US Sidelined: Russia Makes Aleppo Living Hell, Warning NATO: “Any American Attempts to Stop It Would Lead to “Frightening Tectonic Shifts in the Middle East”. John Kerry Nearly Crying with Rescuers

The Guardian 2 Oct. 2016An unrelenting Russian and Syrian blitz of eastern Aleppo heavily damaged one of the city’s three remaining hospitals on Saturday, as Moscow warned that any American attempts to stop its assault would lead to “frightening tectonic shifts in the Middle East”.

Rescuer in Aleppo cries as he liberated a baby from the rubbles. Efficient “atrocity            porno” once more


Earlier in the week two other emergency centres and the only remaining maternity centre were bombed by jets, prompting a bitter response from US diplomats and vague claims that Washington was “reviewing options” about how to defuse a grave and deteriorating humanitarian crisis.
The US and Europe have said Russia is acting in flagrant breach of international law. Three days of phone calls between US secretary of state John Kerry and Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov have failed to slow the carnage.

Is Putin the world´s good Samaritan humanist – or an NWO antithesis hypocrite?  Please, note his power base!

Kerry is known to have advocated a more robust US role in the five-year war.
In the recordings, which were published by the New York Times, Kerry is heard saying: “We are trying to pursue the diplomacy and I understand it’s frustrating. You have no one more frustrated than we are.
He said that the US had no legal justification for attacking the Assad regime, while Russia had been invited to join the conflict on behalf of the Syrian leader.

Kerry and other senior officials have recently argued that US attempts to stem the violence are being ignored and that citizens and some armed groups nominally supported by the US are being left defenceless by Russian and Syrian strikes.


The Independent 1 Oct: The Turkish military, with armour, air-power and troops on the ground – a thousand of them special forces – are moving deeper into Syria, along with Syrian opposition fighters, setting up a “security zone” across the border.
Russia has given tacit approval for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s actions in northern Syria.
Washington’s warning to Ankara against striking the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian Democratic Forces  have been ignored.

Mr Erdogan has continued to condemn the US for supporting the Kurds. President Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, said: “The Russians are not objecting to what Turkey is doing in northern Syria.

Jim W. Dean, Veterans Today Editor  has recently said that people in “the military industrial complex” are really angry because they cannot get their “war with Iran and are looking for a substitute.” They think they have found their substitutes: Russia and Syria.

Veterans Today 1 Oct. 2016Senior US military officials secretly worked to sabotage efforts to cooperate with Russia on implementing a ceasefire in Syria, former White House National Security Council advisor Gwenyth Todd told Sputnik: On Friday, US Department of State spokesman Mark Toner told CNN the United States was close to cutting off engagement with Russia because of the Syrian government’s military operations in Aleppo.
What we have here is like a silent US military coup,” Todd stated when asked why US-Russian cooperation on Syria fell apart.

Anti-Russian hawks within the Defense Department, Todd claimed, undermined cooperation with Russia and prevented the US government from no longer insisting on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s departure. 

“There is no viable solution other than to tell all [Syrian] armed rebels to lay down their arms or face all [US] support being cut off,” Todd suggested.
“We [the United States] could fix this tomorrow by letting Assad reestablish control and security, but instead we keep insisting on legitimizing the rebels,” Todd maintained.

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