Catholic Priests to Preach the Mendacious NWO Gospel on “Man Made Global Warming”

The Jesuit Catholic Church is the originator of the satanic and  Illuministic NWO.
The Climate scam and here was made the agenda of the NWO in Paris in December 2015 and here.

as Lutheran Churches did already in 2009 – adopting UNEP´s advise: Let Environment care compete with religion!
However, the originator of this pagan Gaia religion  James Lovelock  has  changed his mind and now says “It is totally insane and unscientific”. 

Catholic Online 9 Dec. 2016: Catholic priests are now expected to preach on  climate change/global warming.

New guidelines issued to priests state that members of the clergy should be ‘promoters’ of ‘appropriate care for everything connected to the protection of creation’.

The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences has ruled that climate change is real and caused by human activity.
Members of the church have been urged to spread the message in a non-political (religious) manner.

“We are called to be stewards of creation. It’s also important because climate change can exacerbate the ills of poverty. Poor people in much of the world are the most vulnerable to changes. Climate change is costing lives already, and will continue to cost more lives in the future.

The fossil fuel industry funds nearly all of the climate change skeptics, going so far as to commission questionable studies, to financing think tanks, and even paying individual bloggers. The deception continues today.

The established community of experts agree with frightful consensus that the planet is warming because of human activity.
The Earth’s temperatures are spiking faster that at any time in history.

“Priests will also have a good grasp of the global climate change problem and will share this with their congregation”.

This proven NWO lie is appropriately to be spread worldwide by the Satanist Catholic Church, which has enthroned Satan: CO2 rises – from the oceans – while temperaure does not (apart fom el Nino 1998 and 2016). That means no man-made global warming 

Below: Only 1% of atmospheric CO2 (red line)  is derived from human activity (blue line).


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