How and Why the NWO enslaves Us II: Humiliating Mentally Defeated Germany into a Banana Republic (Spiegel) under US Corporative Constitution 1871

Vae Victis: Woe to the vanquished, so said the ancient Romans. Nothing has changed.

Concept Veritas:  spiegel_19_1981The GFR-clan in Berlin made  Germany “like a banana republic”. No Negro tribe of Africa, even at times when the Jewish slave traders were buying people there, has ever made itself so without legal protection as Merkel does with the Germans

FAZ, 01.12.2016,   From PANORAMA
I: On 6 February 2014, Ulrich Wippermann was placed on the black list of the US Treasury. To him, this meant financial ruin.
Why? He has been accused of financial transactions with Iran, which is on the US terrorist list, and which has been imposed by US economic sanctions, although he had done nothing illegal under German and EU legislation.

This financial expert was on the board of the Deutsche Forfait AG (DF) in Cologne. His customers included large corporations such as Sanofi, the French Pharmacies, Siemens and a lot of small and medium-sized companies.
Deutsche Forfait buys from exporters their claims and gets back the money from the customers abroad, plus a surcharge for the service. In the German Forfait, Wippermann was responsible for the exports to Iran.

Hlondon-city-dragon1e turned directly to the US Treasury Department to find out why he was blacklisted, Wippermann reports. But instead of information on the matter, he and his colleagues had only been given the name and address of an American law firm to help in such matters.
The firm, which also has a seat in Frankfurt, has presented a copy from the American ministry. “The first two pages are still legible, as we describe who we are, what our company is doing. After that everything is blackened. The American lawyers have said, ‘You see how many reproaches are there against you. But you cannot know that in detail because the secret is classified ‘”.

After the entry on the blacklist the German Forfait drifted towards bankruptcy. On “something between 150 and 200 million euros“, Wippermann estimates the financial damage. The company was taken back from the black list after fulfilling a condition of the “Treasury“: the dismissal of Wippermann, which had no living afterwards.

The Dlondon-city-dragon2eutsche Telekom did not want to give him a terminal of the American manufacturer Apple any more because he is on the Blacklist of the United States. He was offered to terminate the cell phone contract “prematurely” or send him an alternative mobile phone, such as from Samsung or Sony
In the summer of 2014, his mother in Westphalia bought her son a seat set for his terrace. The transport did not work. “Unfortunately, Schenker’s forwarding company” refused to hand over the furniture to Mr. Wippermann “because he was” on an American list “.

The United States justifies its approach in cases like this with “national security”. Trade with “rogue states” like Iran, Cuba and Russia would strengthen the local regimes.

II: The Hamburg bank clerk, Lars Christiansen, aged 46, has been unemployed for more than a year. By October 2015, he earned more than 7,000 euros gross as a specialist at the Commerzbank in “Cash Management & International Business”.
Christiansens world was about ports, container ships and long distance trade. On behalf of the Commerzbank branch in Hamburg, he handled the payment transactions of shipping companies: port charges, fuel, crew, insurance, revenue for transported goods. Since 2003 the Islamic Republic of Iran´s Shipping Company (IRISL) counted among his customers.

According to Christiansen, he had understood the signal from the board thus:”Build that out!” The United States, on the other hand, was against it. American authorities threatened the Commerzbank. At the end of 2008, the Germans cut their Iran connections. The thing seemed to be done.

Blondon-city-dragon3ut in 2011, the Bureau of Major Economic Crimes of the New York State Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against Commerzbank. The Germans feared for their license in the state of New York.
In 2013 the Americans wanted to speak to the Hamburg employees in person. The Management Board in Frankfurt agreed.

US “Gestapo” interrogation
Christiansen traveled to New York. It was an interrogation. In addition to prosecutors, officials from the Department of Justice, the Treasury and the FBI grilled him for hours with questions about his business relations with the Iranian customer. “I felt like an accused,” says Christiansen, especially since one of the interrogators was armed.

Below from The European Council on Foreign relations


The Commerzbank fired him and three other employees who had handled Iran’s business.
The Commerzbank committed itself to the redundancies as part of a settlement which it concluded with the US Department of Justice and New York banking supervision. The Germans also agreed to pay US $ 1.3 billion to the Treasury.

Till 2018, the Commerzbank must be monitored by auditors who report to the US authorities on compliance with the requirements. The Commerzbank must pay for the activities of these controllers.

The Labor Court of Frankfurt and the Hessische Landesarbeitsgericht confirmed: Christiansen was not sacked for misconduct or regulation, but “because of pressure from a third party”, namely from the United States.
Both instances have declared the dismissal inadmissible and Christiansen to be right.

 The Commerzbank, however, says it has to meet the American requirements. “It is impossible for me to find a new job in the banking sector,” says Christiansen. “Potential employers are cautious, and they are afraid that they will face difficulties with the Americans when my name comes up. Power goes before justice

The extraterritorial claim to validity for national economic law is rejected by experts as “violations of international law”. Expert Huck is aware that the reference to EU and international law is of little use in practice. In international trade relations power prevails. “

It is even forbidden for EU Member States and companies based there to stick to the American embargoes. In case of emergency, no European state has ever used this sharp tool.

III: Tlondon-ciyy-dragon5his effect unfolds in a similar way against the German chip-plant maker Aixtron. A Chinese investor wants to take over the company near Aachen for around 670 million euro. The US stopped the deal by intervening directly in the Federal Chancellery. Minister of Economic Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel, withdrew his approval already granted. The Americans argued that the components for the construction of high-power chips could also be used militarily. A takeover by the Chinese would endanger the national security of the United States.
Comment: This shows the the US considers Germany an inferior province under US Corporate Constitution – and that Germany accepts this status.

German Vice-Chancellor Gabriel states in Parliament: “I tell you we do not have a federal government. Germany is an NGO – and Merkel is its CEO!!

How the US makes us wretched vassals
The US is an aggressive superpower that mercilessly crushes all dissidents – unless they are too militarily strong. There are examples enough how  European (Serbia), African (Libya), Asian countries (Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan) did not want to bow to the will of the USA – with terrible consequences.

Germany is not the only vassal state of the only superpower  in the world: All the other Euopean countries are, too: Denmark’s foreign minister was asked before his term what his foreign policy would be? He replied, “Doing all that the US asks us to do !!
Even Russia, through its central bank, is subject to the will of the FED of the  United States – although Putin is liberating Russia from this grip

The command centers of  the London City to our politicians (including the US politicians) are the Super-Masonic lodges, the Council on Foreign Relations (Is also represented in Europe. George Soros´ECFR calls for autonomic Muslim enclaves in Germany), former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer being the CFR´s  “Distinguished Diplomat“), The  Atlantic Council (below)- and for defeated Germany the Atlantic Bridge, etc.

But why does the USA behave like this?
Because the US is governed from the London City through the Council on Foreign Relations by the False Corporate Constitution of 1871.

Here Hillary Clinton clearly tells who gives her orders as secretary of state

IV: The will of the USA is the will of the London City (Rothschild).
Rothschild, through his “gift,” the great seal of the United States, drew attention shortly after the “independence” to whom the US had to serve.

dollar-bill-450This was followed by another “gift”, the 1. National Bank 1791 under Rothschild’s Illuminati banker, Alexander Hamilton. When the US realized that this bank was just a continuation of the looting of America during the colonial period before 1776, they did not want to extend the treaty after 20 years.

nathan-rothschild4To this, Nathan Rothschild arrogantly replied:  “Either the application for renewal of the Charter is granted, or the United States will find itself in a most disastrous war.”  This was followed by the British invasion of 1812.

In 1816, however, President Madison signed the contract for the 2. National Bank. However, when Andrew Jackson became president, he told a group of bankers: “You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out.” He went on to say: “If the people only understood the rank injustice of our Money and Banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.” In 1835, Jackson abolished the 2. National Bank. Jackson survived 2 assassination attempts by the London City. However, when President Abraham Lincoln began to print his own “Greenback” -dollar, he was murdered. That same happened with President Kennedy when he began to print dollars.

Alondon-city-dragon-7fter the London City stole the gold of the USA, the US depends on the petrodollar. But this is largely sabotaged by Rothschild (for IMF one-world currency)   and abandoned, among others  by Russia and China – which was the reason for the US invasion in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya.

However strong forces in the USA (Neo Cons) do not agree – they are Rothshilds antithesis in the dollar game.

V: The Atlantic Council presents London City’s strategy:
schauble-atlantic-council_001 The Atlantic Council’s Future Europe Initiative is the first step towards the future.
Building a Europe, whole, free, and at peace by restoring trust in the European project (of the CIA), confronting backsliding, integrating the peripheries, and developing a long-term Russia strategy.

The Atlantic Council ‘s Future Europe Initiative is a world leader in the promotion of sustainable development. The Initiative seeks change in Europe, galvanize leadership, and forge a strategy of renewal.
Developing the next generation of American and European, including Russian, leaders.
Comment: Note this arrogance: This undemocratic  council of  members of the military industrial complex will change the future of Europe and develop the next generation of leaders.

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