Mossad: Obama Leaves Aleppo and Syria to Permanent Russian, Turkish, Iranian Occupation. But Pentagon, CIA, McCain Perpetrate the US Military Policy: “Down Russian Planes in Syria!”

DWN 7 Oct. 2016: The Russian parliament has decided the permanent deployment of its troops in Syria. Moscow fears an overlapping of the activities of the Islamic and international mercenaries on Russian territory.

Sputnik 9 Oct. 2016:  “The United States lacks a coherent policy on Syria because of “competing influences”, Charles Shoebridge, British security analyst and former counter-terrorism intelligence officer, told Sputnik.
“Washington lacks coherent policy on Syria because of the fact that the US foreign policy on the whole is subject to interests of various lobby groups  the Pentagon, the State Department, the CIA as well as other state bodies
It is safe to say that US President Barack Obama is currently unable to take control of his country’s foreign and security policy.

Sputnik 8 Oct. 2016:  Right after the signing of the agreement, the Pentagon was the first to announce that it won’t adhere to the articles of the agreement and won’t provide the Russian military with any information,”


DEBKAfile 8 Oct. 2016: T
The warlike rhetoric heard from Washington over the plight of the stricken Syrian town of Aleppo does not represent any current Obama administration plan for military intervention to halt the ever-mounting carnage.

President Barack Obama’s mind is elsewhere.
This was discovered by his national security adviser Susan Rice every time she tried to arrange for Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford to be received by the president. After the collapse of diplomacy with Moscow for a cessation of hostilities, they had drawn up a plan for limited US military intervention in Syria that would enable essential humanitarian aid to reach the population.
Obama refused to hear what the trio had to say and the plan was shelved.

DEBKAfile’s Washington sources report that, for now, the US president’s mind is fixed exclusively on the preparations for the Oct. 19 offensive for the liberation of the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS occupation. US, Iraqi, Iraqi and Kurdish forces are aligned for the battle.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is exploiting Obama’s preoccupation with the Mosul offensive to snatch a free hand for pushing the Aleppo battle to its barbaric limit.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, after grabbing 5,000 sq. km of northern Syria in collusion with Putin, is letting his army stand by idly as every attempt to bring life-saving assistance from Turkey to the beleaguered population is thrown back.

This secret deal has also neutralized the US special operations forces deployed in northern Syria. Washington has therefore lost any leverage for swaying events in that part of the country.

Since they are hemmed in on all sides, Obama refuses to hear of any military intervention in an area under Russian-Turkish control.

Obama is a “lame duck” – and US Syrian military policy is perpetrated without his influence – as clearly seen through the 17 Sept. US Attack on the Syrian army.
The Military Industrial Complex is offered another chunk of fresh meat in an upcoming attack on Mosul in Iraq. But that will hardly satisfy the Pentagon.

And it will not at all please Israel, for acc. to Veterans Today 6 Oct. 2016, 60.000 Iranian soldiers in Syria will then be able to turn on Israel!
And  US Senator, John McCain, has officially called  and here to down Russian and Syrian aircraft in order to protect the ‘civilian population’. But apparently that was 1 year ago.
McCain´s attitude  depicts the sentiments of a significant part of the US elites after Moscow and Damascus said ‘NO’ to the unilateral abide by the terms of the US-Russian deal over Syria.

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