Why Trump Won? Because He Is an Invincible Loser among NWO Losers – the Kind of People the Elite Works at Eliminating

Today I will strike a positive note: To become a winner you have to have been a loser who has learned from his problems and has grown stronger in the process. Psychopath Donald Trump is an example.  

So what is a winner?
Real champions possess a strong work ethic and a certain amount of humility. They single-handedly alter the playing field by elevating everyone in their midst.
The true team player—the true winner—gets as much pleasure from distributing the ball to a teammate as he does dunking the ball.” Involving teammates raises their confidence, includes them in the fun, and motivates them to succeed—improving everyone’s performance.

Many winners are losers at first, but every loser has a winner inside waiting to be tapped into and unleashed. Real winners are not just competitors, they dominate.

A winner will always appreciate the journey and see every obstacle as a lesson, a test or a purpose. They never see mistakes as negative. Instead they see them as learning experiences that give the advantage and winning edge. They realize that every challenge that is overcome is done so by their own will power and strengthens their character. There is no life without a winning attitude.
Most people will have to go through a tremendous amount of pain before they snap out of it and gain the winning mindset. In reality a person must die while he is alive in order to achieve success.

Winners Act in spite of everything, Losers procrastinate and make excuses.


Was Donald Trump a loser before becoming a winner?
Indeed, he was – although he is an Illuminati-funded billionaire!
Trump´s corporations have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy 4 times: The corporation continues – but its debt is reduced!
Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts filed for bankruptcy in 2004. Trump sold 25% of his shares.
In 2009, Trump Entertainment Resorts filed bankruptcy after missing a large bond interest payment. Trump resigned as chairman of the board and retained only a 10% ownership interest in the corporation.

Just weeks before Trump is set to be sworn in as America’s next commander in chief, he is due in court on Nov. 28 to defend himself against allegations of fraud in a federal civil trial over the Trump University real estate seminar program – at loggerheads with Judge Curiel.
He has an unsettled lawsuit over rape against underage Jane Doe/Katie Johnson

Trump won because he is a loser, elected by losers!
Here is from the Tablet 28 Oct. 2015: Americans admire those who can pick a winner and identify a loser—and that’s why Donald Trump has been leading the polls as the Republican nominee for president.

Think of it like this: Every other presidential candidate, Republican and Democrat, from Hillary Clinton to Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders to Carly Fiorina, are contestants on a reality TV show. They’re needy. They’re trying their darnedest to be liked by voters. Not Trump. He is the judge on a reality TV show. He keeps picking on poor Jeb Bush—“very low energy,” like a loser on America’s Got Talent—because that’s what reality-TV judges do. They celebrate champions and ostracize losers, just like the ancient Greeks did.

And the most obvious sign we’re obsessed with loser-dom is the fact that Trump has been leading the Republican field. Rude, ignorant, and self-obsessed, the man has only one note—Trump. Where other American leaders, like Lincoln, Kennedy, and Reagan, have inspired us to identify heroes and emulate them, in the end Trump has room for only one champion—Trump.

He has no experience in leadership. Like Trump, the overwhelming majority of the American political and cultural elite, our intellectual betters, our leaders, are losers.

“Americans,” said Patton, “play to win all the time.” Not anymore.

I appreciate James Corbett’s sharp analyses.
Corbett is a Canadian who teaches English. He has lived in Japan since 2004 and also works as a journalist through his Corbett Report based on videos. His videos have had over 30 million hits on YouTube alone. He receives money from his seers.

In this video, he refers to the dualism of human nature: love and hatred.

He describes how he taught 4-5 year-old children and once let them draw what they liked. A little girl very carefully drew a beautiful rainbow – while the other drew squiggles. The neighbor girl looked at the rainbow – and then her own squiggles. Then she resolutely smeared  the rainbow with her colour pencil!!

This was never forgotten by Corbett who sharply saw it as the basic human nature.
We cannot stand that others are better than we are. Instead of trying to praise the better and making them even better, we rather try to pull these people down on our own level.

In Danish, we call this “Janteloven”: “If you believe that you are something, you have thoroughly misunderstood something. I see this as the losers´ mentality.
This mentality of the Danes was clearly due to the defeat to Germany in 1864. We lost not only Slesvig, which had been Danish for 1400 years, due to  unassimilated German mass immigration but also our self-confidence. We became a people of defeat – as we are now becoming once more due to unassimilated mass immigration and the same blindness.

And so it remained until the year of 1992. What happened then? At that time, the All-Denmark football team beat Germany 2-0 in the European Championships Final. Notwithstanding this was  banal and indifferent  almost a miracle happened – like the miracle of Bern 1954: Away flew the inferiority feelings. Suddenly, the Danes began to assert themselves for better or worse internationally – and nations suddenly respected tiny, amputated Denmark (1658, 1864).

Even more: the hatred for the Germans – which was not due to the Second World War, but to 1864 – by and large disappeared! We had once again become equals. For my part, I felt I accepted by the Germans in old Danish Flensburg at once from the beginning of my practice there in 1990 – not as a “stupid Dane”, as the saying was 100 years ago. The old enmity was gone, although my predecessor had sworn that no Dane should ever take over his practice. It came differently because he could not sell his practice. For my part, I only felt sympathy – and that was mutual.

To return to Jim Corbett: That the little Japanese girl reacted like this may well be due to a defeated mind.
I do not believe (but do not know) that the children of the victorious powers of the terrible Second World War reacted that way. Perhaps they made each other bigger – did not tear down, but rather mutually  lifted each other? I would  liked to know that.
Perhaps Corbett’s attitude that we should be lifted higher by each other is an expression of a victorious mind? I don´t know if Corbett is a Christian, but his idea is certainly of original Christian origin.

Corbett says humanity has 2 options:  to build the future society on 1) hate or 2) love. He wants to build on love.
The satanists, who now control the world financially, ideologically, morally, and politically, successfully stake on on hate.

The globalists and their Illuminati masters are aiming at the lowest common denominator for humanity: to pull us all down to their very low level humanely, culturally, ideologically, morally, and to remove all obstacles to this goal.
They are now building their NWO exactly on  envy, hatred, animal instincts, conflict rather than cooperation, impiety instead of the doctrine of Jesus Christ, which, in my opinion, is the only ennobling – but unfortunately 180 degree twisted – element in the history of mankind.

The illuminati / Freemasons would have no chance, if mankind consisted of fighters like Trump and were  equipped with the counter-ideology  of the Illuminati. It has been in existence – but it was abolished  by the Illuminati thanks to our deep inertia : the doctrine of Christ.

Now dear readers: Are you on Jim Corbett’s side – or on that of  the NWO satanists?

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