Worldwide Rage: Trump blows Traditional NWO off Table: Parlamentarans Join Resistance against Muslims. Trump and Putin Divide Syria into Security Zones. Iran and Hizballah out

While Pres. Trump is excluding “radical” Syrian Muslims from coming to the USA he rationally grants Christian Syrians and other persecuted Christians priority to come to the US.
While barring refugees from entering for 120 days Syrian Non-Christians are barred indefinitely. Saudi Arabia is not hit – because Trump has several companies registered there!

Guess who do not like this:

The Independent 28 Jan. 2017:

The Independent 28 Jan. 2017:

DEBKAfile 26 Jan. 2017 (Mossad): A deal was struck this week by US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to establish US, Russian and Turkish security zones in Syria.

This scheme will transfer military control of the country to those three powers. Each of them will be responsible for a zone whose borders will be defined and agreed upon by Washington, Moscow and Ankara.
As part of this arrangement, all forces from the Iranian military, the pro-Iranian Shiite militias and Hizballah will be required to leave Syria.

DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report that the overriding change on the ground will be the establishment of a second US security zone adjacent to Syria’s borders with Israel and Jordan. It means that the approximately 7,500 US special operations forces troops currently in Jordan will be shifted northward into southern Syria.
Israelis will breathe a sigh of relief over the removal of the threat of Iranian and Hizballah forces being deployed along their northern border with Syria.

This division of Syria was suggested by Rothschild´s think tank, Brookings, one year ago – maintained by an international peace-keeping force.

In 2012, the US Defence Intelligence Agency brought the below information. So the Pentagon knows full well, that the Salafists (ISIL) alongside with the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI (Al Qaeda) are the insurgents in Syria. And the US, nevertheless, is  funding and training (in Turkey) and equipping them to build one or more enclaves within Syria. This document must be the background of the  above Brookings document


Finally peace?

Nevertheless, Mikhail Gorbachev says it looks like the world is preparing for war. “The situation is too dangerous”.
And Veterans Today 27 Jan. 2017 – without knowledge of the above arrangement – sees Netanyahu being forced to fight Hezballah in Lebanon due to his corruption being revealed. The police investigations against him are being backed by the opposition!

This seems to be the work of the old war criminal Henry Kissinger who instigated the Yom Kippur War in 1973 in order to quadruple oil prices as imposed on him by the Bilderbergers at the Saltsjöbaden Conference 1973 (Andreas von Rétyi, Bilderberger, Kopp Verlag 2006.
Kissinger visited Putin in Febr. 2016 with some message form his NWO master

Sputnik 22. Jan. 2017: Furthermore, German newspaper Bild reported that Kissinger has taken on the role of Trump’s informal foreign policy adviser.

Citing information obtained by Western European intelligence from Trump’s transition team, the German newspaper wrote in late December that Kissinger has repeatedly met with Trump in the past couple of months and that the White House is likely to go for “constructive cooperation” with the Kremlin.

It was Kissinger who urged Trump to nominate Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and recommended his former assistant K.T. McFarland to be Flynn’s deputy.

“Kissinger is one of the few people in Trump’s orbit who can get him on the phone whenever he wants, according to one transition adviser,” Lake noted.

“Kissinger could have been involved in the development of a new conception of US-Russia ties because he has already played the role of an unofficial mediator between Moscow and Washington. He is very well-respected in the US and Russia. And he deserves his reputation,” Batyuk told RIA Novosti.
However, Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar argues that Kissinger’s plan is actually aimed at  seducing Russia away from its strategic partnership with China, while continuing to harass the weakest link, Iran
It appears that Escobar’s concerns are not completely groundless.  US geostrategist Zbigniew Brzezinski openly speaks about the necessity to drive a wedge between China and Russia in December 2016.

One Trump – and most treacherous and hypocritical leaders  have their eyesight back –
except Merkel and Hollande and the Danish Foreign minister!

Immediately the coming French President, Le Pen , and other European top politicians agreed to stop the Muslim tsunami and scuttle the EU!

In the Swedish parliament, a
ll of a sudden Moderaterne shakes hands with and allies with the big anti-immigration party, Sverigesdemokraterne, which they have literally persecuted with fire and attacks – verbally and corporally – with imprisonment and the worst imaginable language. 

Die Welt 29 Jan. 2017:  German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble admits the German government is currently trying “to improve what went off course in 2015. Politicians are human, and we make mistakes. But at least, we can learn from them” ???

Schäuble does not indicate to stop the Muslim mass immigration – on the contrary: “In the future much more people will intrude into Europe”!

On Friday, Handelsblatt cited a Finance Ministry report that shows Germany spent €21.7 billion ($23.3 billion) on tackling the refugee crisis in 2016 – and that thanks to the mass immigration so many people (82.8 mio.) are living in Germany as never before.
(I think the figures of the Finance Ministry are much too low).

Infowars 27 Jan. 2017:  Trump: “Putin called me after I won, but I haven’t had a discussion, but I understand we will be having a discussion soon,” Trump told Hannity. On Friday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Trump and Putin will have a phone conversation on Saturday. In it Putin confirmed his will to cooperate (Deutsche Welle 28 Jan. 2017).
“If you get along and if Russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions if somebody’s doing some really great things?” Trump said in a recent interview to the Wall Street Journal.

Deutsche Welle 28 Jan. 2017:   Two Republican senators –  John McCain, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, and Rob Portman, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee – warning that they would work to turn the sanction into law if Trump were to signal a departure from the current policy:

DEBKAfile 29 Jan. 2017:  It is understood in Jerusalem that a new order is unfolding close to Israel’s borders. This process is going forward at dizzying speed.
The British Prime Minister Theresa May declared  “Britain and the US can once again lead the world together,”flying straight from Washington to Ankara.

The outcome of May´s first meeting with President Erdogan was one of the fastest defense collaboration pacts ever negotiated for trade and the war on terror .

Before Trump had finished his first week in the White House, US warplanes had escorted a Russian air strike against ISIS in Syria.

Trump has given the Pentagon 30 days to develop a plan to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The number of proposed measures “would depend upon the political risk that the president is willing to take when we do certain things that could exacerbate things with Russia or Turkey,” one defence official told Washington Post on Monday.

Sputnik 29 Jan. 2017 : Commenting on President Trump’s executive order on Friday to launch what he called a “great rebuilding of the Armed Forces,” Russian defense analyst Igor Korotchenko told Sputnik that the move demonstrates that the new US president is paying considerable attention to military might in his foreign policy.

It does look as though Putin and Trump want to manage the Syrian conflict together. But there are a couple of black horses in this race: Will Iran withdraw now that it has come so close to its mortal enemy Israel, who can hardly wait to have Trump sent to war against Iran

Will the US necons and military industrial complex  put up with peace anywhere? McCain´s and Portman´s statements are leaving disturbing suspicions:
And Trump wants a strong army to make America great again. At whose costs?

Don´t expect that the NWO is over!! It is reorganizing.
The proof is that both Trump and Putin keep going for the US/Israel/Turkey child, ISIS and here: If they wanted to eradicate this evil they just had to stop purveying weapons, equipment, money, food for them and stop buying their stolen oil. In that case ISIS would be finished within 1-2 months acc. to experts

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