There is no doubt about it: The US is on the brink of civil war/revolution – as I wrote on 9 Febr. 2017. The 1776 Constitution – pushed aside in favour of the false NWO corporate Washington DC constitution of 1871 – seems to be buried now by Communist revolutionaries, instigated in a London City staged Hegelian dialectic stage  play – nearly like in Russia 1917-21 – and cheered by the hateful Hillary Clinton, puppet of Lynn Forrest de Rothschild/her husband Evelyn de Rothschild .

In 2012 Soros predicted riots, class war in the US (read: he planned them!)

Lately Pres. Trump issued a ban on immigration from 7 Muslim countries. Two federal courts have declared the ban to be illegal – apparently by NWO-judges.
However, it seems that the ban was not illegal – but in accordance with the Immigration Law of 1952. US courts have seemingly broken US Law: Here Trump reads language from the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 aloud.

 Besides, Pres. Obama also banned Iraqis from entering the US – with no protests.

80% of lower court sentences are rejected by the US Supreme Court – where Trump does not yet have a majority.

Revolution maker George Soros´ relations with the Rothschilds,
The Rothschilds took Soros under their wings after he emigrated to London.

Larouche Publication 1993: The primary vehicle for Soros’s speculative binge against the British pound (and South-East Asian currencies) was his Quantum Fund NV, based in the Netherlands Antilles. One of the 2 Rothschild family retainers on the board of George Soros´ Quantum Fund is Richard Katz, managing director of Rothschild Italia SpA. and a director of N.M. Rothschild & Sons
Ltd., London. According to British financial investigators, Rothschild Italia is controlled by Edmund de Rothschild.

The second Rothschild retainer on Quantum’s board is Nils O. Taube, chief executive officer of St. James Place Capital. The firm is controlled by Jacob Rothschild, son of the notorious Lord Victor (Communist spy).

I have often written that riot/revolution  organizer Soros is a Rothschild agent used to destabilize governments via his Open Society.

George Soros, a Marxist Rothschild -/London City agent provocateur creating riots worldwide and his Open Society (open for his master´s corporations to empty states of wealth), his Arab Spring,  his colour revolutions – especially his White Revolution in Russia and his Purple Revolution against Trump and here, his Ukrainian Revolution through his American Ukrainian Advisory Committee, his riots in Ferguson, Baltimore and Charlotte etc.
Soros is the paymaster and planner and mastermind behind the Muslim mass immigration to Europe – as he openly admits  himself.

The Revolution is gaining pace

But if we are dealing with a Hegelian dialectic game Trump must be the antithesis.

It seems that no one knows if Trump will rule like a patriotic “normal” president  – or if he is a planned antithesis to the Obama cult. 
That the latter might very well be the case is more than indicated by Trump´s  undercover support by the mighty Koch brothers and recruitment of many Koch brother people into his inner circle and transition staff, de facto the AIPAC as well as by Israel´s Netanyahu, furthermore by Trump´s filling his transition staff and government with Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs people and neocon generals.
So far, Trump seems to wage foreign policy in Obama´s footprints. 

The fact that George Soros already in 2012 predicted riots and class war in the USA speaks for a meticulous planning – and Soros is known to be the mastermind of them. To crunch the USA for the NWO  he and his Rothschild masters need exactly  …. Donald Trump to split the population.
Trump has ties to Soros and is building small flats in areas to become megacities – the plan of the NWO! Trump is antithesis!
His rhetoric is nationalistic – but he acts acc. to the UN globalist policy.

Trump plays his antithetic role in the chaos/civil war

Below trump shows Satan´s horns and the 666 hand sign of the Antichrist

Besides his hand signs, Trump surrounds himself with references to the Antichristian 666 and his Trump Tower is full of Masonic symbols: I.a. he lives on the 66 floor – although the Trump Tower only has 58 floors. The Trump tower is 666 feet high!


Right: Putin´s Illuminati show at the Winter OL at Sotchi 2016: Phoenix rising from the ashes.

That means Rothschild agent Trump´s  role is to split America and the world with his feigned opponent, Rothschild agent George Soros into the planned Chaos – on which the NWO is to rise like Phoenix out of the ashes.

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