Stephen Lendman: Berlin Attack Likely False Flag with CIA Fingerprints

Stephen Lendman Global Res. 21 Dec. 2016 : Discount ISIS claiming responsibility. Germany along with America, other NATO nations and Middle East partners (Saudi Arabia, Qatar Turkey) support the ISIS-Daesh terrorist group. A

Amply documented, the Western military alliance are the State sponsors of both Al Qaeda and the ISIS. and here Why would ISIS “bite the hand feeding it”, providing it weapons? Makes no sense!

Claims of responsibility lack credibility without verifiable proof. None so far exists. What’s known about Monday’s incident suggests false flag responsibility.

They’re identifiable the way fingerprints ID people. They’re strategically timed for an intended purpose. They’re designed to capture world headlines, conceal responsibility of the perpetrator, and point fingers at a convenient patsy or patsies.

On Wednesday, reports indicated Berlin police found identity documents (apparently a passport) belonging to a Tunisian national named Anis A. in the cabin of the truck used to kill and injure dozens on Monday.

We remember that “Highjacker”  Atta´s and other passports lay neatly and entirely intact spread on the smoking ruins of the Twin Towers. In the Nice false flag, the terrorist Bouhlel´s identity papers were left in the lorry.
One of the Kouachi brothers in the Charlie Hebdo-false flag operation in Paris in 2015 left his ID Card in a getaway car.

Like nearly all other terrorists, the postulated Berlin murderer, Anis Amri, was known to the police beforehand.   A Muslim useful idiot is always implicated.

Acc. to The Daily Mail 21 Dec. 2016 , Amri was arrested THREE TIMES in Germany before police lost him – despite being sure he was a terror risk
Terror suspect Anis Amri, 23, from Tunisa served four years in an Italian prison for an arson attack on a school
His ID was found in the footwell of the truck used in Monday’s attack which claimed 12 lives and injured 48
German security officials had Amri under close surveillance between March and September this year
He was suspected of dealing drugs and planning robberies to finanance the purchase of assault rifles
Amri allegedly arrested for GBH and having fake passport but vanished in December before the attack.

This case has all hallmarks of false flags!


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