Danger of Big False Flag. Enormous Pressure from Trigger-happy Neocons for War. Obama´s 3. Period in Office?

The US Elitist Establishment cannot forgive nor forget that Donald Trump won the presidential election.
First they demanded recounting – which just gave Trump even more votes. Then futile riots against Trump. Rothschild agent George Soros wasted 25 mio. dollars on Hillary´s campaign: “Trump is ruining my (Zionist) New World Order”. So now he seems to seek revenge by what he is best at: Speculations leading to a market crash that he thinks Trump cannot cope with.

Now Der N8chtwächter 1. Januar 2017  links our attention to something potentially very worrisome, namely that something has changed in the elitist tarot cards  on the Economist-Cover: On the card  “Judgment”, Donald Trump was first sitting on the globe. He no longer does. – Now a red Eagle is sitting there instead!!! See hereIs the bullet for Donald Trump already molten??  The Economist is owned by Rothschild!!

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I do not know what this is supposed to mean. Is is a bald eagle, the US symbol, meaning that Trump will make Americ great? Is it the Phoenix – the symbol of the rising NWO?  Right from Putin´s Winter OL at Sotchi. Or is it Rothschild´eagle to tie the world up with a red cord?

Reuters 1 Jan. 2017:  In Kiev, John McCain (US presidential candidate 2008, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee) vowed continued U.S. support to Ukraine.
“I send the message from the American people – we are with you, your fight is our fight and we will win together,” McCain was quoted as saying by Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s press service.

In 2017 we will defeat the invaders and send them back where they came from. To Vladimir Putin – you will never defeat the Ukrainian people and deprive them of their independence and freedom,” McCain said

Reinforcing the line that the U.S. Congress could oppose any move by Trump to take a softer line on Russia, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, travelling with McCain and others, said it was time “to push back against Putin, to be a better friend to our allies here including Georgia.”
“So 2017 is a year of offence and we’re going to tell our colleagues what’s at stake if we don’t push back,” Graham said.

“It is all  to blame on the Russians”!

About 1 Oct. 2016, something very serious seems to have happened between Russia and the the USA, as I wrote. So bad that Putin´s mentor, Fascist Alexandr Dugin predicted war between these 2 great powers by the presidential election

“The US must make the Russians feel pain”, says former US UN ambassador and neocon war hawk, John Bolton:
“Russia must pay a price, we must kill them”, says former CIA vice director Mike Morell:


The US establishment is desperately seeking a reason for war against Russia
Infowars 2 Jan. 2017 Fox News 30 Dec. 2016 and  Sputnik 1 Jan. 2017: In what can only be described as a disproportionate appropriation of U.S. Navy assets, a blatant breach of standard protocol, and a possible set up for a false flag operation — the entire U.S. Navy aircraft carrier group, 10 active carriers, have for the first time since WW2 returned to port and are now all sitting ducks.
Additionally it’s important to note that radio talk show host Alex Jones has warned of a possible impending false flag, one that may come before President-elect Trump takes office.
Could something be brewing on the horizon?

What is going on? Is Obama seeking to challenge Putin into a military confrontation to prevent Trump from taking power – and prevent the exposure of the Clinton Foundation´s  corrupt and really sinister and widely branched corruption – comprising paedophilia – maybe even the destiny of Madeleine McCain and here – and what is even worse – if possible? And to avoid being impeached over being illegal as president (no American birth certificate!)
Not to mention the realization of Obama´s long planned 3. period of presidency.
In short: Will Obama under pressure of the Neocons implement a false flag to give an excuse to attack Russia in Syria.

Superstation 95:  Said one Admiral in the Pentagon, “I think we’re being set-up for an attack on the USA and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it because it’s our Commander-In-Chief who is doing it.”

Other flag officers expressed other concerns as well. Said one Captain: “In this time, China can take Taiwan and, if they choose, Japan too. North Korea can take South Korea, Russia can take Ukraine and the Arabs can all go attack Israel. By the time the US is able to respond to any of that, it will all be over.”
Beware, America. Barack Obama has put us in a position to be defeated worldwide within a week!??


And do the CIA and the Neocons want war with Russia!
See this clearly staged assassination on the Russian ambassador to Turkey. It looks like an exaggerated Hollywood film from the 1930es.
 Russian Franz Klintsevich claimed a NATO government was highly probable.
Klintsevich is a key ally of Vladimir Putin and a defence and security expert.

The Russian government has branded the hit an act of terror and vowed revenge  (The Daily Mail 19 Dec. 2016).
I could even add that the behaviour of the “murderer” and the theatrical posture of the ambassador after he was shot is totally unnatural. Suppose you were shot: Would you not press your hands againshttp://new.euro-med.dk/20140320-is-putin-still-a-freemason.phpt the bullet holes? Alone spreading the arms like the ambassador demands energy and relaxation you wouldn´t have when shot 2 seconds before.
The lack of panics with the photographers is also theatrical and Hollywood-style: They knew they would not be the next “victims”- though multiple killings are  customary with Muslim killers.
But if this ambassador was not killed in a staged stunt -both sides are seeking justification for war. This would be staged by the London City, the Masonic master of both Obama and Putin.

They might be crazy/satanic enough to do as they say. The near future will show.

But don´t worry: Old war criminal, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller’s close friend, acts as a bridge builder and guarantees that the whole game between the fanatical Zionist friend Donald Trump and King of Jews, Putin, is under the control of the London City, which is the Rothschild-Rockefeller Syndicate.

Kissinger and Putin are old bosom friends – Kissinger transmitting orders from the Rothschild / Rockefeller syndicate to Putin.
At the Saltsjöbaden Bilderberg conference in 1973, US Secretary of State Kissinger was imposed to quadruple oil prices. He did so by triggering the Yom Kippur War. He told the Arabs one thing – the Israelis the opposite during his pendulum diplomacy (Andreas von Rétyi: Bilderberger, Kopp 2006, p. 166).

The whole thing is getting more and more mysterious. On New Years eve, our largest Television Transmitter went into black – and it lasted more than 24 hours before TV was seen again in some places. The technicians found and mended the error – but would not inform about the cause. Acc. to Danish State TV, the Cyber Security unit of the Military Intelligence Service is now at work.
I am sure they suspect it was the Russians.

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