant Goyim (cattle).

3. The author considers us to be so stupid that he thinks “our” politicians – whom we detest just as much as Muslims  – can make us believe in what they have – in vain – tried to make us believe for 40 years without any success – apart from with their own ideological gang. They think they can talk obvious criminal facts away, although we, the peoples, are suffering under their criminality on a daily basis.

4. The author is either ignorant about the murderous Koran and Hadiths – or very evil. In both cases, he should have been excluded from the EUObserver:
The Daily Mail 13 Febr. 2017: A migration expert, Professor Ruud Koopmans of the Netherlands, warns that there are more than 50 million Muslims willing to accept violence and support those who carry out terror attacks to defend their religion.
He warned the EU on Monday to block the entry of any refugees whose identity cannot be categorically confirmed.
Koopmans said that of the 1 billion adult Muslims in the world, ‘half of them are attached to an arch-conservative Islam which places little worth on the rights of women, homosexuals, and people of other faiths’.

5. The author is a blatant liar. I live in a A Scandinavian country and can certify that a majority here do not want Muslim immigrants – and want those already pestering us, destroying our welfare state and increasing our taxes  as far away as possible.

In Sweden which has become real Jihad land pandering to Rothschild agent George Soros everything is dissolving: Morals, safety, joy – except with the basal cause of the misery: Lecherous Marxist feminists even demand that not the immigrants – but the Swedes must be integrated into “the new Land”.

Malmö in particular – a once idyllic city – now is a hell hole of terror with native Swedes in minority and here and officials fleeing – just like e.g. Landskrona.

An electrical maintenance company, Högs EL, states that it can no longer operate in Malmö due to skyrocketing “violence and shootings”. Prison Planet 13 Febr. 2017. 

The London Express 19 Jan. 2017: Opposition politician Magnus Olsson said it was time to call in the military to end the surge in violent crimes that have been sweeping the city of Malmoe which is described as a “lawless city”..
Sweden after Lesotho holds the world record as for rapes – the rate has increased by 1472% since Sweden became multicultural.

At Örebro, a police officer, Peter Springare has flown into a rage and damned the mass immigration: Practically all the many criminals have  foreign names – as he says.

Peter Springare is a courageous police officer, stating 22 of 24 suspects to be immigrants.
Police has lost control of Sweden´s 55 no-go-zones for whites and here and police officers are fleeing the corps in droves. They are not allowed to resist when attacked – which may bring them on the front pages of the bigot NWO Masonic media. 

Springare has received enormous popular support for telling the truth – which is a severe offence in Masonic Sweden.

Berlingske Tidende 9 Febr. 2017: Several Swedish politicians are greatly concerned. Afew days ago, three politicians from the Liberals issued a statement in which they noted that “the  crisis of the police is  the  crisis of society. We now come to the point where the rule of law in certain parts of the country lack the tools to guarantee the security of citizens.”

Now a Danish police officer agrees with Springare on Facebook:  “I’m an officer with Copenhagen´s criminal police and I stand 100% with Peter Springare’s statements. Indeed, we have exactly the same problems in Denmark.
There are virtually no Danish names on police day reports and a very large proportion of police resources being spent on ill-mannered, unintegratable strangers.
The problems can not be glossed over and they have nothing to do with racism.”

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