CNN: If You Don´t Want Trump You Can still Kill Him before Noon tomorrow and Have an Obama Appointee for President!

Lynn Forester de Rothschild about Trump:

CNN : If you don´t want trump: Kill him before inauguration tomorrow. In that case an Obama appointee will be president. More

Alex Jones: The NWO elite is desperate, do not know what to do – so now they call on some crackpot to murder Trump. They are scared because they know the sleeping giant has awoken.

And now  the media are divining an assassination of Trump & CO at the inauguration ceremony: Drones are made of plastic and cannot be traced on radar!  

Resist here – against the Goldman Sachs government.
Bernie Sanders:   “Mr Trump has got to understand that he does not have a mandate. He lost by almost 3 million votes.

Trump´s close adviser Roger Stone, an enemy of the deep state, suddenly fell severely ill and was diagnosed with polonium 210 radioactivity poisoning – the same as happened to Litvinenko – who died of it. Stone sees this as a warning to Trump from the intelligence agencies – which Trump plan to restructure

On 19 Jan. 2017, the Miami police  arrested one Dominic Puopolo for tweeting that he would be present at Trump´s inauguration – and kill him. Blasphemically, He calls himself Lord Jesus Christ. He has a very tragic Background – his mother and sister were killed in the 9/11 false flag. They were very close friends to Hillary Clinton – who is seen at his sister´s funeral – No 2 from left

Now this is just a crackpot – but I am sure there are many more of this kind in the USA, seeing the very meaning of their meaningless lives being to exterminate Trump.
For the hatred in the population is tremendous – not only of Trump´s supporters of  Hillary and vice versa. But also between supporters of the two.

The same is the case between Brexit supportere and opponents i the UK – and between Merkel supporters and opponents in Germany.

Rothschild agent, George Soros who instigated the Arab Spring, the Ukrainan Revolution, the Colour Revolutions, i.a. the White Revolution in Russia, the Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charlotte riots as well as the European mass immigration of devastating Muslims – of which Soros himself admits to be the mastermind   – to submit disobedient Germany to “shock treatment”. I have so often referred to these disasters.
His openly admitted criminal activity in the USA against Trump is called the “Purple Revolution” – and may from tomorrow in a worst case scenario develop into a civil war.


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