Muslim Terror in Berlin – and No End. “These Are Merkel´s Dead”/  The “(Masonic) Lord” Sends the Migrants for our Benefit”.  Convenient “State of war” acc. to Home Minister (+”Fake News, Hate Sppech” = Diictatorship).

Sputnik News 20 Dec. 2016: “After the Second World War, the Western occupation authorities set up an experiment – to completely eradicate Nazism and  everything associated with German national identity and the conservative tradition.”
This experiment, “which has largely succeeded,” is now bearing is fruit. “The new political culture of political correctness, hedonism and left liberalism, grafted onto the Germans in the western zones of occupation, has become the norm in Germany.


A Muslim did it Again!
This is “Hate Speech” in NWO-freaks sick minds, I know. But decent people call it “Truth” – although I cannot yet tell if it is only a half truth, viz. if it turns out to be a false flag: The proof that the arrested Pakistani did it is thin: The story goes, that the lorry driver jumped out of the stopped lorry and ran several kilometers to the Viktoria Monument. “Incidentally” a cool witness pursued him, keeping the police informed all along.
Excuse me, but I smell a rat! The driver was apparently known by the police – as usual.

Alone the fact, that this suspicion has so often proved terribly justified shows the sickening nature of “our” politicians NWO.

DWN 20.Dez. 2016: After the attack in Berlin, Klaus Bouillon (CDU), the chairman of the Interior Ministers’ Conference, speaks of a “state of war”. We will, wherever we think it is necessary, also use heavy equipment, “said Bouillon. “That means long-range weapons, short weapons, machine guns,” even if this sounds martial.
The police doubt the right man has been caught!

We remember that Merkel said” the Migrants by the millions were sent by The (Masonic) Lord for our benefit”.
As I have pointed out time and again the “Lord” of Supermason Merkel is no one but the Lord of Masons/Pharisees Lucifer and  here and here.

What happened yesterday in Berlin will happen again and again and again.
FOR THE KORAN COMMANDS TO KILL INFIDELS (Sura 9:5 among many others).

Did the police know beforehand about the attack on the Christmas market??
The Daily Mail 20. Dez. 2016


The Daily Mail 19 Dec. 2016: A 23-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker named as Naved B, who entered the country under a false name, murdered 12 and injured dozens gathered at the market last night.
German chancellor Merkel, 62, has come under huge political pressure for allowing nearly a million people fleeing conflict and poverty in the Middle East and Africa to arrive in the country this year and last.

And last night she faced anger from the far-right anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party with prominent member Marcus Pretzell tweeting: ‘When will the German state of law strike back? When will this cursed hypocrisy finally stop? These are Merkel’s dead! Nice and here (hash) Berlin,’  (Munich etc!).’

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage added this morning: ‘Terrible news from Berlin but no surprise. Events like these will be the Merkel legacy.’

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