Euro-Islamic Professor: Paid Turkish and Saudi-Arabian Islam Officials Deceive Gullible Westeners toward Islamization. And the Professor Is even More Dangerous

Abstract: Bassam Tibi is a Muslim and emeritus professor at the University of Göttingen.

He has invented a particularly sneaky form of Islam, the Euro-Islam, which is the answer to the NWO desire of Europe’s Masonic politicians: Europe’s peaceful Islamization – in cooperation with the Masonic CIA agent, the Muslim Brotherhood.  The plan for manipulating Euro-Islam through the back door was found with a member in Lugano – all in agreement with the EU. Today, this Euro-Islam is being promoted by Tafiq Ramadan, among others, a grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood!

Bassam Tibi regularly writes in the Baseler Zeitung, where he has just written a heart-warming taqija article on the political – but not religious – integration of migrants in Europe: they should remain Muslims but simulate Western adaptation. Tibi is a Muslim, and the migrants must remain Muslims, too. However, this means obeying every letter of the Qur’an about murder, war, and deception against unbelievers in their conquest for Allah’s world caliphate, but discreetly until the Sharia caliphate stands! Otherwise one is not a Muslin – because there is no moderate Islam, as Erdogan in Turkey says.

Now, however, Tibi pullwool over our eyes  about Euro-Islam. It is on our side! He tells us how, on the other hand, the Saudis and Turks work together to finance jihad in Europe, in order to promote Islam. And they do this by means of well-paid Islam officials who interfere in everything – and lead the “dialogue” with the gullible Europeans – especially with the churches.

These Islamic officials have induced a bad conscience in their German “partners” in dialogue because of the Third Reich – but they do not want to talk about the bestial humiliations, bloodbaths,  and crucifixions in the conquest by Islam of 2/3 of the Christian countries – and today, too. The accusation of xenophobia opens all doors in Germany and makes the Germans silent! (The Jews have known for a long time !!). And the Europeans would rather repent and discuss their own sins!

The officials lie (taqija) about the politics of the Muslims and place the poor Muslims ( whom the West unreasonably helps) in the sacrificial role – to extort Western concessions. Their tactics are to prevent the integration of Islamic immigrants into citizens and insist that Muslims are members of an Islamic Umma collective; to organize the Islam diaspora into an “enclave”; and to enforce the Islamophobia Club against freedom of expression and Islam criticism.

The institution that pursues this policy of Islamization is the “European Organization of Islamic Centers”, headquartered in Geneva. The agenda of the “European Organization” is not new, it comes from the Islamic League.

What Tibi does not tell is that this European Organization is the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood whose policies are Euro-Islam – embodied by Tafiq Ramadan.

The Secretary General of this organization is a member of the advisory office of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and a former adviser to the deposed president, Mursi. And their presumptive head is President Obama!

Thus, some primitive Muslim jihadists are storming the rotten West – while the cleverer  ones ally with our politicians by means of Masonic Muslim Brotherhood.

The UN told EU to accept 1.3m MORE migrants EVERY YEAR or face population crisis. (The Express 16 Oct. 2016).  

I have so often described how the globalists are outsmarting the gullible, especially Marxist feminist, Europeans, to play a decisive role in George Soros self-ádmitted master plan for Muslim mass invasion with Marxist Merkel’s help.

Now a Muslim professor confirms that this is a Muslim conquest of war (Jihad)
1) is jointly financed by Turkey and Saudi Arabia
2) for the purpose of the Islamization of Europe as part of the Sharia world caliphate.

Ttibihe Baseler Zeitung d. 11. Okt. 2016 by Prof. Bassam Tibi,  a Muslim emeritus professor for international relations at the University of Göttingen. As an Islam expert, he regularly writes for the BaZ.

For decades, I have followed the strategy of Islam organized in associations. This is to deceive “unbelievers” and pursue their own agenda.

Islam, organized in Europe in mosques, cultivates an anti-secular and anti-European mosque culture and fights with all means for special rights for the Islamic community; Islamic functionaries claim to represent the entire Islamic community, although no one has ordered them to do so??

Europe´s enriched future. This Indonesian woman was caned 23 times for standing too close to her boy friend (The Daily Mail 17 Oct. 2016) and carried off the scene.


These officials are presumably “paid”, either by the Islamic AKP, who has ruled Turkey since 2002, or by Wahhabi Saudi Arabia.
As a rule, Islamists are not theologians. One of their many weapons is the accusation of anti-Islamism against Europeans in order to make politics. On the basis of the victim role that the Islamic functionaries attribute to the simple Muslims of the diaspora as a collective, they demand more rights for organized Islam.

In the struggle for legitimacy, these well-heeled Islam officials mobilize European opinion research institutes and pay  them very well and instrumentalize them. A Swiss example of this is the policy of the “Union of European Turkish Democrats” (UETD): In May 2016, it commissioned the opinion research institute GfS to prove that Muslims are discriminated against in Switzerland. With these acquired research results, the UETD is open to the public and is engaged in a world-wide war against Europe, accompanied by demands.

Wtibi-muslim-tolerancehile organized Islamic officials profess  democratic-moderate Islam, they practice “iham” (deception) to cover their Islamization policies. The policy of organized Islamic associations is to prevent the integration of Muslim immigrants into citizens and to insist that Muslims are members of an Islamic Umma collective; To organize the Islam diaspora into an “enclave”; And the Islamophobia Club against freedom of expression and Islam criticism. It is a fact that most of the mosques of Saudi-Arabia and Turkey, which exist in Switzerland and Germany, are directly or indirectly financed and controlled.

The Turkish mosques are officially subordinated to the state’s Diyanet authorities in Ankara. From there, imams paid by the Turkish state are sent. A large part of the Arab mosques is under the influence of the Islamic World League (al-Rabitah al-islamiyyah). The Diyanet Authority is a state authority that is totally controlled by the Islamic AKP.

The institution that is to pursue this policy of Islamization is called the “European Organization of Islamic Centers” headquartered in Geneva. The agenda of the “European Organization” is not new, it comes from the Islamic League. I quote here a document from the Islamic World League published in a-Sharq al-Ausat on 28 July 1993: “The Islamic World League has called for a new strategy for the Da’wa (call to Islam) at its working day in Cairo, … This includes the establishment of Islamic centers in Europe … to prepare the Muslims living there for their role in the future … The application of Sharia law as a guideline in the life of the Muslims is to be demanded. »

I add that the play with the sacrificial role of the Muslims is related to the demand for the Sharia. From this quotation, it is clear that the Islamic migrants act as missionaries for an Islamization policy.

How is the Islamization policy pursued? Two instruments are used:

1. A propaganda war; The instrument of the Iham (deception) to protect against revelations by two allegations: representation of the Muslims as victims of the West and underlining a systematic Islamophobia. On both levels the Europeans are intimidated by clubs in order to win special rights.

2. The instrument of the Christian-Islamic dialogue dominated by deception in the sense of Iham. The Christian-Islamic dialogue is based on deceptions and Western wish-thinking. I was then harassed,  and threatened for years because of my reconnaissance work. My item has been removed from the time archive. Clear and unambiguous was the fact that it was darkened here.

Good people Theology
The imams of the Turkish and Saudi Arabian-dominated mosques, however, proceed from the commandment of the following verse of the Koran: «The religion of Allah is Islam» (Al-Imran, (Sura 3) verse 19), educate Muslims born in Europe in the spirit of  exclusion until  Islamization becomes a reality.

Some “Good people” Islamic experts claim that Islam is connected with Christianity by a historical marriage, which has been misunderstood by misunderstandings; They preach the “dialogue” as a remedy. This is only the wishful thinking of cultural personalities.

Not only was the German past  reserved for the Christian representatives, they were also made responsible for the crusades and colonialism. At the same time, the Muslims boldly forbade to be confronted with the history of jihad.

In Germany, attempts have been made to establish a dialogue with Islam since the early 1980s. On the European side, the dialogue was with the churches and Christian foundations,  on the Muslim side with scholars  and with government representatives. From the nineties onwards, however, Turkish and Saudi Arabian-funded, organized groups of Islamic officials appeared.

The Islamic jihad conquests have resulted in a lot of blood, and Muslims have often forced their faith to be brutally imposed on non-Muslims. But talking about it is a taboo. The Christians also prefer to talk about their own dark past. There is only a false dialogue..

Christians have to deal with this hostile attitude openly instead of continuing to talk about charity.

Why is this not happening?

1) the guilt feelings of the European Christians in relation to the inglorious past of their church in the Third Reich.
(2) the ethically decreed cast-of-mind love of strangers  with  the Germans, which forbids them to distinguish between  democratic and undemocratic cultures.
3) the fear of the Christian churches to lose power. Those who deny the monopolistic claim of the Orthodox Muslims endanger the corresponding Christian monopoly.

The basis must be the acceptance of equality of the religions. Neither accusations nor self-accusations are helpful. Neither Islamists nor scholarly Muslims, and certainly not Islam functionaries, fulfill the conditions.


Left: Rafiq Ramadan showing the sign of Muslim faith.

Tafiq Ramadan: “For over 20 years,  I have been  defending the idea of European Islam. ‘Euro-Islam’ is a mega reality.

When Muslims are visible in public, build mosques and show their religiosity,  it means that they feel at home and that they are safe.
Never before have we had such a strong Muslim European middle class, as we see today.  The projektet of European Islam a mega success. (Politiken 15 March 2014).

The safer this Muslim middle class feels, the more unsafe, of course, Europeans feel who know that all of Islam is one big declaration of war on the infidels.

Thus, Prof Tibi (and Tafiq Ramadan) demands that in Europe, Islam should be equated with the ancient Christian religion, i.e. that Europe is to recognize  the religion, which goes exclusively for winning the world for the Shari’ah at our cost by all means: war, murder, lies and fraud, as equitable. In doing so, he demands our “democratically-acquired” society to be abolished and total submission under Allah’s inhuman Sharia.

It is bad what he writes about  Turkey and Saudi Arabia, organized in agreement with our Masonic politicians, are working energetically to transform our societies into Sharia dictatorships.
However, the mass media, even though they mostly conceal it, by and by know  that something like this goes out of the mosques.

Here is what  Danish TV2 learned about what the imams in the mosques really say: We are now in the process of conquering Europe. Do not melt into these societies!

Here, an Imam says exactly what the Koran says: advocating killing (stoning) of adulteresses, murder of apostates, etc. as reported by  The Daily Mail 29 Febr. 2016 

This madness is now known to all Danes – and yet they do not object to Muslim mass immigration.

But worse still are snakes like Prof. Bassam Tibi: They gain sympathy for the same murderous religion as the Imams preach: They leave the impression that there is moderate Islam – which according to the Turkish president Erdogan does not exist.
This is what our Freemason politicians and media heartily want us to think: this makes their work easier for the satanic NWO.

Prof. Tibi represents what he and his political admirers call “Euro-Islam”:
The Cairo Review: “Tibi’s noted concept of Euroislam, which proposes that Muslims can be fully assimilated as Europeans without compromising their religious beliefs, and without “Islamicizing” Europe, as many European nationalists have come to fear.
Integration, according to Tibi, goes beyond legal citizenship or even economic integration. It requires participating in a political culture of pluralism.
He strongly opposes the alternative to this political culture, where Muslims in Europe live in what he calls “parallel societies.”
Rather than fully assimilating and giving up religion to integrate, Tibi says, Muslims just need to add to it and live by these five principles:separation of church and state, democracy, human rights, religious pluralism, and civil society.
As Tibi puts it, “I would never contradict what Allah says… but this is not Allah, this is you.”
Exactly. And what Allah said is the Koran. A Muslim is obliged to live by every word in that book ( sure 3:19, 21:10): To deceive infidels and kill them (sure 9:1-5), not make friends with them, not integrate (4:144, 5:51).

So, Prof.  Tibi´s Euro-Islam is either: Quitting to be a Muslim or pretending to do so, while secretly working for Islam, thus deceiving the gullible infidels.

I have written about Taqija- Islam´s legal lie.

I see Tibi as a  wolf in sheep´s clothes: For he openly professes to be a Muslim, meaning he follows the murderous Koran.
He seems to be liberal and democratic – calls on Muslims to be democratic which is blasphemy. “For Allah has already given all laws necessary”.
Logically this must be Taqija!!

Bassam Tibi´s Euro-Islam was picked up by the Rafiq Ramadan, the double-tongued  grandson of the Founder(Hassan Banna) of the Muslim Brotherhood . It seems to be the weapon of the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in the Islamization of Europe by their great plan with EU collusion, which I  have described several times. All Muslim terror groups are members of the MB – and Pres. Obama is a member – possibly even the boss of the MB.

What Tibi does not tell is that the European Organization of Islamic Centers is the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe, whose policies are his Euro-Islam – embodied by Tafiq Ramadan. The Secretary General of this organization is a member of the advisory office of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and former adviser to the deposed president, Mursi.

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