HAARP Weather Manipulation Proven by NASA Satellite Photos

Sowning-the-weather-thumbince the US Navy and Airforce launched their “Owning the Weather  by 2025” program in 1996, our skies are no longer the same: Riddled with toxic chemtrails and HAARP washboard clouds, and “our” ideological meteorologists are constantly striving to make us believe in a non-existent global warming.

I’ve written about HAARP for weather manipulation and the steering of hurricanes and here and here – even into heavily populated areas – as well as global mind control and the triggering of large earthquakes by means of HAARP.

Geoengineering Watch 11 Nov. 2016: The satellite images already shown in this post show a strong atmospheric manipulation by extremely high-frequency radio / microwave transmissions and atmospheric aerosols. These transmissions leave a signature pattern on high-grade cloud formations that are saturated with electrically conductive heavy metal nanoparticles (barium and aluminum, among others), which are sprayed  from jet aircraft as part of ongoing climate madness manipulation .

In the NASA photo below you can clearly see how the HAARP cloud pattern emanates from a HAARP station

Long ago, twilliam-s-cohenhe global power structure has made the choice to subject our planet (and the entire network of life that it supports, including humanity) to an inconceivably massive and destructive climate change / weather war attack. This decision was made without the knowledge or approval of the global population. If we passively watch and allow the continuation of decimation by the climate manipulation the Earth’s life support systems will soon be unable to recover.

Here is a map of potential global HAARP centers in 2011


Highly tox-ic heavy-
metals and chemicals (sprayed systematical-ly into our atmosphere from jet aircraft as part of the Geoengineer-ings / SRM) are manipulated with extremely strong radio frequency signals. These signals are sent from numerous locations around the world From various types of transmission platforms (ionospheric heating systems such as HAARP, SBX radar, NEXRAD, etc.). The effects of microwave transmission on cloud formation are deep and highly visible.

extremely strong radio frequency signals are sent from numerous locations around the world, from various types of transmission platforms (ionospheric heating systems such as HAARP, SBX radar, NEXRAD, etc.). The effects of microwave transmission on cloud formation are deep and highly visible.

Geo Engineering Watch 28 June 2016: Radiofrequenzsignale hinterlassen eine sehr klare und sichtbare Signatur, diese Signatur ist auf dem obigen Bild extrem erkennba
Ich Schrieb am 17 März 2014 über den Zweck dieses Programms – sowie am 12. März 2014  über die Illuminaten dahinter.

Geo Engineering Watch 28 June 2016: Radiofrequency signals leave a very clear and visible signature, this signature is extremely recognizable in the photo left.
I wrote about the purpose of this program on March 17, 2014, and the Illuminati behind it on March 12, 2014.

It is a subprogram of the Navy program called VTRPE – Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation, HAARP). It’s all about VTRPE. It is a computer radio frequency broadcasting program that deals with radio waves and enables the RFMP system to display the battlefield terrain on a television screen in 3 dimensions. The marine system would otherwise not be adequate across the terrain, or more accurately, would not work without a reduction in the radio waves across the terrain. It uses the mixture of barium salts to do it, and that allows the entire system to function .


People have been killed or imprisoned for life because they have brought this most secret program of all to public knowledge.

As carriers of aluminum and barium, polymer fibers are used to make the poison float – bacteria are also being used for this purpose. This provides an electric field which is charged by HAARP heating and triggers thunderstorms and / or serves as an earthquake and mind control-triggering reflection mirror.

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