Christmas Market Terror in Berlin in All Probability False Flag/PsyOp. Perfect Cooperatin between “Terrorrist” and Secret Service

As I have already described and here, the terrorist attack on the Breitscheidplatz on Dec. 19 2016 smells of false flag, maybe a psyop. In vain, I searched the internet for photos of rescue and emergency vehicles in activity as well as pictures of victims and doctors.

Berliner Morgenpost 21. Dez. 2016:  The driver of the truck jumps out of the cab and escapes.
On the passenger seat in the truck’s driver’s cab, the police find the shot Polish truck driver. Dozens of people are injured, several victims lying  pinched under the truck and severely injured. Gradually about 130 rescue workers arrive.

Here a “victim” is being transported: The rescue people are quite calm – in no rush. His right “leg” looks odd: the foot is missing – and no blood to be seen!

DWN 23. Dez. 2016: On the Berlin attack,  a strange video popped up in the Bild-Zeitung. It is meant to show how the truck is racing in the direction of the Breitscheidplatz. It is not clear if this video is genuine. The originators are unclear, there is contradictory information on the location.

The day after the assassination, fingerprints were found on the door of the truck. At this time, the truck had long ago been transported away from the  scene of crime.
1) The video shows that in the “impact” of the truck no smoke is visible, it disappears as by ghost hand from the picture.
2) After the attack, the man shot dead in Milan was to travel by train to Italy via France. How the police know this is unclear, as he was shot immediately without interrogation.
3)sotloff3 The connection with the IS was made by the US website SITE and here and here. (SITE is a film studio in Tel Aviv, which produced the faked Johnny Jihad beheadings for NATO / Israel).

Reuters: Amri had planned to die as a martyr, security circles told the Tagesspiegel. (So why did he run away??)

The Federal Government thanked the Italian authorities for its close cooperation.

“Conspiracy theorist”, filmmaker Gerhard Wiesnewski  here brings  “fake news” on the Christmas market: Very convincingly, he shows the  criminal truck has no marks after ramming people (No blood, no textiles, no dents) and there are many other absurdities showing that the truck is not a murder weapon. Also the environment of the truck shows no trace after smashed goods, bags etc. No rescue activities – no victims or doctors to be seen.

Here is the  Breitscheicrimed lorry seen from the side: No blood – but red cloths!

This picture, however, shows red spots – but far beside the course of the truck. Can they be blood of victims? – or red cloths or red wine from the market? If blood, the spots would be expected to be immediately below and on the wheels. According to Wiesniewski, the only person who has seen victims is Federal President Gauck!

Everything indicates a rigged game of the secret services at the Berlin Christmas market, perhaps a psyop – like in Munich.
World Socialist Web Site 28 Dec. 2016:  One week after the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin, there is a growing chorus of demands for a massive strengthening of the state apparatus, the elimination of basic democratic rights, and the erection of new barriers against refugees.

At its upcoming congress at the start of January, the Bavarian-based Christian Social Union (CSU), part of the coalition government headed by its sister party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), plans to call for more personnel and better equipment for the security services, additional powers for law enforcement, more monitoring of emails and communications services such as Whatsapp and Skype, and increased data exchanges between the European Union countries.

Weird photo. What in the world have these doctor to do here? Their theatrical postures serve just one purpose: Propaganda.   If there really were victims in the hospital, the doctors would be fully occupied attending them.

This is despite the fact that the Berlin attack cannot be attributed to a lack of surveillance or police powers granted to the security and judicial authorities. On the contrary, the alleged perpetrator, Anis Amri, prepared his action literally under the eyes of the authorities. It has now emerged that the 24-year-old Tunisian was driven to Berlin by an undercover informant of the Intelligence Service (“Verfassungsschutz”), which closely monitored Amri for months before he drove a large truck into a crowd on December 19.

Amri had been imprisoned in Italy for four years for criminal offenses and was reportedly radicalized while in jail. In 2015, he was released and went to Germany, where he applied unsuccessfully for asylum. According to an investigation by the German television program “Report Munich,” he joined an Islamic network in which at least two spies for the German intelligence service were active.

On Friday evening, the ARD television program “Focus” (“Brennpunkt”) cited a file according to which an “informant” (“VP”) for the North Rhine-Westphalian state criminal office had already made contact with Amri at the end of 2015. “In the ensuing days, Amri stated that he wanted to carry out attacks in Germany using weapons of war (AK 47s, explosives),” the notation reads.

Between February and March of 2016, Amri was driven from Dortmund to Berlin by a “secret informant for the Intelligence Service” to whom he related his plans. The note in the file adds: “He was driven by VP and stated that his mission was to kill on behalf of Allah.”

According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, at about the same time, the state criminal agency of North Rhine-Westphalia sent a report on the Islamic network in which Amri was active to the prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe. The top German criminal prosecutor commenced investigations into Amri on suspicion of support for and membership in a terrorist group. In November, he ordered the arrest of the head of the group, Abu Walaa, as well as other hard-core members. Amri, however, remained free.

The prosecutor’s office handed over his case to the Berlin judiciary and encouraged it to investigate him on suspicion of preparing a major state-threatening act of violence—a lesser form of terrorism. The Berlin public prosecutor’s office then began its own investigation on the suspicion that Amri was merely planning a burglary to obtain money for the purpose of buying weapons.

Amri was subsequently supervised and monitored by the Berlin security authorities until September. Then the surveillance was reportedly stopped, supposedly because there was no evidence pointing to an imminent offence. The authorities in Berlin refrained from arresting him, although they had ample legal authority given the fact that Amri was an asylum-seeker whose application had been rejected and who was suspected of terrorism.

It is totally beyond belief that the failure to arrest Amri was an “accident,” or was due to a lack of legal authority to take him into custody.

In fact, there are ample grounds to believe that sections of the state apparatus deliberately accepted the risk of such an attack in order to promote their own right-wing agenda. Fierce clashes have taken place in German ruling circles over refugee and security policy. Many regard Chancellor Angela Merkel as too soft to lead the government in times of major international and national tensions and mounting social conflicts. Under these circumstances, the attack is being used to intimidate the population and bring about a political change of course, possibly including a change of government.

The massive and unexplained evidence of state foreknowledge and even protection of the alleged perpetrator of the December 19 Berlin attack conforms to a by-now familiar pattern in regard to major terror attacks internationally. Such was the case in the November, 2015 attacks in Paris  and here the Boston Marathon bombings in April of 2013, and the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington DC., Nice, and  Orlando etc.
In each case, the Islamist forces involved in the attacks were linked either to despotic regimes allied to Washington.

a) In all of these cases, the perpetrators had long been in the sights of the security forces, which refrained from intervening.
b) In every case, the attacks provided the pretext for a massive buildup of the state apparatus. In France, the Socialist Party government of François Hollande seized on the Paris attacks to impose an indefinite state of emergency, which continues to this day.
The Boston attacks were used to impose a martial-law-like lockdown and police-military occupation of a major American city. The September 11 attacks served as justification for the so-called “war on terror,” involving a series of devastating wars in the Middle East and the erection of a surveillance and police state apparatus in the US.
The Berlin attack is now being exploited for similar purposes.

Spiegel Online went on to declare that the “humanitarian imperative” was for yesterday. In 2017, Merkel would no longer be the “refugee chancellor,” but rather the security chancellor (till after the election!). She had to embody the “strong state” that she has herself invoked in order to secure support within “her own ranks.”
Similar reactions are being expressed internationally.

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