Peter Koenig: EU no Union – but an Idea of the US to Subdue Europe, as It Happens now

Sputnik 28 Dec. 2016  “From the very beginning, the purpose of the European Union and the common currency was not to create a prosperous Europe. It was an idea of the United States to have a Europe which could be subdued, something that is currently happening,” he pointed out.
Economist and geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig described the EU as not a union in the full sense of the word.

“It has no common constitution, no common political goals and it is too diverse culturally and economically to be united under one currency, the euro, which has been a failure from the beginning,” he said.

Unemployment is a [result of the] neoliberal trend of privatizing everything, which puts people out of work and which makes pension funds privatized. Also, [privatization] puts the private sector in charge of social services, which is why benefits for people become much lower,” Koenig said.
“The European bankers are only interested in an instant profit rather than the wellbeing of ordinary people, just like the US banks,” he pointed out.

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