Proven: Obama Fraudulent Unconstitutional President – born British Citizen in Kenya. Plans 3. Term to Avoid Conviction of High Treason under Trump

The story of Obama´s birth certificate is a travesty – or a typical example the the deception of the NWO elite. It was during an appearance in Nairobi, Secretary of State John Kerry thanked the Kenyan president for giving America “a president of the United States”!

The “birthers” have demanded a valid birth certificate proving that Obama is born in the USA as demanded by the original, but de facto discarded US Constitution of 1776 and here.

Obama presented a forged birth certificate  to show that he was born in Hawaii and deceived a public which largely did not want to doubt this historically uniqe deception 

Now Sheriff d´Arpaio in Arizona has proven, that Obama has lied, deceived, as he became president of the USA on the basis of a forged birth certificate

On Fox TV the author of Obama´s biography states that his grandmother consistently and repeatedly said Obama was born in Kenya:

I do not understand what Obama´s grandmother says in the following interview – but I perceive the words baby and Kenya:

Obama´s Kenyan birth certificate is stated to be genuine by Wayne Madsen and a Kenyan born at the same time as Obama. She too, required her birth certificate in 1964 – and she says it is typographically identical with that of Obama´s.

Joanna Ah´nee and her sister were born just hours apart in Hawaii in 1961, but their birth certificates contained slight and usual differences between them. However, nine separate points from Joanna’s birth certificate and Obama’s birth certificate were identical, leading the investigators to conclude that those nine points had been lifted and placed on Obama’s certificate.

The New American 16 Dec. 2016:  Utilizing the forensic skills of two separate entities — Reed Hayes, who has been a court-qualified handwriting and document examiner for 40 years and is a board member of the Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners, and Forlabs, an Italian company that specializes in extracting information from multimedia files —9 points of forgery between Obama’s long-form birth certificate and that of Joanna Ah’nee, who was born within weeks of Obama’s birth.

During the news conference announcing the conclusion of their investigation, Arpaio’s chief investigator Mike Zullo stated, “The nail in the coffin that proves that [Obama’s] Certificate of Live Birth is inauthentic is the exact lineup of numerous entries on both [certificates].”

For Arpaio, it’s simple: “I plan on turning over [the results of] this investigation this month to the federal government. And Congress. And [I] hope Congress will pass a law [that] the president should be vetted. [It’s] common sense.”

The Birth certificate below is the real thing.
Obama´s Hawaiian “birth certificate” is provenly a forgery.
Obama´s grandmother has testified that he was born in Kenya and Kerry confirmed it!!
And so did Michelle Obama in the video!!

2 witnesses  to the signature by the Mombassa Hospital director  and one of them has sworn before court under threat of punishment for perjury that the Obama´s birth certificate shown below is genuine:

WND 16 Dec. 2016: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Arizona,  started a 5-year investigation into Barack Obama´s “birth certificate” and found it was a fake.

That President Obama’s birth certificate is fake, as proven now by a legitimate law enforcement examination raises serious questions that high crimes and misdemeanors have been committed at the highest level of government. The clear conclusion is that the Obama presidency may have been illegitimate, having violated Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution. Impeachment procedures may be required, even if those procedures are conducted after Obama leaves office.”

That certificate belongs to Johanna Ah’nee
The sheriff’s video said there were 9 images on the Obama and Ah´nee birth certificates that appear to be identical and copied to Obama´s birth certificate from, another birth certificate issued in Hawaii just days after his birth.

The long form birth certificate produced in a White House news conference on April 27, 2011, as Barack Obama’s authentic birth certificate is a forgery.”
The Hawaii Department of Health has not shown the American public the original 1961 birth records for Barack Obama, if they actually exist.”

Reed called it a “fake, fake, birth certificate.”

Forlabs: “This investigation was done with the utmost of professionalism, unbiased and with no political motivation. We let the evidence direct the investigation.”
He pointed out that Arpaio and others on his team started out with the assumption that Obama’s document was legitimate and they just needed to affirm that.

“Every attempt was exercised to try to clear this document as authentic. However, the evidence and the weight of it simply would not permit that,” Zullo said. He said the experts likened the evidence to being as reliable as a fingerprint.

Zullo said there also were indications of problems when he interviewed Hawaiian officials about the document. He said they verified there was a birth record on file, but Hawaii statutes allow amendments to a birth document, so there is no way to know the details.
Regarding the birth announcements in local newspapers, there is a problem, he said.
“They don’t tell you anything. Hawaii says the Department of Health in Hawaii must create a record based on the representation from anyone.”

The local hospital also refused to help, he said.

“We have no idea what’s on that birth certificate. We have no idea if there was a birth certificate,” he said. “We don’t know if he’s a natural born citizen. That wasn’t anything we were pursuing.”

“I plan on turning over this investigation this month to the federal government. And Congress. And hope Congress  will pass a law, the president should be vetted. Common sense.

The investigators went further in their analysis, finding twin sisters whose birth certificates are similar to Ah-nee’s.
While they were born minutes apart their documents have variations that are not found between Ah’nee’s and Obama’s, who were born weeks apart.
When you have two separate documents with two hand-placed stamps at the same angles, obviously a forgery has taken place,” the investigators said

As I wrote already in 2010 Obama´s birth certificate is a fraud – Obama is a fraud -a travesty of US democracy, enthroned by Illuminati forces with some specific purpose. Apart from having waged 4 wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria) and creating ISIS he may have more in store for us. Is he scheduled to have a prolongation of his presidency?
Obama is a professed Muslim and an admirer of the “most evil man” on the globe, satanist Alex Crowley.

So, will he with the blessing of the Council on Foreign Relations  and the London City do something desperate?

THE GAME GOES ON. OBAMA HAS ALREADY LONG TIME AGO PLANNED HIS 3. TERM IN OFFICE and Bss. de Rothschild vows that Trump will not be initiated!!

As I wrote on 7 Aug. 2016: Apparently, Obama is preparing for his 3. term behind the stage – by his own presidential executive orderobama-muslim2!.
The Sojourners 1 April 2016:  Obama Announces Third Term in Executive Action: “Folks today are sick and tired of having to accept the circus of the presidential candidates this year. Now let me be clear, I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to help this country in extraordinary moments of need, and I believe this is one such moment now. My colleagues in the Department of Justice have assured me this move is constitutional. So has Michelle. Look, we pledged to stay in D.C. until Sasha’s graduation anyway.”

Here is a thought provoking article from The NBC News 29 Oct. 2015: President Barack Obama shocked the country today with news that he is running for a third term.
“I can’t abandon the American people now when they need me more than ever,” Obama told.
Obama’s third term presidential run is only valid if he receives 75% approval from the Congress, though insiders say Obama plans to make an executive order to ratify this.

The Hill 30 June 2016 confirms this suspicion: A strong majority of Democrats would cancel the 2016 presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump if it meant President Obama could serve another term, a new poll found.
Obama is enjoying a surprisingly strong approval rating.

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