War Forerunner Jewish New York Times Scolding Putin as It Did Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and Assad before US Attacking Them

As I consider what is going on in Syria to be vital for the world´s future I shall bring current news from Syria for a period of time. 

Your NewsWire 1 Oct. 2016 writes about an editorial from the New York Times on 29 Sept. 2016:   The American daily has in the past promoted most of America’s wars overseas, notably the invasion of Iraq, 2003. The tone of the editorial indicates America is preparing for a showdown with Russia. President Putin is now under attack from the U.S. as were Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad and others.

Hputin-outlaw-stateere is from the editorial in the New York Times on 29 Sept. 2016:   “President Vladimir Putin is fast turning Russia into an outlaw nation“. “Some Western officials have accused Russia of war crimes, charges that could be pursued through international channels”.
New sanctions against Russia also should be considered.”
“Russian and Syrian forces, backed by Iranian ground troops, have continued the slaughter“. “On Sept. 19, Russia bombed an aid convoy, which like hospitals also being bombed and civilians are not supposed to be targeted under international law.” (Convoy attack probably not true).
aleppoMr. Kerry has few, if any, diplomatic cards to play.


President Obama has long refused to approve direct military intervention in Syria. And Mr. Putin may be assuming that Mr. Obama is unlikely to confront Russia in his final months and with an American election season in full swing. But with the rebel stronghold in Aleppo under threat of falling to the government, administration officials said that such a response is again under consideration.

His unconscionable behavior — butchering civilians in Syria and Ukraine, annexing Crimea, computer-hacking American government agencies, crushing dissent at home — suggests that the furthest thing from his mind is becoming a constructive partner in the search for peace.

ANSAmed 30Sept. 2016  “Each time we target Jabhat Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) we are told that this must not be done, because near them, among them, are good people”  – said the Russian minister. 
Russia has “strengthened” its air contingent in Syria, in the Latakia base, and is reportedly ready to do it again, this time sending a significant group of Su-25 attack aircraft, able to increase from two to 10 times a day the “frequency” of air raids against militant positions, the daily Izvestia reported Friday, citing a “military diplomatic source”.
Sending them is allegedly part of Moscow’s response to the Pentagon’s plan B in case an agreement with Russia failed, or increasing the raids, boosting the involvement of special forces and increasing the provision of weapons to the so-called moderate opposition.
Confirmed by Deutsche Welle 1 Oct. 2016, which adds that US Secr. of State John Kerry has pleaded in the Government for US military intervention in Syria – but for deaf ears.


DWN 1. Okt. 2016: Big powers push for a global war in Syria. According to the Syrian army leadership, the international and Islamist mercenaries are preparing a counteroffensive against the Syrian army in Aleppo.

DWN 1. Okt. 2016: The development is highly dangerous: Because the US government is now threatening open air strikes against the Syrian army, as Reuters reported in its English-language service.

A Pentagon spokesman said in Washington that Russia must be prepared for several Russian planes being shot down and Russian soldiers being brought home in shrouds .

In the US government, the tensions on the strategy are growing:
President Barack Obama wants to avoid an open military confrontation with Russia. So far, Obama could leave this issue to his Secretary of State John Kerry. But Kerry said in an interview on the fringes of the UN General Assembly, whose tape was leaked to the New York Times that Kerry and some other members of the government  a few months ago were in favour of  a direct military intervention in Syria. However, they overruled by the majority of the Obama team. However,  according to the tape Kerry still holds the position that a military intervention by the United States would lead to an escalation.

us-russia-clash3In Europe, support is provided for a harder line against the Russians by the Greens: “I think that one should not just wait if one seeks a negotiated settlement,”  the leader of the Green Group in the European Parliament, Rebecca Harms, said according to Reuters.

A US government spokesman had hinted at new economic sanctions against Russia a few days ago.
A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry told Tass that the Russians did calculate with a time limit of their operatin which has now been going on for a year.

Saker 30 Sept. 2016  the Russians have already concluded that the US is “not-agreement-capable”. The Russia reaction was predictable: Lavrov’s admitted that he could not even take his American colleagues seriously.

From the above it is obvious that the US is willing to trigger World War 3  in order to support Al Qaeda- and ISIS-Muslims in Aleppo and here. The mask has finally fallen off the face of the US hypocrites.
Still, the question remains why is  so important for the  the US to overthrow  and here Pres. Assad, even though I have previously stated several good reasons.

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