Pentagon, Congress, US State Dept. Demand No-Fly Zone for Russians and Syrians in Northern Syria. “That Means War with Russia”, Says Chief of Joint Chiefs of Sraff

Infowars 24 Sept. 2016  Pentagon officials have called for a ‘no-fly’ zone in Syria – except that it would only apply to Russian and Syrian aircraft.
Speaking to the Senate Armed Services Committee following the recent humanitarian atrocities by airstrikes that occurred in Syria over the past week, Defense Secretary Ash Carter and General Joseph Dunford have proposed that a no-fly zone be enforced, with the exception of American aircraft.
“I would not agree that coalition aircraft ought to be grounded,” Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford stated. “I do agree that Syrian regime aircraft and Russian aircraft should be grounded.


World Socialist Web Site 24 Sept. 2016: The enforcement of a “no-fly” zone in Syria would mean a US war with both Syria and Russia, the top US uniformed commander told the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday.
Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spelled out the grave implications of the policy advocated by both predominant sections within the Republican Party as well as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Secretary of State John Kerry has repeatedly demanded that Russia adhere to what would essentially be a one-sided “no-fly” zone under conditions in which US warplanes would continue carrying out airstrikes.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov rebuked Kerry’s proposal.

The imposition of a no-fly zone over Aleppo and other Al Nusra-controlled areas is increasingly seen as a life and death matter for the US-backed Islamists. As Thursday’s Senate hearing indicated, while Kerry is appealing to Russia to voluntarily stand down, there are significant elements within the US state that are calling for the imposition of the no-fly zone by force.

Gen. Dunford was asked by Mississippi Republican Senator Roger Wicker if the US could take “decisive action” in imposing a no-fly zone. Wicker indicated that he had discussed the matter with Democrats, who indicated that they would support such a venture if the US intervention were given another name.

Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona pushed Dunford to clarify that total control of the Syrian airspace would require war with Russia and Syria, while a no-fly zone could potentially be imposed short of that.

The Express 20 Sept. 2016  Army planners believe Vladimir Putin could look to take advantage of the election of a new US president to launch an attack on eastern European countries. (Cf. Putin´s mentor Alexander Dugin)

And a top military expert has warned that the US military is “woefully unprepared” for a fight against Russian troops, blasting: “America’s Army is poised for defeat in a European war.
Putin’s military could win any war on the continent “very quickly”.
The chiefs of the army, navy, air force and marines told the armed services committee that conflict with Moscow would be a “high military risk” where victory could not be guaranteed.

John McCain said He said that whilst US Army planners believe they may have to fight a “near-peer” adversary – probably Russia – within five years, an invasion could come as early as next year.
DEBKAfile 23 Sept. 2016:  On Friday, Sept. 23, Syrian and Russian bombers pulverized Syrian rebel strongholds in eastern Aleppo. DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources add that if this master plan is realized in northern Syria, it will soon be transferred to the south as a template for the Russian-Syrian military tactics in areas abutting Israel.

YourNewsWire 25 Sept. 2016:  Dr. Craig Roberts served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan administration  says America’s unreasonableness in economic matters and foreign policy has made war inevitable.  “There are no longer any independent networks. ABC, NBC and CBS are all cogs in huge conglomerates.  It’s a ministry of propaganda” (Orwell).

Please add this:
1) Illegally present US/NATO attack Syrian soldiers in Syria paving the way for an ISIS attack.
2) Russia retaliates, killing 30 officers in a NATO/US/Israeli commando room in Aleppo
3) The US Senate , Foreign minister and Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff seriously considering establishing a no-fly-zone for Russians and Syrians in the Northern part of  sovereign Syria! (above)
4) Putin´s mentor, Alexander Dugin, holds war before the US presidential election likely
5) So does US former deputy secretary Craig Roberts (above)
5) German and Czech governments have called on their citizens to hoard water and food for 5, resp. 10 days – and to “prepare for the worst”.
6) Acc. to Putin´ s previous adviser  Illarionow, Putin has been preparing for WW3 for now more than 10 Years. However, acc. to his mentor, Alexandr Dugin he needs more time for this big bang.. 

I will leave to my readers to find the  sum of this mathematical problem.

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