Putin´s Mentor Alexander Dugin: “3. World War before US Presidential Elections because US Neo Cons Need It instead of Trump. US Attack on Syrian Army a Declaration of War on Russia!”

Dear readers. This may be the grimmest post I ever wrote. I do not want to scare you.

But talk of WW3 is becoming more and more common. Time and again, I have told you that acc. to Biblical prophecy, which was  confirmed (Matth. 5:17-21)  by Jesus Christ there will be a worldwide  war as never  seen before (Luke 21, Matth. 24)  – and never to  be seen again. And I have told you how the Pharisees (Chabad Lubavitch) are preparing Putin for the role of Gog (Ezekiel 38, 39) to attack Israel in the end time. So it will come, in my opinion.

As he is the scientifically proven  only one risen from the dead he is also capable of keeping this promise – like he has kept all other promises.

SO DO NOT DESPAIR:  ” And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Lukas 21:28).

It seems as though both Russia and the US/NATO are pushing for a military confrontation in Syria – as I have written before.

Rothschild agent George Soros has launched a website propagandizing against a postulated Trump-Putin connection.  The website is said to be astonishingly alarmist, and demonstrates that the Washington establishment are grooming the public for war with Russia.


Does any side want peace in Syria?
It more and more looks like the US-NATO-Israeli alliance is stepping up a regional conflagration and confrontation with Russia/Iran in their illegal war in Syria:
There certainly are very strong forces in and outside the US Pentagon who want the cease-fire to be broken and are hell-bent on war with Russia: The Military Industrial Complex  and here and apparently strong Israeli moles. Netanyahu´s mole in the White is – the notorious Jew Philip Zelikow.

The military Industrial Complex has bought the Pentagon and Defence Minister Carter seems to be in its pocket. We remember him as advocate for the 9/11 false flag scenario alongside with Jewish  Philip Zelikow.
And as Prof. Chossudovsky writes: WWII is ongoing. The military confrontation between Russia and the US will take place in the Middle East.


Who runs US military?
Gordon Duff, Veterans Today 20 Sept. 2016:  The US military, the Pentagon, answers, by our estimation, to extremist elements who use the American military as a mercenary force in support of a hidden agenda formulated in the Tel Aviv “chaos theory academy.”
The outpost of this “academy” in the US is the Institute for the Study of War, an Israeli run think tank that simply passes orders on to the Pentagon, quite often as it seems, to sabotage American foreign policy and most certainly in support of ISIS, al Nusra and other terror groups.

Picture below from Smoloko


Russian military did not want the cease-fire either: The Moscow Times 22 Sept. 2016:  It is hard to escape the impression that Russia has decided this week to bomb its way out of its most important diplomatic achievement — the Kerry-Lavrov agreement in Geneva on Cessation of Hostilities (CoH) and U.S.-Russia military cooperation in Syria.
From the onset of the CoH on Sept. 12, the Russian commanders in Syria and at the Defense Ministry took an unusually skeptical attitude toward the deal and almost immediately started building a public case that the CoH was failing due to violations by the Syrian rebels and the U.S.
It looks as if Moscow has little capacity to deliver Assad’s compliance and may even be inclined to agree with his resolve to fight this war to the end.

In fact, Syria is an important country in the plan of Putin  and his  fascist mentor and Eurasia-ideologist, Alexander Dugin and here – and in Brzezinski´s Grand Chessboard plan, which has now been changed  towards entangling Russia deeper and deeper into the Syrian quagmire while the US keeps a low profile!

But let us hear what Putin´s mentor Alexander Dugin has to say:

Here is what Dugin says: War now before the US elections because the Neocons desperately need it before Trump becomes president. The US attack on the Syrian army was a declaration of war against Russia. The situation is very, very dangerous. We will always win. But we need to buy time. However, if the US wants war it cannot be avoided.  More on KATEHON.


I have listed the information below

DEBKAfile 22 Sept. 2016: St-90-tanks-to-the-syrian-armyix steps by the Assad regime in the last few days, reported by DEBKAfile’s military sources, point to preparations for a massive Syrian army offensive  backed by Hizballah, pro-Iranian Shiite militias and Iranian Rev Guards officers, for clearing the strong rebel presence out of the Syrian Golan.

According to our military sources, the current Syrian and allied lineup just across the border from Israel is not deployed this time to attack Israel, but for a clean sweep of all the Syrian rebel forces holding sectors of the Golan-Israeli border.

The pro-Assad forces are expected to weigh in with artillery shelling and heavy aerial bombing to force the local Syrian population of 140,000 to 160,000 to flee. This scenario would confront Israel and the IDF with the possibility of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees clamoring for sanctuary.

Our intelligence sources add that Iran, Hizballah and Syria have decided to henceforth hit back at any Israeli air or artillery strikes against a Syrian target on the Golan.


YourNewsWire 21 Sept. 2016:   The US will give Israel $38 billion in military aid over the next ten years.
The real beneficiaries are the US military-industrial complex. Perhaps the money won’t even leave Washington – it may simply go across town, from the Fed to the Beltway bomb-makers.

New York Times 17 Sept. 2016  The United States acknowledged that its warplanes had carried out an airstrike in Syria that resulted in the deaths of Syrian government troops. American military officials said the pilots in the attack, in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour, believed they were targeting the Islamic State.
Russia’s defense ministry said the United States attack had killed 62 Syrian troops, wounded 100 more and opened the way for an Islamic State offensive.

YourNewsWire 18 Sept. 2016: Putin has called an emergency UN Security Council meeting after US-led coalition forces killed 62 Syrian soldiers and injuring 100 more in air attacks. “If previously we had suspicions that Al-Nusra Front is protected this way, now, after today’s airstrikes on the Syrian army we come to a really terrifying conclusion for the entire world: The White House is defending IS [Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL],” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Rossiya 24.

YourNewsWire 18 Sept. 2016:   Turkish Police Chief Says He Protected ISIS For NATO

Global Res. 19 Sept. 2016, Prof. ChossudovskyTestimonies by Syrian soldiers who are fighting the Islamic State rebels (ISIS-Daesh):
– We [Syrian soldiers] first thought the aircraft are support to us after the first 2 shots, but we quickly found out that they are targeting our forces aggressively, while we were fAdd Newighting IS terrorists. The aircraft used cluster bombs against us.

– A day before the airstrikes, the [US] drones were flying and scanning all the area
– The US air-strikes destroyed all our equipment and defense points.
– IS fighters attacked us immediately after and during the US strikes. Some of them were laughing
– US drones and helicopters opened fire from machine guns on our retreated forces
– It for sure wasn’t a mistake, they targeted us intentionally to help IS.
America is ISIS itself.

Global Res. 19 Sept. 2016, Prof. Chossudovsky: The weekend bombings in New York and New Jersey have served to distract public attention from the fact (amply documented) that US forces in Syria are protecting the ISIS-Daesh terrorists.

Obama  ”put these attacks [New York, New Jersey, Minnesota] in the context of the military campaign in Syria and Iraq against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL”.

“In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. We have become a lunatic asylum!” (David Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps intelligence officer).

CIA Director John Brennan has warned the American public that ISIS (He himself) are planning more attacks across Europe and America. 
A senior military source has confirmed that the White House are actively colluding with ISIS in order to oust President Assad in Syria. According to the source, ISIS were able to launch attacks on the Syrian army following the US-led airstrikes on Saturday, due to an ISIS-US collaboration.

US accuses Russia/Syrian government of bombing UN Aid convoy to Aleppo 
and Russian Govt. mouthpiece Sputnik indicates US allied rebels did it – possibly ordered by the US to distract attention from US attack on Syrian army

Turkey preparing to occupy big chunk of northern Syria.
Turkish President Erdogan announces his intention to occupy an area the size of the Grand Canyon in northern Syria. In order to create a so-called security zone, Erdogan is planning the largest military intervention of recent Turkish history.
Erdogan is obvious determination not to allow Kurdish autonomy on the Turkish border

UN Aid Convoy destined for Aleppo and the International Union of Medical Care and Relief attacked

Acc. to Syrian Pres. Assad, the attack was done by US allied terrorists. And “all the Americans say is lies”


The Telegraph 21 Sept. 2016: Russia was directly involved in the bombing of a UN aid convoy on the outskirts of Aleppo in a “revenge” attack for an earlier air strike that killed 60 Syrian soldiers, according to senior coalition officials.
Eyewitnesses on the ground reported seeing a number of Russian surveillance aircraft circling overhead before the aid convoy was struck by a series of missiles fired by warplanes, killing an estimated 20 civilians and destroying 18 UN trucks carrying vital humanitarian supplies to besieged rebel areas.


The Truthseeker 21 Sept. 2016 : Russian planes dropped bombs that destroyed UN aid convoy, US officials say.
These are very serious allegations. U.S. officials are effectively accusing Russia of having committed a war-crime. Which begs the question: what would Russia gain from such an action?
Which begs the question: what would Russia gain from such an action? Very little. Russia denies having done it. NATO Secr. General Jens Stoltenberg says no one can decide who did it. First material must be collected!!


What evidence does the U.S. have to backup its allegation? According to Capt Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman: “There are only three parties that fly in Syria: the coalition, the Russians and the Syrian regime. It was not the coalition.

However, in addition to the three parties mentioned. Israel regularly violates Syrian airspace
Only the week before Israeli jets attacked a Syrian Army position in the Golan Heights
So there are in fact four parties that regularly fly in Syria and two of them have proven themselves past masters of the false flag; as 9/11 has long been suspected of having been a joint Israeli–U.S. false flag.

As with any crime, investigators should always first ask: who benefits? In this case neither Russia or Syria (??) have anything to gain but the U.S. and Israel do.

The Daily Mail 21 Sept. 2016 Russia has tried to claim that the deadly attack on the aid convoy was not an airstrike – and that the 18 lorries packed with medicine and food somehow caught fire.
Hussein Badawi, who leads the Syrian Civil Defense  in Uram al-Kubra, said the strikes came from helicopters and land missiles

UN humanitarian spokeman Jens Laerke said: ‘We are not in a position to determine whether these were in fact air strikes. We are in a position to say that the convoy was attacked.


The Independent 21 Sept. 2016
Russia has denied US claims its planes hit a UN aid convoy near Aleppo, releasing drone footage which it claims shows the trucks were travelling with a rebel vehicle carrying a heavy mortar.

Senior US officials speaking anonymously have said they have evidence that the Monday night attack on a UN and Red Crescent convoy, which killed around 21 people and destroyed aid for thousands, was carried out by two Russian Sukhoi SU-24 jets which were seen above the vehicles within one minute of when they was struck. Intelligence reports suggested it was indeed an attack from the air carried out by Russian planes (By Russians or Syrians).

Oconvoy-mortatn Tuesday, however, Russia released video (left) from the incident which it says “clearly shows how terrorists are redeploying a pickup with a large-calibre mortar on it using the convoy as a cover.” In the footage, the truck can be seen travelling alongside the aid vehicles. The drone moves away before the incident takes place.

Eyewitnesses reported that the attack was an aerial bombardment, which destroyed 18 of 31 trucks and damaged a warehouse and health clinic in the rebel-held town of Uram al-Kubra in Aleppo province.

The Independent 21 Sept. 2016An air strike on Paris-based International Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations medical facility  in rebel-held territory outside the contested city of Aleppo has killed at least five staff members.
There were no reports on who was behind the strike.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said at least 13 people were killed in the attack, including nine militants, some of them belonging to the Jabhat al-Nusra group.

There is no ISIS and the majority of the other groups – and there are now over 200 -are tied to military contracting firms who use NGO’s and other charity fronts to funnel jihadists and even chemical weapons through Turkey and Jordan.

Putin´s Secret 9/11 material
The Daily Star 12 Sept. 2016Russian political website Pravda reported Putin is on the verge of releasing “authoritative evidence” which proves “beyond any doubt” that the White House was directly involved.
The report was published on 7 February 2015 by the Russian political newspaper. The list of evidence includes satellite images.

One gets the impression that the US is challenging Russia by all means in Syria – and Europe (Missiles). It reminds of a staged theatre with grave consequences. Maybe Obama and others are interested in having a serious crisis to avoid Trump as president – enabling Obama´s 3. period as US president. Already the MSM writes  Hillary Clinton´s obit!!  as presidential candidate.  It could, however, backfire, if Putin really has the smoking 9/11 gun – which could start a civil war in the US.
Has the US attitude something to do with the fact that Putin is abandoning the Russian Rothschild central Bank  and the petrodollar 

1) Nearly all alternative observers agree that the American attack on the Syrian Army was no mistake, but deliberately paving the road of the ISIS counterattack.
2) When I take a look at the UN convoy cars/lorries I have the impression that they were attacked horizontally  – not from above. Russia says the same thing, as I see later.
3) The Americans – like on 9/11 and other events – names the culprit immediately, without any investigation. The Russians would be too smart to attack an UN/Red Crescent  convoy.

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