Why ISIS never Attacks Israel: ISIS Is Israeli-led “(I)sraeli (S)ecret (I)ntelligence (S)ervice”, CIA´s and Mossad´s Excuse for War

YourNewsWire 18 Sept. 2016: Putin has called an emergency  UN Security Council meeting after US-led coalition forces killed 62 Syrian soldiers and injured another 100 in air attacks. “If previously we had suspicions that Al-Nusra Front is protected this way, now, after today’s airstrikes on the Syrian army we come to a really terrifying conclusion for the entire world: The White House is defending IS [Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL],” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Rossiya 24.

YourNewsWire 18 Sept. 2016:   Turkish Police Chief Says He Protected ISIS For NATO


Did you ever wonder why ISIS is (falsely) said to attack nearly all over the world?  ISIS did not stage the terror attacks in Europe. In all probability Mossad and the CIA staged false flags and psyops  (Charlie Hebdo, and Paris 13 Nov. 2016,  and here, and  Brussels, and Nice, and Munich. ISIS has never attacked Muslims´arch enemy: Israelmccain-meets-caliph-baghdadi-in-aleppo-in-april-2013-300x168.

US Senator John McCain met with ISIS and its leader, self-appointed Caliph  Abu Baktr  al Baghdadi (in circle left) in Syria on 28 May 2013.

Before you read the following you should be aware of 4 Things:

1)  The US and Israel in cooperation with Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey founded, fund, train and equip ISISUS Defence Intelligence Agency  announced salafist  ISIS in 2012 (AQI = Al Qaeda in Arabia):


It was confirmed by US General Michael Flynn. The 

US Congress woman Tulsi Gabbard: The U.S. is directly and indirectly funding ISIS and Al Qaeda .

The New American 14 Sept. 2016: Yet another top military leader for the Islamic State, or ISIS, was exposed as having been trained by the U.S. government — this one as recently as 2014 and on American soil.
Tkhalimovhe terror leader in question, Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov (left), who is originally of Tajikistan, is the new “minister of war” for ISIS. He took over ISIS forces after the previous U.S. government-trained ISIS military chief, Tarkhan Batirashvili (a.k.a. Abu Omar al Shishani), was reportedly killed.

2) ISIS` MOUTHPIECE TO THE WORLD IS JEWISH AARON ZELIN –  a fellow of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy – which is intimately affiliated to the US COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS –  the US´invisible government.

3) ISIS is not a particularly perverse form of Islam: ISIS is the perfect practicing of the words of the Koran. As Veterans Today has written ”ISIS” DOES NOT EXIST. We are  “ISIS”: AN EVIL  COALITION OF MAFIA STATES HIRING  WILLING, MUSLIM  MERCENARIES”.

4) ISIS and the “War on Terror” are basically excuses for the beginning of WW3 AGAINST RUSSIA. Israel´s goal is “GREATER ISRAEL“.

The following articles have strong suspicions why ISIS does not attack Israel – we already know why.

Y-Net News 30 March 2016: (ISIS-leader) Al-Baghdadi’s goals are focused on taking over moderate Arab countries, who cooperate with Israel such as Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.
In the Arab world, which is addicted to conspiracy theories, there are two main rumors. The first is that al-Baghdadi and his group are afraid of Israel and think the IDF is too strong, tough, and dangerous.
The second theory is that Israel and more specifically, the Mossad, created ISIS.  That is the reason, according to the conspiracy theory, that ISIS is making sure to spread and attack targets at the behest of the Israelisand making Israel an ally.

YourNewsWire 2 Sept. 2016:  Below is the Google translation of an article in the Egypt Independent 7 Sept. 2014  of the Arabic essay by Bassam Ramadan, “Daesh (ISIS): Allah commands us not to fight Israel.”

Hisis-israele said the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Daesh), Allah in the Qur’an commands us not to fight Israel or Jews, but fight the apostates and hypocrites

On questions about why Daesh does not fight Israel but will fight the people of Iraq and Syria, Daesh said in a separate tweet: “In the Qur’an, God speaks of the near enemy and the hypocrites as more dangerous than the original unbelievers. (Note: In the context of this essay, “original unbelievers” is a reference to Jews.)

Daesh added that “The answer is seen in what Saladin and Nur ad-Din did. They fought Shiites in more than 50 battles in Egypt and Syria before Jerusalem.

Daesh said: “Jerusalem will not be liberated until we get rid of these idols, the likes of Al Alinvtaiwih and all these families and pawns of [western] colonialism that control the fate of the Muslim world.”

Of course, if ISIS is actually a creature of the CIA and the Mossad, as some claim –   then it’s a no-brainer why ISIS has not and will not fight Israel or Jews.

YourNewsWire 5 Aug. 2016 President Barack Obama has quietly extended the “state of national emergency” in America for another year, citing the 9/11 attacks as justification.
A (White House)  spokesperson said, “We’re not focused on the former al-Nusra Front [al-Qaeda in Syria]. We’re focused on Daesh [ISIS]. And that’s what we’re fighting and that’s where therefore we look and where we target.”

What this means is that al-Qaeda and other perceived actors responsible for (the false flag) 9/11, which were the pretext for the State of National Emergency, are no longer the focus of the war on terror.
Congress never authorized anything but al-Qaeda to be the enemy in the war against terrorism. Consequently, President Obama is also ignoring the law by his targeting ISIS.

ISIS was virtually created by the U.S., as demonstrated by Ben Swann, to serve the goals of Syrian regime change and to counter increasing Russian influence in the region.

Peculiar! But who are ISIS actually? Ben Swann 

These new powers also allowed for the creation of a surveillance state that Stasi Germany could only dream of – pumping billions into new spy centers, giving the FBI National Security Letters to go after U.S. citizens for any reason, and turning the power of the NSA against the homeland and creating a million new terrorists abroad.

ISIS, IS, ISIL, Daesh – it´s all the same. It is short for Israeli Security Intelligence Service

Israel considers ISIS “useful for her strategic interests(Greater Israel) and pleads not to destroy ISIS!!

 ISIS boss Ali Bakr al Baghdadi is Jewish and a Mossad agent his real name being Simon Elliot acc.  to  the   International Business Times on 14 Aug. 2014  and Veterans Today 4 Aug. 2014,  probably from Edward Snowden.

The Maurice Epinay Blog 6 March 2015:  The Baghdadis are a Jewish community descended from Iraqi Jews.
The Baghdadi woman  named Rita Katz who has been leading the U.S. intelligence and news establishment around by the nose with strategically timed releases of strategically produced terror videos. 

The most recent videos alleged to depict the work of an ISIS led by an al- Baghdadi. Rita Katz was able to publish the beheading videos before IS(IS) could !! And no wonder. Here is how she stages the Jihadi John beheadings: 

And the scam goes on:

Not only Simon Elliott aka Al Baghdadi (Veterans Today 4 Aug. 2014) – but many other Jews are playing Muslim terrorist leaders of ISIS and Al Qaeda for the Mossad and the CIA


In April 2015, Al Baghdadi was reported dead in an Israeli Hospital. But some think he may still be alive.

The US and Turkey are secretly supporting ISIS, allowing ISIS   to sell cheap, stolen oil via Turkey – and even to Pres. Assad! so that ISIS can pay for its weapons from the West via Arabian countries and Turkey.

ISIS is the Useful tool for the US and Israel. If these 2 countries would cease to support ISIS, it would be finished within a few months.
Therefore, ISIS will never attack Israel: It is the extended arm of the Mossad and the CIA. 



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