Jeff Rense: Lucifer´s Message to “Sincere” Donald Trump Made Him a 180 Degrees Different Man

ADDENDUMThe Political Insider 17 Nov. 2016: Monica Petersen is found dead. dead. It has been reported on Reddit that Monica Petersen, working for the Human Trafficking Center, was in Haiti investigating possible human trafficking connections to the Clinton Foundation. This can be added to  a very long list of murders and “suicides” around the Clintons


In the following video Jeff Rense states the complete change of Donald Trump after his meeting with Obama. All of sudden Trump called the Clintons “good people” although so far he spoke the truth about them: They are evil and corrupt and belong behind bars. But  they are Rothschild puppets – and thus under the protection of higher powers


On the whole, Trump´s behaviour has become very humble, scared, he seems to be a bullied person. Rense knows Trump as a man of his word. He would not be reneging on his promises without being seriously threatened.

Rense thinks Trump met with not only Obama, but representatives of the hard core of the Satanic NWO, the FED/ the London City – maybe even  Jacob Rothschild – who have told him how to behave acc. to their demands and will, after they made him president instead Hillary who had discarded herself. Trump knows what awaits him if he does not obey. On 17 Nov., he met with Henry Kissinger,  the old war criminal and permanent Bilderberger. “We had a great meeting,”  said Trump – although Kissinger has warned him against stopping Muslim inflow into the US!

So, did Obama leave a message from Rothschild to Trump? Well, we shall probably see Trump  selling whatever little is left of his black soul as a Mason – for he is hardly willing to step down from becoming a London City puppet like Obama and his predecessors.

Trump  already was a Satan worshipper before being elected and is a friend of punished Jeffrey Epstein and his paedophile ring.


So, what happened at the meeting between Trump and Obama?

CNN 11 Nov. 2016: Trump, who spent years pursuing Obama over false claims (Certainly not false and here !! Obama has only presented a faked US birth certificate)  he is not a natural-born American and accused him of being the founder of ISIS on the campaign trail (Correct!!!) , called Obama a “very good man” and said he would seek his counsel in future.
“Mr. President, it was a great honor being with you and I look forward to being with you many, many more times,” Trump said, adding that he and Obama had spoken about some wonderful and difficult things and “some high-flying assets.”
It was not immediately clear what he meant.
CNN’s Jim Acosta said one senior White House official responded with a single word — “unbelievable” when asked about Trump’s comment that he would seek “counsel” from the current President.

Already on election evening of the election day, Trump was entirely different – like he was a long time ago.
So, either he has played a particular role given to him – or Jeff rense is right:
Anyway he is an Illuminati puppet – and thus dangerous to mankind.

Oder man kann es so sehen: Luzifer hat 2 Gesichter: Ein sehr Gewinnendes und ein Fürchterliches. Das gilt auch für die Satanisten, wie ich einmal in meiner Blog-Kommentar-Funktion schmerzlich – aber auch lehrreich – erlebte.

Or you can see it this way: Lucifer has 2 faces: A very winning one and a terrible one. This also applies to  Satanists, as I once painfully – but also instructively – experienced in my blog commentary function.trump-after-briefing-2


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