George Soros/His Master´s (Rothschild´s) Voice: Making Nation States a World-Communist Disgrace by Means of Masonic Henchmen, Brainwashed Populations, and Islam: I. Sweden

ADDENDUM: Sweden totally  submits to Islam: Infowars 25 oct. 2016: Towns across Sweden have banned Christmas street lights in the name of “security,” but the real reason is almost certainly because the country has completely capitulated to Islam.
Last Christmas, it was also announced that a Christmas Eve special broadcast on public television would be hosted by a Muslim woman.
Some areas of Sweden are even capitulating to returning ISIS terrorists by offering jihadists free driving licenses and housing benefits to help them “reintegrate into the job market”.



Summary: The Russian website Sputnik calls George Soros, the ringleader of all riots and revolutions around the world, very aptly “His Master’s Voice”: Soros is Rothschild’s agent and his lord’s mouthpiece.

He has admitted to be the mastermind behind the Muslim mass invasion of Europe, in order to avenge himself on Germany, because she did not want to be the paymaster of a fiscal EU, which his master could have looted down to the last euro.

Soros / Rothschild have a vision: George Soros speaks of “international governance”, more open borders, increased Muslim immigration and diminished global US power.
In 1998, Soros wrote: “The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.”
“We need a global system of political decision-making. In short, we need a global society to support our (Rothschild’s) global economy.”

Sweden now suffers from its incredible stupidity / malice of mass immigration: Crime has gone up by 300% and rape by 1472%, freedom of speech has been abolished, 80% of police officers are looking for another work, 3 Policemen leaving the corps on a daily basis, while no-go-zones for whites are rapidly increasing.

Even immigrant women now have enough – and because of a protest party with 25% of the votes behind them,  the politicians, for fear of their mandates, even have to close the borders and showcase their bigotry to the whole world: a disgrace so far never seen.

Swedish freemasonry and Marxist feminist politicians love Soros and his “open society”. Of 20 Swedish EU parliamentarians, 65% are full supporters of Soros’ “Open Society” and the Islamization of Sweden.
These “politicians” have baptized Soros’ project “The New Land”. And as usual, they are being controlled by a very strong Jewish media junta claiming Jews must lead the world.

Now, however, funny times are drawing to an end: The economy can no longer bear the useless, burdensome immigrants: their grants are being cut so that they are leaving the country voluntarily by the thousands (For 80% of them were not at all refugees – just wanted to live a pleasant, well-paid life without working, being mostly unqualified).

Especially the 35,000 unaccompanied children in 2015 cost enormously. These “children” are sometimes far above normal childhood age.

Sweden is now being pilloried by the Telegraph – as a warning to Freemasons/Marxist feminists in other countries about how deeply a model country can sink through ideological stupidity.

And this stain is irreversible: Sweden is becoming more and more like North Africa, and in the end nobody will see the difference.

For the incredible Freemasonry and Marxism-feminism of Sweden have followed the voice of their masters. These masters, who are in the London City, the Vatican and Jerusalem, also have a spiritual master, Lucifer – and he wants chaos to build  his order: the Communist New World Order dictatorship on the ashes of the old order.
Even Swedish clergymen/women have joined this master.

As The Telegraph and The Express write in their warning: “It makes much more sense to focus on securing stability and development in their home countries rather than promoting mass transfer here”. We have known all along -but the Masons/Feminists want chaos.


Cchaos-of-orderommunism is Satanism, is Cabalist Judaism. Society is assuming the features of this satanic cult, promoting satanic indoctrination,“a system which makes one a tool in its hand–virtually making a slave.” (George Solomon, Among the Red Autocrats, 1935, p.5.
The aim has been to destroy everything wholesome and positive in society based on its Christian heritage. This is because, unknown to most Jews and Freemasons, Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult whose aim is to enslave and exploit mankind. Unless there is a drastic change-of-course, we are headed for a Third World War. An Orwellian world-slave-state with a greatly reduced population will emerge from its radioactive ashes”.  (Converted Jew Henry Makow 23 Oct. 2016)


A decisive means of achieving the Coudenhove Kalergi and Nicolas Sarkozy aim of racial miscegenation through mass immigration is massive brainwashing of the host populations  and here by stultification of our children  and here – and  a new global identity. That goes through cognitive dissonance. The most efficient recipe to enslave us is, however, Marxist feminism and humiliation of the males.

Ghmveorge Soros has admitted to be the mastermind of Europe´s mass immigration as he is its paymaster. I have written about his plan and motivation: Wanting to destroy the EU as revenge because Germany would not be the paymaster of a fiscal EU to be looted to the utmost by Soros´master Rothschild.  Soros is a Rothschild agent.

Here is Soros/Rothschild´s vision
The Washington Times:   George Soros talks of , “international governance” more open borders, increased Muslim immigration and diminished U.S. global power.
Soros wrote in 1998: “The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.”
We need some global system of political decision-making. In short, we need a global society to support our (Rothschild´s) global economy,” Mr. Soros wrote.

Sweden grovels before Soros
Sputnik 14 Oct. 2016 quoting Fria Tider 12 oct. 2016: Soros´ Open Society Foundation was found to have hired a consulting firm to evaluate members of the European Parliament and assess their support of the foundation’s values until the end of their tenure in 2019, Swedish news outlet Fria Tider reported, referring to the leaked document.

Swedish politicians are by far the most loyal to George Soros’ political ambitions. As many as 13 of the 20 Swedish MEPs (equivalent to 65%) were classified as “loyal allies”, acc. to an Open Society evaluation  (A list of names is given). Leaked Docs show George Soros’ attempt to influence 2016 US election.  Ireland and Finland were placed on second and third place respectively (with 54.5 and 53.8 percent of MEPs labeled as Soros loyalists).

Previously, 86-year-old financier George Soros, was found to have sponsored Swedish far-left activists Expo to train leftists within the framework of the pan-European election campaign. Additionally, Swedish entrepreneur Daniel Sachs (Jew and member of the Illuminati Chatham House) was found to receive a grant from Soros for combatting “nationalism” during the 2014 parliamentary elections. In 2014, millions of dollars were handed out to various European organizations by the Open Society in an attempt to manipulate the outcome of the elections held in Europe that year, Fria Tider earlier reported, citing the DC Leaks portal, where some 2,500 documents from the Open Society were made public.

A Swedish travesty: Eva Brunne, the world´s first Lesbian bishop  (she has a young son with her wife and fellow lesbian priest Gunilla Linden) called on churches in Sweden to remove crosses so it didn’t offend Muslims, which was met with a backlash. (Breitbart 5 Oct. 2016). 


A clique of Jews decide what is allowed to be written in the Swedish media. They all have but one thought: Jews must lead the world, as one of them, notorious Barbara Lerner Spectre says, in the struggle for their NWO one-world government, while fanatically fighting to eradicate “whiteness”. Daniel Sachs is one of them.
They are Soros´/Rothschild´s field soldiers alongside with the deeply brainwashed Swedish Masons (Non-Jewish Judaists – and Rothschild/Jesuit footmen) successfully cheating the stupid Goyim (cattle) on behalf of their common “god”,  Lucifer and here  and here and here.


In 1992, Soros became famous in Sweden after an extensive currency speculation affair against the Swedish krona, which subsequently triggered a mass shift of deposits to other currencies for fears of the krona’s collapse. In 1998, six years thereafter, Soros was invited to Sweden. In addition to a dinner with the Royal family, a meeting with Swedish magnate Peter Wallenberg (also Jewish) and a lecture at the School of Economics, he also held a lecture to SIPRI  (the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) ..

Here is what Soros´master is: An unscrupulous  Shabbataean Frankist

Sputnik 13 Sept. 2016Bsoros-election-scandalsillionaire ‘philanthropist’ George Soros has been busy. According to WikiLeaks, his fund laid out $650K to influence Pope Francis’s message to Americans during his US visit last year. The goal: to ensure that Hillary Clinton is elected president.  Soros has spent 25 mio. dollars on Clinton´s election campaign.

Sweden´s Masonic hyperactivity is destroying the country completely.
Swedes are increasingly unhappy (See report from Landskrona). 80% of Swedish police officers are considering to quit service – 3 de facto quitting every day – due to danger from Muslims, as innumerable no-go-zones for whites and here have developed – as aimed at by Soros and his Masons.

Sweden´s overwhelming dominance by  Marxist feminists and here has driven the country into a disaster which they call “Det Nya landet” (The New Country) – a Soros Open Society country – a Welcome Culture repressing all reasonable opposition – after the feminists have brought up  Swedish boys like girls. It is collective  suicide.

Below a quite normal day in a Swedish court. In Denmark, 80% of people coming up before a judge are foreigners – and 95% of dangerous crimes are committed by foreigners.

But now Masonic Swedish  politicians are beginning to react to the protest party “Sveriges-demokraterne” obtaining about 25% of the votes. That and Swedens strained economy has made politicians pull the emergency brake – only to be scolded by European Marxist feminist sisters for not ruining the country totally.


The Telegraph 22 Oct. 2016Liberals beware: evidence is mounting that open borders are unpopular and will not stay open for long. An act of mass generosity is likely to be followed by an act of mass intolerance – as Sweden’s asylum seekers will tell you.


Sweden used to regard itself as an open, tolerant country – and it had a fine record of integrating newcomers. But now it is closing its borders, rejecting asylum applications and sending people home. Nothing has done the country’s self-image more harm than its handling of child refugees.

Back in 2004, it was taking in about 400 children a year; by 2011 it had risen to 2,600. But then came the Great Migration –  In 2015, some 163,000 people claimed refuge. More than a fifth, or 35,000, were children.

The strain on services was predictable: unaccompanied minors account for about half the asylum budget. Sweden had to find an extra 70,000 school places in a country that already had a shortage of teachers. In the municipality of Södertälje, south of Stockholm, some 37 per cent of residents were born abroad. At one local primary school, 90% .
Worse: nothing prepared Swedes for the abuse of their asylum system by predators and criminals. Sweden has had to face the grim possibility that not all its child asylum seekers are children. Some 667 minors had their age adjusted by officials in 2015.
We do know that around half of the unaccompanied minors are aged 16-17. Sweden’s migration agency has implied that there could be cause to doubt the veracity of around 70 per cent of them.

Here are 2 of many  unaccompanied “children” admitted to the UK from the “Calais Jungle” (The Daily Mail 21 Oct. 2016):



The feminists gladly accept that the rape incidents have gone up by 1472% and criminal violence by 300% since Sweden became multicultural, crime and anarchy is prevailing and democracy and freedom of speech has been killed off. They call it “cultural enrichment”.

Nevertheless, if a country doesn’t enforce the rules and have rigorous checks, it creates a problem for itself somewhere down the line that will have to be corrected, and sometimes with drastic means.
Now Welfare and housing payments to asylum seekers are being cut. In the first nine months of this year, around 14,000 of them left the country, of which about 13,000 did so voluntarily. Many more have escaped deportation by going underground. Police say they have lost track of around 12,000.
Just as Germany has quietly clamped down on Balkan migration, so Sweden has, this year, rejected four out of five Afghan applications for asylum.

The peoples of the developing world are on the move. They are a mix of refugees and economic migrants. And some may even be criminal. It makes far more sense to focus on ensuring stability and development in their home countries than encouraging mass relocation here.

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