Globalism Giving Way to Nationalism. But London City Keeps Controlling and Looting Nation States through Central Banks, Freemasonry, and, IWF, UN

Since the end of WWI, the London City has introduced a myriad of international institutions.

Alongside, the London City has made an experiment with regionalisation of the World into 10 multinational regions (Zbigniew Brzezinski) – provinces of the one world government-has taken place. While the Institutions – apart from the International Court of Justice – are becoming more and more influential the regionalisation program has become  a failure. The London City has recognized that and chosen the the opposite strategy:
tower of babelTo pulverize nation states world wide by means of Rothschild´s  US Inc. and NATO and multiethnicity/ethnic cleansing by mass migration and make them even more dependent on Rothschild´s central banks by endless borrowing.


Rothschild agent George Soros has made this quite clear when he started paying for the transfer of Muslims to Europe, bribing/ordering  European NWO media and Masonic authorities to support it, presenting his 8-point order for Europe´s islamization publicly, admitting to be the mastermind behind the Muslim occupation of Europe, and giving the reason for it: To destroy Rothschild´s CIA and NAZI-founded EU  because Germany denied to implement the ordered fiscal union by being its paymaster. More on the Nazi plan and here of Germany as a financial superpower, the 4. Reich

Wirtschaftswoche 4 Jan. 2016 George Soros:  I just appreciate  Merkel’s fierce determination on open borders. “Europe? It no longer exists”!
I have spent billions of dollars to help transform Europe into an open and cosmopolitan society. To me, Merkel is now fighting for that, too.


George Soros, The New York Review of Books 27 Sept. 2012   which explains why Soros hates Germany:
In the beginning, I regarded the EU as the embodiment of an open society. No nation or nationality was dominant. But now Germany has made the EU a closed society.
Only something shocking from outside would shake Germany out of its preconceived ideas and force it to face the consequences of its current policies.”

And why did Rothschild/Soros want that? “The eventual outcome would fulfill John Maynard Keynes’s dream of an international currency system in which both creditors and debtors share responsibility for maintaining stability.”

After Brexit, George Soros  had  no doubt about the demise of the EU . This would end in Chaos – DWN 26 June 2016 (Because his master has decided just that).

Here is a list of ongoing dissolution of the original globalist strategy
Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture 25 Nov. 2016: The world, through the ballot box, is speaking out. From the British «Yes» vote on BREXIT – the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union – to the election of the anti-globalization Donald Trump as president of the United States, the world is speaking out against the homogenization of the world into a super-state of blurred and overlapping governments , cultural identities, religions, and politics.
The U.S. presidential election was not so much an election as it was a referendum on globalization in all of its malignant manifestations: free trade, open borders, and subjugation of national sovereignty to amorphous international organizations.

From every continent, there is growing popular support for «exiting» international contrivances, from the European Union and International Criminal Court to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and even the United Nations.

1) In August of this year, President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines threatened to pull his country out of the UN.

2) The decision by South Africa and other African nations to withdraw from the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
announced that it was withdrawing as a signatory to the 2000 Rome Treaty that established the ICC.

3) December 4, 2016 is the date of the re-run of the Austrian presidential election of April 24, 2016, one in which the anti-EU candidate of the Austrian Freedom Party, Norbert Hofer  is believed by pollsters to win, as Austria has been caught up in the anti-EU groundswell rippling through Europe.

4) On November 13  former MiG pilot Rumen Radev, a political novice, won the Bulgarian presidential election. The election resulted in the resignation of Bulgaria’s pro-EU government.

5) The same day, voters in Moldova elected Igor Dodon, who rejected a Moldova-EU trade agreement and favored joining the Eurasian Economic Union championed by Russia.
The two elections in countries where Soros has infiltrated so much of the media and political infrastructures with pro-EU and pro-NATO acolytes were historic and another indication that the world was rejecting globalization.

6) The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) has split along pro-Indian and pro-Pakistani lines. A recent SAARC summit in Pakistan was canceled after India refused to attend. India was soon joined by its allies, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Afghanistan.

7) The Arab League is a vassal of Saudi and Gulf money and showed its worthlessness in 2011 when it suspended Syria and Libya as members after they were faced with NATO-backed jihadist revolutions.

8) Venezuela in 2013 announced its withdrawal from the heavily U.S.-influenced Inter-American Convention on Human Rights (IACHR), a contrivance of the Organization of American States based in Washington, DC next to the White House.
Venezuela’s withdrawal also rejected the jurisdiction of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CorteIDH) based in Costa Rica. The Dominican Republic withdrew from the court in 2014. Trinidad and Tobago admirably led the way in rejecting the so-called «Inter-American System», that is, American hegemony over the Western Hemisphere,  Criticism of the IACHR has come from Ecuador, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Peru.

9) The Commonwealth of Nations, an anachronistic leftover from the British Empire that cobbles together former British colonies into a group of British royal family sycophant nations, has seen Gambia, Maldives, and Zimbabwe leave the tacitly-worthless international organization.

10) Trump’s announcement that the U.S. would withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) also dealt a body blow to the globalization cause. TPP is dead with U.S. withdrawal,  New Zealand and South Korea looking to expand trade agreements with China in a display of renewed preference for bilateralism over multilateralism.

There is a «New World Order», but not one envisaged by the globalists. This New World Order is one of renewed national sovereignty, cultural and religious identity, and rejection of dictates from unelected international bureaucrats.

All good – but not nearly good enough. It is just a new Rothschild Strategy: Pulverize region and Nation states and their currencies – to build the NWO on the ruins of the old order: ORDER OUT OF CHAOS!

You may think there is hope in Donald Trump? If he is elected by the elector college on 19 Dec. he will just be Rothschild´s antithesis. Nothing is what it seems to be in the NWO.
Trump is the man the London City needs for the next phase of the NWO (or the phase after the next one, which may be war with Russsia).

But now recounting of the votes in Wisconsin and probably more swing states will take place. Hillary Clinton is said to have won the popular vote by 2 mio. votes – acc. to exit polls. Besides, her leftists are threatening and probably trying to bribe Trump´s electors.

But otherwise let us take a look at Donald Trump. 
He is the strawman owner of Rothschild, Rockefeller, CIA and Mossad in the drug money-laundering  Resorts International Casinos.

Now he has nominated Wilbur Ross, an ex-banker who worked 24 years for Rothschild, Secretary of Commerce. It was this Rothschild agent and billionaire, Ross, who intervened and saved Trump from bankruptcy in the 1980es and supported Trump´s nomination in 2016!!

Vice-Pres. nominee, Mike Pence has all NWO-attitudes.

But his so far, the other nominated secretaries and other prominent officials, incl. vice-pres. Mike Pence – are Rothschild, Rockefeller, CFR-clean as far as I can see.




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