The Donald Trump Shock: Good-bye Democracy? – Hello Technocracy/Illuminati NWO Dictatorship/ Agenda 21

WCity-of-london2e have now seen Donald Trump submitting himself, the White House – and thus the world – to Jacob Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs which alongside Rothschild´s Central bank system and The US Council on Foreign Relations is the weapon with which the London Dragon City rules the world. It is not new: Jacob Rothschild ruled Obama´s and Pres. Bush Jr.´s governments the same way.

The London City´s System for its NWO dictatorship is World Communism – as launched by Adam Weishaupt and Karl Marx for the Rothschilds in 1776 and 1848. Other names to pull the wool over our eyes  are “Technocracy” and Agenda 21.

Let me begin by describing an experience I had  in 2010.
I had read an article about “Carbon Currency. A new Beginning for Technocracy” by Patrick Wood, written about it, and began studying the websites of the Technocratic movement. I found they practiced a role-playing Illuminati game – but I misunderstood it and saw it as their factual identity.
This article scored the 2. highest number of readers in the course of the existence of this blog – and caused a tremendous number of comments trying to make me change my mind about this movement´s background. In the end I received a comment from a man presenting himself as a 33 degree Mason. He told me that he would send a correction agency team to treat me and that he could not promise me many days to live. And he signe with a nickname of the Devil! So I deleted this article by advice of the police.
So, I have to be very cautious to bring this movement into connection with the Illuminati!!

Today, Technocracy is active within the EU through i.a. The European Organisation for Sustainability (EOS).

Now Patrick Wood predicts that democracy will be replaced by Technocracy, which is closely affiliated to Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission alongside with David Rockefeller.
Patrick Wood is the person who has written most about the resurrection of technocracy. Wood runs a website named “Technocracy“.


QUITO DECLARATION  habitat_iiiON SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND HUMAN SETTLEMENTS FOR ALL begins like this: We, the Heads of State and Government, Ministers and High Representatives, have gathered at the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) from 17 to 20 October 2016 in Quito, Ecuador, with the participation of sub-national and local governments, parliamentarians, civil
society, indigenous peoples and local communities, the private sector, professionals and practitioners, the scientific and academic community, and other relevant stakeholders, to adopt a New Urban Agenda.

It is a vision of an Orwellian world order of centrally planned, “compact” mega-cities run and guided by UN dictates and under total surveillance – like in China, where 250 unwilling peasants are being moved into megcities. This was praised by EU Council Pres, van Rompuy! “It will shape the society of the future“, he said.

Here is a shocking video featuring – I am ashamed to admit – a former Danish Ministeer – who gives the technocratic program in no un certain way

Patrick Wood Technocracy 9 Jan. 2017
thinks the frustrated US Democrats will reject the existing undemocratic system and go for technocracy in 2017! 
1. Wood writes: Note that there have been a rash of articles appearing recently in globalist media hammering on the failure of and soon demise of Democracy:
Washington Post 2/10/16 – Is U.S. ‘presidentialist’ democracy failing?

Salon 11/8/16 – President Trump: A colossal failure for democracy
Huffington Post 3/1/16 – Five Reasons ‘Representative Democracy is Failing Us
New Yorker 11/7/16 – The Case Against Democracy

According to globalist reasoning, Democracy was a useful tool to get us to where we are today, but it is woefully inadequate to take us into the future. It’s dead. It’s over. It’s time for something new, a final solution to America’s myriad problems.

 Zbigniew Brzezinski predicted
this in his 1970 book, Between Two Ages: “America’s Role In the Technetronic Era, namely, that Communism and Socialism were necessary stepping stones to get to the end game. But they were not the end game in themselves”.
The final target was to be Brzezinski’s Technetronic Era, which  is little more than warmed over Technocracy from the 1930s

2. President Obama took only eight years to systematically deconstruct America using radical Marxist tactics. It was a thoroughly effective game plan! This ‘failure’ happened as Trilateral Commission members surrounded Obama for all eight years.

After 40 years of careful observation, I have concluded that the globalist strategy is like a chess game. They think several moves ahead of us, and they use every means possible to cover their tracks and to mislead about their future intentions. Antony Sutton and I broke their code in the 1970s, and I attest that nothing has changed today.

Thus, the next move on this grand chessboard will be to fuel the flames of discontents who call for (demand) trashing democracy altogether. Simultaneously, Technocracy will be presented as the perfect, if not only, solution to replace it.

So, it is no coincidence that global scholar Parag Khanna’s new book, Technocracy in America: Rise of the Info-State, will be released on Tuesday, January 10, 2017, just 10 days prior to Inauguration Day for President-elect Trump. Nor is it a coincidence that Khanna has already gained a major platform of progressive media to push his radical ideas:
TIME 12/2/16 – 5 Radical Solutions to Fix Our Busted Government
Washington Post 1/4/17 – The U.S. might be better off without Congress — and a president
Geopolitical Monitor 1/4/17 – Interview: Dr. Parag Khanna on How to Fix the US Political System
Huffington Post 1/9/17 – Sick Of American Democracy?

The marketing text for Khanna’s Technocracy in America: Rise of the Info-State, most likely written by himself, states:
“American democracy just isn’t good enough anymore… The ideal form of government for the complex 21st century is what Khanna calls a ‘direct technocracy,’ one led by experts but perpetually consulting the people through a combination of democracy and data. From a seven-member presidency and a restructured cabinet to replacing the Senate with an Assembly of Governors, Technocracy in America is full of sensible proposals that have been proven to work in the world’s most successful societies (China). Americans have a choice for whom they elect president, but they should not wait any longer to redesign their political system following Khanna’s pragmatic vision”.

You can test my prediction in coming weeks and months in two ways: 1) watch for calls to end democracy or radically restructure government. 2) watch for increased media coverage of Khanna’s call for a ‘direct technocracy’ in America. Some of the high points of Khanna’s book include,
1)Abolishing the electoral college
2)Turning the presidency into an Executive Committee with multiple members
3)Abolishing the Senate, replacing it with executive Technocrats from each state
4)Transferring custody of the Constitution from the Senate to the Supreme Court
5)Filling civil service positions with apolitical Technocrats
6) Removing politicians from any influence on operational issues regarding society.

The UN is part of this dictatorship: Patrick Wood 27 Oct. 2016  wrote: “The UN is the fountainhead of the plans and operations to establish Technocracy as the sole global economic system while destroying capitalism and free enterprise. Others know it as sustainable development or Green Economy, but the correct historical term is Technocracy”.

Like all dictatorships it goes for the children – in order to educate them for their satanic NWO Technocracy/Agenda 21:

The New American 10 jan. 2016: Under the direction of a known Communist Party operative from Bulgaria dogged by corruption charges, the scandal-plagued United Nations “education” agency released a new report demanding broad changes to school textbooks around the world.The goal of the “Global Education Monitoring Report” by the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is fairly transparent: accelerate the indoctrination of impressionable children worldwide with textbook propaganda promoting “global citizenship,” the discredited man-made global-warming theory, homosexuality, transgenderism, and outright totalitarianism. And according to the report itself, school textbooks are the best way to do that.

TUN-logohe UN is a Rockefeller/Rothschild  Institution, built to be a one-world Parliament and governmental executive instance for the Illuminati

I recently wrote about this communist dumbing down (Common Core) of our children and youths amid already brainwashed populations in UN staging about Communist “sustainability“. In 2016, at a UN SUMMIT in South Korea (might as well have been in North Korea!),  UNESCO’s UN Decade of Education For Sustainable Development report and here that lays out, in detail, what the summit in Korea was truly about—brainwashing citizens and our youth to be poor obedient “sustainability-minded, social-justice, world citizens.” As UNESCO writes:  “Without education and learning for sustainable development, we will not be able to reach that goal”.
The UN is a Luciferian religion  – shaped by Luci(fer)´s Trust by mixing Buddha and Christ into an Antichristian ,totalitarian brainwashing.



Technocracy is interwoven with Agenda 21  adopted by 179 states in Rio 1992
the great victory for Edmund Rothschild by means of his errand boy Maurice Strong in order to gain control over the mineral treasures of the world – and  relegating mankind to packed “smart cities” without access to nature – all based on the man-made CO2-global warming lie launched by…. Edmund Rothschild (from the 28:45 min. mark)

The map below was elaborated by the UN in 1994 – the project was ready for a Senate vote – but fell when this map was presented: Reservations and corridors with no or little access for mankind. Only the blue zones are for people!! However, ICLEI aggressively works to have it implemented – and it just fits into Luciferian religious technocrats´ urbanization  enslavement of mankind

History of Agenda 21
1.The Project was founded at the Rio Conference in 1992 – signed by 179 heads of state /government. It is the Communist NWO society built on “sustainability” and  urbanisation.
2.The Rio + 20 outcome document´ decided to implement all the elements of Agenda 21 at UN level,
3. in February 2012  the Obama administration announced it was forming a  coalition overseen by the UN to fight “climate change”.
4. BBC 30 Jan. 2012: The High-Level Forum on Global Sustainability was established in 2010 by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. It is an Agenda 21 group containing names like former Rockefeller-WHO boss, Gro Harlem Brundtland. The High Level Forum is working for a world environmental court of Justice to rule over everything associated with environment, i.e. i.a. economy, military etc.
5. In an EU Press Release 25 Febr. 2013: EU Commissioner Potocnik announced the establishment of a UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) to implement the outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference.
The New American 4 Febr. 2013
Corporate giant  Monsanto here and here and here and here has officially joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a group of powerful interests including major banks and Big Oil backing the United Nations
6. In September 2013, Agenda 21 (sustainability) was adopted by the UN Plenary Session

and highly praised by EU Commission President, José Barroso.

That means dictatorial, Communist urbanisation
The purpose of the Agenda 21 is to huddle people together in so-called ECO-Cities in order to observe their every word and move as well as to be able to indoctrinate/brainwash children massively in their Luciferian ideology and here.
People are to live in “smart cities”, i.e. cities where every detail of people´s lives is centrally planned, shared housing with common kitchens, living rooms etc. There´s a fixed quantity of food, delivered as GMO by Monsanto and its ilk. People become immobile outside their city. Everybody nearly equally poor. Fewer large-scale agribusiness operations. Market monopoly for a few corporations. This society is based on Maurice Strong ´s, Steven Rockefeller´s and Michael Gorbachev´s  Leninist Earth Charter.

Here is a smart city: Austin, Texas

Technocracy 8 Jan. 2017:  Former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Karen Christiana Figueres Olsen is the epitomy of a technocrat, technocracy is a totalitarian system of economic tyranny, run by the United Nations, and is being implemented world wide.
The most ‘efficient’ means of societal control is not legislative process, it is authoritarian control.

Globalists are ‘all-in’ on Global Cities leading to a borderless world – Local Agenda 21.
This Utopian meme is being pushed by the UN and members of the global elite. Christiana Figures will serve as vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of the very influential Global Covenant of Mayors.
 ICLEI  is the central  UN NGO for the Agenda 21 reports to be sent to the by every municipality every 4. years).

The ICLEI is – of course – funded through  The Rockefeller Foundation as well as the Rothschild Agent George Soros, The  Rockefeller Brothers´Fund and US tax payers.

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