Merkel Spent Millions of German Taxpayer Money to “Favourite” Friend Hillary Clinton´s Record-Corrupt Foundation

Global Research 7 Jan. 2017: Back in September when the travelling press corps asked Hillary Clinton who her favourite world leader was, she was quick to name German Chancellor Angela Merkel as her top choice — for good reasons. As Clinton was praising Merkel, the German government was busy syphoning millions to the Clintons.
Between July and September 2016, unwitting German taxpayers gave as much as $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, Germany newspaper Die Welt reveals. Die Welt asked if Chancellor Merkel was trying to influence the outcome of U.S. presidential election.

When Hillary comes out of her convulsive laughing fit she tells that her favourite leader is Angela Merkel Hillary  is impressed with Merkels´s coping with the “difficult time” – and they have spent much time together since the 1990es.

According to a newly surfaced donor list ( BMU means Bundesministerium für Umwelt = Federal Ministry for the Environment in German)., the Clinton charity received around $5 million from Germany’s Ministry for Environment. Ministry’s spokesperson said that they had “very positive experience” with the Clinton Foundation and the millions of dollars diverted to the Clintons were going to planting trees in countries like India, Mexico, and Vietnam and East Africa.

The total amount of German taxpayer contribution to Clinton Foundation is not yet known. It is unclear if the Merkel government made further payments to the Clinton charity through other ministries or state-run agencies. German newspaper Die Welt details the government transaction:

Hillary and Merkel are “favourite” friends. Merkel: Jedes Mal, wenn ich mit  Hillary Clinton zusammenarbeiten konnte, war es eine große Freude.“

Why does a Ministry supports the election campaign of a U.S. presidential candidate?” asked Vera Lengsfeld — former civil rights activist and German parliamentarian — in her blog. “It seems German taxpayers unwittingly financed Hillary Clinton’s election campaign.”

Environment Ministry however told DIE WELT that it “categorically doesn’t give any donations.The said amount relates to “financing under the framework of [Germany’s] International Climate Initiative (IKI)” .

Members of Merkel’s government have made no effort to hide their disgust for the new President-elect. Right before the U.S. election, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier called Republican candidate a “hate preacher.” Merkel’s second-in-command, Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel warned U.S. voters of impending doom if they were to elect Trump. Following Trump’s win, German Justice Minister Heiko Maas wrote on Twitter that the world was about to “get crazier.”

In her very first message to President-elect Trump, Merkel lectured him on gender, racial, and religious equality.

Since 1997, the Clinton Foundation has been able to collect and estimated $2 billion from corporations, rich donors, and foreign governments. State and non-state actors from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and China were among foundation’s big donors.

Foreign donations — or as the Clintons affectionately calls them, “gifts” — have taken a nose dive since Clinton lost her presidential bid. Why this sudden dip in interest for “tree planting” activity in India and Mexico? One does wonder

Wayne Madsen´s list published on Infowars 18 Aug. 2016 shows not only the long series of corporate and state contributors to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton´s  & Bill Clinton´s Foundation: It also states the services rendered in return.

Why do we not hear anything about Merkel´s proven  intervention into the US election campaign – considering the fact that Putin is being accused of an “act of war” for a fake “hacking”?  Because truth is being made an “act of war”!

What did Merkel get in return for German taxpayer money to “favourite” Hillary?
Why did they spend so much time together in the 1990es – before Merkel became Chancellor in 2005, and before Hillary became secretary of state?
Is this special relationship a Masonic Superlodge sisterhood relationship? While Merkel is a member of 3 super/ur-lodges I have been unable to find indications of Hillary being a Mason.
I think the planting of trees would be better done  on a bilateral governmental basis.

But Clinton is entangled  and here with the bosses of the superlodges: Evelyn and Lynn Forrester de Rothschild. Has Hillary introduced her “favourite” to the Rothschilds?

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