Russia Indirectly Declares War on Israel: Mouthpiece of King of Jews, Vladimir Putin, Declares Rothschild´s Israel a “Rogue Nation”

Something epoch-making is taking place:
I see the following as an escalation of the ongoing war between the king of orthodox Jewry Vladimir Putin – and the Zionist —  London City. It started with Putin´s nationalisation of the Yukos shares belonging to Jewish Jacob Rothschild´s man, Jewish Khodorkhovsky, who had bequeathed the shares to Rothschild should anything happen to Khodorkovsky. To humiliate Rothschild, Putin jailed Khodorkhovsky for 10 years. Putin´s next step was to publicly declare he would liberate Russia from Jacob Rothschild´s Federal Reserve´s Bank of Russia, which limits the production of Roubles. Besides. Putin is skipping the petrodollar.

This may all be planned as a Hegelian dialectic scheme towards the Masonic Albert Pike confrontation between Russia and the USA in the Middle East – and Putin´s Chabad Lubavich goal of Israel´s demise as described in Ezekiel 38, 39 and Jeremiah 25:29-on.

Putin´s mouthpiece Sputnik has declared Rothschild´s child (years 1895-1957)  Israel a rogue state and deprived it of all decency. Between the lines, Sputnik says Israel or its government has to stop to exist.

Sputnik 9 Jan. 2017: The question is pertinent in light of recent revelations that an Israeli official, working for the country’s embassy in London, was plotting ways to “take down” various British politicians over their opposition to Israeli settlements and support for a Palestinian state.

The Israeli official in question in this instance, Shai Masot, was secretly filmed during a meeting which he attended at a London restaurant with a British civil servant and former Conservative Party official, and a man he thought worked for the pro-Israel pressure group Labour Friends of Israel. This individual, known as Robin, was in truth an undercover reporter with Al Jazeera.

The most high profile object of Masot’s ire within the British political establishment was Sir Alan Duncan MP, the country’s Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Masot´s business card described him as a “senior political officer.He is also believed to hold a position within the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as “deputy head of the international organizations sector.

In 2014, Duncan said: “It is no exaggeration to say that many settlers are state-supported militia, defying international law, driving out the rightful inhabitants from their land, and creating an illegal economy at the expense of those who have been cruelly displaced.”

At this state, however, it appears Prime Minister Theresa May is intent on kicking the issue into the long grass,

The fact that Israel is able to undertake such nefarious activities and go unpunished or without sanction is impossible to deny. And when it comes to its UK friend and ally, this is not the first time its officials and institutions have treated it with contempt.

It comes as only the latest in a series of such nefarious activities on the part of a state that has long operated with scant regard for international law at home and overseas. Indeed, rather than a state operating in accordance with international law and diplomatic norms, Israel increasingly evinces the character of a rogue state making up its own rules and norms as it goes along. Whether the on-going illegal military occupation of the West Bank, the expansion of illegal Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian land, or the siege of Gaza, which comes under rubric of collective punishment and is therefore illegal, we are talking here about a country that believes it can act with impunity.

Now this Sputnik attack on Israel is a totally new note from Russia. And it comes after the December Resolution 2334 drawing Israel´s borders at the pre-1967 status – incl. giving every inch of East Jerusalem with the Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount to the Palestinians. Russia voted for this!

This is to be followed up by a Paris meeting on 15 Jan. where US Secr. John Kerry has worked out a plan – by the Israelis feared to be adopted and presented to the UN Security Council for adoption there before 20 Jan (Veterans Today 3 Jan. 2017)  – thus presenting Netanyahu and his Lackey, Donald trump with a fait accompli – which cannot be revoked!

And it comes at a time when the US neocons, the military industrial complex call a fake Russian “intervention” in the US election campaign an “act of war” to be punished severely – and not just by diplomatic means acc. to US secr. of Defence, Ashton Carter.
Netanyahu has promised a surprise.

It comes after the German government, then the Czech government and Obama called on us to “prepare for the worst. Stockpile food and water” due to”incoming missiles”.

And it comes after the Ortodox Jews blasted the state of Israel hailing its dismantlement as soon as possible

Neturei Karta – Jews against Zionism 26 Dec. 2016Statement in Reaction to U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334 Condemning Israeli Settlements

On behalf of anti-Zionist Jews worldwide, we of Neturei Karta International, Jews United Against Zionism, greet with enthusiasm the recent United Nations Security Council resolution 2334 condemning Israeli settlements as illegal. For decades, the settlements have been a major cause for bloodshed and unrest in the Holy Land. Hundreds of innocent lives have been sacrificed on the altar of nationalism and lust for land. We congratulate the countries in the Security Council for taking this long-overdue step toward justice and peace. And in particular, we congratulate the President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, on his success in achieving the passage of this resolution.

At the same time, we wish to reiterate the Torah position that it is not just the West Bank that is illegally occupied. Jews have been sent into exile by the Almighty, and any kind of Jewish sovereignty over any territory is a violation of that decree. Therefore the concept of the State of Israel is entirely illegitimate and forbidden. The crime is compounded when the creation of this homeland entails the occupation, oppression, subjugation and expulsion of another people. Before the era of Zionism, Jews lived in Palestine in peace and security, side by side with the Palestinian Arab population. We fervently hope for the day when Jews return to abiding by the laws of the Torah and living in peace with all peoples.

As Jews, we have always been especially pained by the actions of the State of Israel in general, and the radical settlers in particular, since they claim to be acting in our name.

Predictably, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has reacted with anger to this clear demonstration of unanimous world opinion against his state’s crimes. Drawing on Jewish themes, he has cast himself in the role of the Maccabee fighters whose victories we celebrate on Chanukah, and the Security Council nations as their enemies. Let no one be fooled. The State of Israel has nothing to do with Judaism, and on the contrary, it has consistently tried to extinguish Torah observance and values. The Torah values life and service of the Almighty, while Zionism values land conquest and secular culture. The Maccabees did not go to battle for freedom or independence; they wanted only the right to continue to practice Judaism. If any comparison is to be made to the Chanukah story, it is of Netanyahu and his fellow Zionists to the enemies of the Jewish people in the time of the Maccabees.

Netanyahu has vowed to continue building settlements, but we appeal to the world to realize that the Jewish people in general are not behind him. This show of defiance against the world community and the United States for taking up a just cause is completely against the Torah. American Orthodox Jews in particular, as loyal citizens enjoined by the Torah to respect their president, are embarrassed and completely disgusted by Netanyahu and his supporters’ vicious attacks on President Obama.

We also wish to state that the Zionists have no right to control the Western Wall and other holy sites of Jerusalem. All claims the Israeli government makes to these places are baseless. Furthermore, the recent U.N. General Assembly resolution that the State of Israel has no right to impose its laws on these places, in no way detracts from the holiness of these sites in the eyes of Jews.

In these days of Chanukah, may the Almighty send a spirit of repentance into Jewish hearts, so that they look into the Torah and resolve to follow its guidance. And may we be privileged to see peace in the Middle East and the entire world. Amen.

NKI is a nonprofit religious Jewish organization committed to publicizing the viewpoint of masses of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews worldwide, who strongly oppose the State of Israel and its actions. For more information visit
Orthodox Jews resist military service – but are now being forced to do so.

Veterans Today 2 Jan. 2017:  The police investigation against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu because of corruption “appears to be more serious” than previous suspicions, but even if it actually leads Netanyahu to resign, it is likely not to happen before he saves Judea and Samaria. So writes Mordechai Karpel, editor of the monthly magazine Nekudah and a co-founder, with Moshe Feiglin, of the Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) organization.


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