Rothschild Agent Soros´ Frustrations with NWO Failure and “Dictator” Trump Who Wants Relationships instead of Wars worldwide

Donald Trump the Prince of Peace advised by old war criminal Kissinger! 
Infowars 30 Dec. 2016: T
he incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus assured Americans that President Trump is only interested in “having relationships” with other nations, rather than conflicts. Sputnik 27 Dec. 2016: Former US State Secretary Henry Kissinger has a plan on how to reconcile Moscow and Washington that is of interest to US President-elect Donald Trump, a secret report seen by German media shows. 

ASoros-evil-empires I have often written, George Soros is a fascist Rothschild -/London City agent provocateur creating riots worldwide by means of his coloured Revolutions, i.a. the “White Revolution” in Russia – these banksters financed the Soviet Union and caused its fall when they refused to let it continue. the American-Ukrainian Advisory Committee, the “Arab Spring“, by means of his Open Society and trouble-maker groups like Otpor and “Black Lives Matter” behind the riots in Ferguson and  Baltimore  and Charlotte – all as his and his master´s war on “whiteness”.  and now openly arranging and financing riots against Donald Trump. Already in 2012 Soros predicted riots, class war and riots in the US (read: he planned it!). Soros is the paymaster and planner and mastermind behind the Muslim mass immigration to Europe – as he openly admits  himself.

This treacherous Talmud Jew who collaborated with the Nazis in Hungary, peached on his fellow Jews and sold their properties, scoring great gains now warns us against fascist “closed” states, shutting the doors to his looting corporations and his world communist/Agenda 21 endeavours.

The following is a masterpiece of rewriting factual history into his hypocritical and embellishing lies whereby he he does not mention the real devils behind the arising chaos: Himself and his Master in the London City. In fact, he does not mention their Motto: Their NWO Order out of the  Chaos of  the Old World Order – which they have been creating for now 239 years and 8 months – since 1 May 1776 (Adam Weishaupt & Mayer Amschel Rothschild and here. He does not mention that they have been the originators of all revolution since then, starting with the French Revolution. They were behind the Rothschild cousin Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto and the 1848 revolutions.

They started the Bolshevik Revolution 1917 – as revenge, because Russia had prevented Nathan Rothschild´s plan for a United States of Europe at the Congress in Vienna in 1815 after the Napoleonic Wars which he had financed on both sides. They were behind the US Civil War,  as well as WW I  and here and WWII and here. They  loot us through their central banks – printing money out of thin air, lending it to us against interest at rates they fix. The set their military, US Army, Navy and Airforce loose on those who will not have their central bank (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria – Syria, Iran, North Korea and Cuba now being the last of such  “rogue states”!

Hier follow excerpts of Soros´ history rewriting – a very bitter piece which bodes no good for the future.

Project Syndicate 28 Dec. 2016:  I am an 86-year-old Hungarian Jew who became a US citizen after the end of World War II. I learned at an early age how important it is what kind of political regime prevails. The formative experience of my life was the occupation of Hungary by Hitler’s Germany in 1944. I probably would have perished had my father not understood the gravity of the situation. He arranged false identities for his family and for many other Jews; with his help, most survived.

Trump says it was not at all difficult to send fellow Jews to concentration camps. And he sees Trump as a potential dictator and danger to his New World Order

Soros says the days of sending fellow Jews int concentration camps and stealing their property were the best part of his life. 

In 1947, I escaped from Hungary, by then under Communist rule, to England. As a student at the London School of Economics, I came under the influence of the philosopher Karl Popper. I distinguished between two kinds of political regimes: those in which people elected their leaders, who were then supposed to look after the interests of the electorate, and others where the rulers sought to manipulate their subjects to serve the rulers’ interests. Under Popper’s influence, I called the first kind of society open, the second, closed. I became an active promoter of the former and opponent of the latter.

I find the current moment in history very painful. Open societies are in crisis, and various forms of closed societiesfrom fascist dictatorships to mafia states – are on the rise. How could this happen? The only explanation I can find is that elected leaders failed to meet voters’ legitimate expectations and aspirations and that this failure led electorates to become disenchanted with the prevailing versions of democracy and capitalism. Quite simply, many people felt that the elites had stolen their democracy.

Lie 1): Soros conceals his own and Rothschild´s guilt which reaches to heaven” -and accuses his henchmen:
He and his master have stolen:  The 200 wealthiest people on the planet collectively made $237 billion throughout the year and have an amassed $4.4 trillion through the end of trading on Dec. 27, 2016, the report stated. The rise represents an increase of about 5.7 percent.

The financial crash 2008 was fully caused by London City´s greedy Wall Street daughters JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs´ and its prolonged arm in the US Treasury, former Goldman CEO, US Treasurer Henry Paulson and his Bail-out Nazi methods, threatening martial law – unless Congress sent 700 bn taxpayer dollars to the Rothschild banks that had burnt their fingers on their subprime mortgage derivatives (video). Goldman Sachs is Jacob Rothschild´s special business bank – “doing God´s work”!

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US emerged as the sole remaining superpower, equally committed to the principles of democracy and free markets. The major development since then has been the globalization of financial markets
It was a victory for believers in untrammeled free enterprise, or “market fundamentalists,” as I call them.

Because financial capital is an indispensable ingredient of economic development financial capital could move around freely and avoid taxation and regulation.

Lie 1) once more: In the developed world, the benefits accrued mainly to large owners of financial capital, who constitute less than 1% of the population. The lack of redistributive policies is the main source of the dissatisfaction that democracy’s opponents have exploited.

Lie 2): Soros criticises lack of democracy – and praises creeping social manipulation: I was an avid supporter of the European Union from its inception. I regarded it as the embodiment of the idea of an open society: an association of democratic states willing to sacrifice part of their sovereignty for the common good. It started out at as a bold experiment in what Popper called “piecemeal social engineering.” (Deceptive slow integration without people noting it). The leaders set an attainable objective and a fixed timeline and mobilized the political will needed to meet it, knowing full well that each step would necessitate a further step forward (but without telling the peoples). That is how the European Coal and Steel Community developed into the EU.

Germany emerged as the hegemonic power in Europe, but it failed to live up to the obligations that successful hegemons must fulfill, namely looking beyond their narrow self-interest to the interests of the people who depend on them. Compare the behavior of the US after WWII with Germany’s behavior after the Crash of 2008: the US launched the Marshall Plan, which led to the development of the EU; Germany imposed an austerity program that served its narrow self-interest.
Lie 3: Soros forgets to tell you that the real reason why the EU is failing is the greed of the banks of his master, who must necessarily have their interest – on money they print freely of the blue air.

Reuniting Germany on a 1:1 basis turned out to be very expensive.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel, correctly reading the wishes of her electorate, declared that each member state should look after its own institutions. That was the start of a process of disintegration.
So naughty Germany had to be subjected toshock therapy – mass immigration. Soros is the mastermind behind this disintegration-procedure 

The rise of anti-EU movements further impeded the functioning of institutions. And these forces of disintegration received a powerful boost in 2016, first from Brexit, then from the election of Trump in the US, and on December 4 from Italian voters’ rejection, by a wide margin, of constitutional reforms.

Democracy ( = Dictatorship in NWO language – like in its predecessor the Soviet Union)  is now in crisis. Even the US, the world’s leading democracy, elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president.

What lies ahead?

I am confident that democracy will prove resilient in the US. Its Constitution (ie. the false 1871 Constitution) and institutions, including the fourth estate, are strong enough to resist the excesses of the executive branch, thus preventing a would-be dictator from becoming an actual one.

But the US will be preoccupied with internal struggles in the near future, and targeted minorities will suffer. The US will be unable to protect and promote democracy in the rest of the world. On the contrary, Trump will have greater affinity with dictators.
Trump will prefer making deals to defending principles. Unfortunately, that will be popular with his core constituency.
Lïe 4: And this is just the opposite of democracy in the dictatorial NWO which reverses all concepts: good becomes bad and vice versa, lies become truth and vice versa

I am particularly worried about the fate of the EU, which is in danger of coming under the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose concept of government is irreconcilable with that of open society. He felt threatened by “color revolutions” in Georgia, Ukraine, and elsewhere. At first, he tried to control social media. Then, in a brilliant move, he exploited social media companies’ business model to spread misinformation and fake news, disorienting electorates and destabilizing democracies. That is how he helped Trump get elected.
Lie 5: Such undocumented postulates are not only disinformation. They  are primitive propaganda. , although I do admit that KGB/FSB agent Mason Putin is a dangerous man – for he is Soros/Rothschild´s antithesis.

The same is likely to happen in the European election season in 2017 in the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. In France, the two leading contenders are close to Putin and eager to appease him. If either wins, Putin’s dominance of Europe will become a fait accompli.

With economic growth lagging and the refugee crisis out of control, the EU is on the verge of breakdown and is set to undergo an experience similar to that of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. Those who believe that the EU needs to be saved in order to be reinvented must do whatever they can to bring about a better outcome.
Comment: The London City/Rothschild-Rockefeller syndicate´s Trilateral Commission withdrew the credits to Gorbachev in 1989 – and then the Soviet Union fell.
Lie 6: Soros omits to tell us that he is the criminal behind Merkel’s mass immigration. He indicates that Merkel has lost control of Soros´ mass immigration and is solely responsible. Lucifer’s servants must condone themselves to this.

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