Mass Immigration Now Demonstrably Causing Falling Intelligence in Population under Ongoing Ethnic Replacement

Muslim mass immigration  has disastrous consequences – immediately and in the long term: Culturally, as for security, economically – as we are already feeling the dismantling of the welfare state – demographically and religiously: The Sharia is awaiting in this century, as prof. Helmuth Nyborg writes below.

And the mathematically / demographically predictable situation where the Danes are a minority is not a prerequisite for the introduction of Sharia: Research shows  the proportional relationship between the number of Muslims and violence in communities: “When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions (Paris –car-burnings). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats (Amsterdam – Mohammed cartoons) (Dr. Peter Hammond’s book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat).

Denmark’s intelligence mass is decreasing through mass immigration
Jyllands-Posten 26. maj 2016: In a new forecast, 562,000 non-Western immigrants and descendants in Denmark equivalent to 9.6 per cent. of the population are projected in 2020.
According to Special Adviser Annika Klintefeld from Statistics Denmark, this   development is due to the large immigration of refugees and family reunifications last year and the expectation that more than previously will be accepted for asylum in the coming years.

Jyllands-Posten 11. Sept. 2016: A high dropout rate and lower mark averages characterize high school students with different ethnic backgrounds than Danish. 
As headmaster Yago Bundgaard from the Langkær Gymnasium in Aarhus last week explained why he has divided his new 1. G forms  by ethnicity, he pointed out,  among other things,  that the ethnic Danish students will  move to another school, if they come into a form where they are vastly outnumbered.

The  latest figures from the Ministry of Education show that almost 24 per cent  of students with different ethnic backgrounds than Danish break off their education. By comparison, this only applied to 14 per cent of Danes.

Figures from the Ministry of Education show that the group scores 1.2 grade point lower than students with an ethnic Danish background for examinations in secondary schools

Jyllands-Posten KRONIK 13.09.2016: Oped.  Prof. Helmuth Nyborg:
“The Minister of Justice criticizes rightist commentators for  using sharp war rhetoric concerning immigration and possible civil war in Denmark.

We are left with three choices submission, honorable repatriation, or civil war.

I am not a  rightist, but a forward-looking amateur demographer. However, I do publish alarming scientific data (JP, April 8, 2016).

Let us, for a moment, be deadly serious and ask the critics, how they will specifically address the following civil war promotional problems:

This about general and religious issues:

Danish IQ is normally distributed about 97 and has a dispersion of 15. Non-Western low-IQs vary around  86. Immigration lowers the average, increases the dispersion and generally increases the gap between rich and poor.



The Meisenberg rule says that the GDP is falling by 9 per cent. for each declining IQ point, and further that the full effect is only seen decades later. Over the past 10 years, Denmark has suffered from a weak economic development. Significant overall public economizing is, therefore, taking place now. This overture for a possible national socio-economic collapse is due to rising costs of non-Western low-IQ immigration i.a.. (Price over lifetime per immigrant is 4.1 million. NKR on an average, acc. to  Aftenposten 19. May 2013).

We are witnessing our civilization´s  voluntary surrender
Low-IQ immigration means more crime. Overall, crime rates are falling, but non-Western immigrants are highly over-represented in the statistics.

Danish retro analysis suggests that there will be three quarters of a million non-westerners with IQ below 90 in Denmark in 2072. They can manage the simple jobs that are now being outsourced or automated away, and they will be the future social losers on permanent social benefits.

When the number of immigrants is  continuously compared with differences in fertility rates, we see that ethnic Danes will be outnumbered about the year 2100. This is a historic ethnic population replacement, where non-Western peoples will form the majority in many European countries. Non-Westerners can at that time democratically introduce the Sharia lawno-go-zones1.

Low-IQ ghettos and cultural-religious-political parallel societies are increasing  ( No Go zones forWhites

European universities and mosques are  heavily financed by Middle Eastern states.

This about welfare and foreign aid:
In 1920, one of the welfare state fathers, K.K. Steincke, said  that we must be careful not to have too many “undersized people”. Economic and medical development aid corrupts the rich and protects the weak, disrupting the local economy and increases migration problems in the long term.

According to the UN, Africa, with IQ-averages of 70-72, will  grow to over two billion people by the year 2100. Other developing countries will double their populations over a few decades.

“Danish” school children are falling down the scale in international comparisons.
Within 30 years, the primary school will be dominated by non-Western children. The majority will leave school without a qualifying leaving exam. The number of students leaving the rumbling primary school functionally illiterate increases exponentially.  Inclusion policy of the primary schools confront low-IQ students with defeat on a daily basis.

Low-IQ-immigrant children are particularly vulnerable. A majority of immigrant children must recognize that they do not have / get a chance.
Second-generation immigrant children have lower IQ than their parents owing to regression toward the origin country’s average.

We know that even intense training neither enhances IQ, school performance nor reduces the “social heritage.” Large grants to improve school conditions have no major effect. “Good” schools are schools with many high-IQ children, “bad” schools have many low-IQ children. Parents are increasingly displacing ethnic Danish children into “good” schools.

About (immigrant) women’s IQ and performance this:
Sunbeam stories of migrant women occupying higher education, are not based on analyzes of relative completion rates.

At 15 years of age,  girls IQ development stagnates, whereas boys’ IQ continues to evolve. This implies an adult gender difference of about 4-5 points. At IQ 145, there  will be 20 per cent. women for every 80 per cent. men.

A number of immigrant groups have traditionally high frequency of cousin-cousin marriages, which lowers IQ.”

The Daily Mail 13 Sept. 2016: Investigation reveals  registered asylum seekers to have headed back to war-torn countries including Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq on vacation – for German taxpayer money!!

Refugees can leave the country for 21 days a year, but are not obliged to say where they are going.
German MP Armin Schuster said the situation ‘leaves one speechless’.
Migration office says leisure trips show asylum seekers no longer fear for deres safety, meaning they kan be stripped of their asylum  status (which will never happen – for they are so welcome to the elite).

But this Masonic / “politician” show must go on at any cost. For it’s part of their Luciferian religion, the NWO.
One cannot help asking who have the lower IQs – the native Europeans or the migrants from low-IQ countries??

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